Aberdeen Diving Services Ltd., founded in 2020, has fast become the go-to company for all things diving in the UK.

Aberdeen Diving Services

Founded by diving enthusiast Andy Watson with a top team, they have been picking up
multiple business awards in a short time.

Aberdeen Diving Services Ltd. began by only offering servicing of recreational scuba diving
equipment on evenings and weekends. Demand started to grow at an incredible pace, with
more services being requested.

Owner Andy has built his vast experience over the years as a Padi dive instructor, HUET
(helicopter underwater escape training) safety diver, HUET safety diver trainer, offshore
survival instructor, as well as one of the top-rated diving equipment service technicians in the

After a break in recreational diving while working as an offshore survival instructor, Andy
wanted to get back into being able to share his main passion of teaching new divers to let
them see the underwater world for themselves.

Aberdeen had been without a Padi dive centre for some time when Aberdeen Diving Services
Ltd launched their own Padi dive centre, bringing a Padi dive centre to NE Scotland once

With Aberdeen Diving Service Ltd. quickly gaining extensive coverage in both local press
and business awards, ADS had gone from a small, unknown company to the absolute go-to
company for anything diving. Being the first to call for not only recreational diving inquiries
but also large-scale commercial diving companies both on and offshore

Aberdeen Diving Services Ltd. have always been strong in their ways of being the team that
goes above and beyond and will find a way to teach anyone to dive.

The team has been honoured to teach divers with both physical and learning difficulties using
adaptive techniques during training, as well as offering assistance with reading and scribing
for theory and exams.

The goal has always been to keep any training fun and enjoyable; this is what the team does
best and puts them above the rest.

The team at Aberdeen Diving Services Ltd. even makes Padi exams fun and enjoyable.
It is clear to see why they receive glowing reviews from both their Padi students, oil and gas
delegates, and every customer and client.

Aberdeen Diving Services Ltd. is still very much a growing business with an ever-growing

The business and team are happy to be welcoming the move into their new state-of-the-art
premises, giving them space to continue growing. Featuring three top-of the range classrooms
as well as introducing first aid training, a large equipment servicing and repair workshop, and
a diving retail shop all under one roof,

Aberdeen Diving Services Ltd. embraces a very different management style that is reflected
in all the services it provides. It’s clear every team member is equal and none more important
than the other, from the directors to the new fresh diving intern.

The team is encouraged to carry out tasks in their own way, bringing a fresh outlook to day-
to-day tasks while meeting the same end goal with the highest standards.

Since starting the business, Andy still has strong beliefs that there is no such thing as a
mistake, only another way found that didn’t work, and he shares this mindset with his team.
The team at Aberdeen Diving Services Ltd. is encouraged to share their thoughts, knowing
that their voice and opinions will not be lost.

Over the short time, Aberdeen Diving Services Ltd. has gained the reputation that all
customers and clients are treated exactly the same; from large company clients to individual
customers, all receive the best, honest advice every time.

Aberdeen Diving Services Ltd. has customers and clients from not only the UK but
worldwide looking to the team for the best advice, answers, or recommendations on
purchases, knowing they will be given the best advice available and not be pushed into the
sale of something that isn’t perfect for their requirements.

Each team member has vast knowledge but also has their own specific experiences and expert
areas. They remain open and honest with everyone, so if they don’t know the answer, they
can rest assured that one of the team members will have the knowledge to give the correct

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