AVM Biotechnology: Bringing Breakthrough in Cell Therapy Treatments

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The American Cancer Society says that children who receive chemotherapy have a three to thirteen times greater risk of developing second cancer within 20 to 30 years. Despite this, chemotherapy is still the most common treatment option for children with cancer. Treatments like Protein Kinase Inhibitors, Proteasome Inhibitors, and new biologic antibodies, which were developed as alternatives to chemotherapy over the past decade, have unfortunately been a disappointment in the community setting. Because of the physical and financial side effects, 41% of blood cancer patients choose to stop taking these treatments. Much of the time, blood malignant growth patients backslide and terminate quickly in the wake of halting treatment.

Sadly, chemotherapy continues to be an essential component of cancer treatment and is a prerequisite for transplant or the recently approved CarT therapies. There are harmful, sometimes life-threatening side effects associated with chemotherapy, such as Vomiting and nausea, mucositis, leukopenia, neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, granulocytopenia, cardiotoxicity, infections, pneumonia, anemia, and hair loss all possible outcomes. As a result, new non-toxic treatments are required in both the hematology and oncology fields to lessen the physical and financial side effects of conventional treatments.

AVM Biotechnology, founded in 2008, is developing AVM0703, a non-toxic alternative to chemotherapy preconditioning for cell-based immunotherapies like CAR-T/NK/TCR/TAC. For regenerative medicine, immuno-oncology, and fully human biologics applications, AVM’s R&D is specifically devoted to the discovery, development, and commercialization of stem cell-enabling technologies.

The mission of AVM Biotechnology, based in Seattle, Washington, is to put an end to human exploitation of any kind—physical or financial. Financial exploitation would include the non-reimbursement of fees for newer cancer and autoimmunity treatments, while physical exploitation includes the sale of organs on the black market. The absence of non-harmful treatments for particular patients, such as the elderly, children, the poor, and the disabled, is another form of abuse.

AVM has set itself the goal of fighting this kind of exploitation, working to improve patients’ quality of life, lessen the physical and financial side effects of cancer and autoimmune treatment, and get rid of the fear that patients and their loved ones feel when they get cancer or autoimmune disease diagnosis. AVM0703 intense activities are somewhat particular for lymphocytes, diminishing the dangers of disease, the requirement for hospitalization, bonding prerequisites and patient poison levels. It produces rapid clinical responses within 24 hours of a single acute IV dose. Importantly, the AVM0703 treatment can be safely repeated in the event of a relapse, allowing cancer or autoimmunity to either be cured or made chronic with a good quality of life.

How Does AVM0703 Cut Toxicity Down?

Stem cell tumor targeting and engraftment can be significantly enhanced by using AVM0703 on its own or in conjunction with therapies based on stem cells. AVM0703 lymphoblasts all compartments and can be used in place of chemotherapy preconditioning prior to adoptive cell therapy or transplantation.

Patients with autoimmune diseases who have not responded to DMAIDs—disease-modifying anti-inflammatory drugs—and relapsed or refractory lymphocytic blood cancers can use it as a stand-alone treatment to induce remission. AVM0703 is a new formulation of an existing API that has a composition of matter patent filed and is ready for Phase 2 clinical trials. This is in contrast to versions of the API that are available for purchase in the marketplace and contain excipients that could be harmful. AVM0703 is dosed to temporarily reduce the size and number of stem cell binding niches in the secondary lymphatic system, in addition to its general anti-inflammatory and lymph-depleting properties.

Person Behind the Name

Theresa A. Deisher, CEO of AVM Biotechnology, oversees the company’s multifaceted efforts to reduce the physical and financial side effects of cancer and autoimmune treatment, which will ultimately improve patients’ quality of life. Theresa is in charge of all research and development and clinical development at AVM Biotechnology. Additionally, she is in charge of patent strategy and writing. In addition, the CEO of AVM Biotechnology, who possesses a wide range of skills, considers hiring key personnel to further enhance the company’s capabilities. Theresa is in charge of raising money for new developments and enhancements to AVM Biotechnology’s existing programs in addition to these essential aspects.

Strategies for Expanding AVM Biotechnology’s Reach Through New Partnerships When asked about her long-term plans for the company, Theresa stated that they intend to collaborate with a global pharmaceutical company to develop and commercialize AVM0703 and their second-generation candidate worldwide. The provision of AVM therapies to underdeveloped regions of the world is an essential component of their long-term mission.

Additionally, Theresa and her team are working on expediting autoimmunity clinical trials and utilizing AVM0703 as a non-toxic preconditioning agent to maximize the effects of stem cell regenerative therapy. They are doing this by using clinical dosing and safety data from patients with relapsed or refractory lymphocytic blood cancer, for whom the FDA quickly gives commercial approval. Another development program utilizing induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) will be driven by the revenue generated by AVM0703. Both general and patient-specific biologic manufacturing will benefit from this program. In a similar vein, AVM Biotechnology will work together with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and businesses that are creating novel bioreactors to overcome vaccine supply chain limitations in developing nations.

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