Why did Microsoft Rebrand its Bing Chat to Copilot?

In a strategic move to enhance its chat capabilities, Microsoft has rebranded Bing Chat to Copilot, positioning itself to better compete with ChatGPT. This rebranding signals Microsoft’s commitment to providing users with a more robust and competitive chat experience.

From Bing Chat to Copilot

Microsoft’s decision to rebrand its chat service signifies more than a name change. Copilot represents an evolution in functionality and user experience, aiming to take on established players in the chat AI space, such as ChatGPT.

Copilot has enhanced features that offer users a smoother and more intuitive chat experience. These improvements include advanced language processing capabilities, improved response accuracy, and a user-friendly interface, all aimed at elevating the quality of interactions.

Features of Copilot Licenses

Here are some of the other enhancements coming for those with Copilot licenses:

  • In Teams, Copilot can now answer questions about meetings in real-time, even if it doesn’t generate a transcript or recording. Users wanting to save AI-generated content during meetings must copy and save it manually.
  • If at least one person in a Teams meeting has a Copilot license, it can record live notes, and participants can request specific actions like, “Summarize what Dana said as a quote.”
  • It is now capable of crafting Teams chat messages and suggesting tone adjustments.
  • During Teams meetings, the Whiteboard tool can automatically translate discussed ideas into visualizations.
  • In Outlook, it can assist in planning meetings by suggesting attendees, agendas, and lists of recommended documents to share.
  • It can generate slides with AI-generated images based on brand assets using the Microsoft Designer app in PowerPoint.
  • Users can set formatting and style preferences for the assistant’s output in Word and PowerPoint.

Despite the recent updates discussed at Microsoft’s Ignite conference in Seattle, some early Copilot users were already satisfied with its capabilities.

What’s Next?

A new Copilot Studio service will give corporate workers an easy way to enrich Copilot’s knowledge with newly integrated data from business software such as ServiceNow and Workday.  Copilot Studio is “tucked into the $30 price point, so it really bolsters the value,” said Jared Spataro, a Microsoft corporate vice president, told CNBC in an interview.

Questions have arisen regarding the value of Copilot for Microsoft 365 at $30 per person per month. Analysts initially anticipated a lower cost when Microsoft revealed the offering in July. In response to these concerns, Microsoft is expanding the list of features while keeping the price unchanged.

Previously, Copilot could display personalized action items from overlooked meetings in Outlook, draft PowerPoint presentations, generate visuals for information in Word documents, and create forecasts using data from existing Excel files. Additionally, the chat feature, informed by internal organizational data, could provide summaries of unread email messages, suggest file modifications, and offer document highlights.

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