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BDPW, a company that operates in the financial services industry, is making waves in the world of cryptocurrency investing with its unique approach. The company’s proprietary index fund holds approximately 40 carefully chosen cryptocurrencies and offers a guaranteed return on investment upfront. In this interview, we speak to Trent Richards, CEO of BDPW, about the company’s history, vision, and innovative approach to investing in the crypto market.

Here are the highlights of the interview (Business Leaders Review):

Can you tell us about the history and vision of your company?

BDPW was established over eight years ago, with the aim of providing a secure and profitable way for investors to access the world of crypto currency. Our vision is to become a global leader in the crypto currency investing space by providing investors with a low-risk, high-reward investment opportunity that is both transparent and secure.

How does your company stand out from others in the industry?

BDPW stands out from others in the industry by offering a proprietary index fund that is different from other indexed funds. Our fund holds approximately 40 crypto currencies that have been hand-picked based on their fundamental analysis, with a long-term view to hold once purchased. We also guarantee not only the client’s capital but also the ROI upfront, which sets us apart from other funds. Additionally, we have set up the fund to be fully compliant under 401 K or Superannuation for clients to invest, depending on their home country.

What sets you apart? What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced as a company and how have you overcome them?

The biggest challenge when dealing with crypto currency is the high volatility in the markets. Our experienced team uses the volatility to our advantage, and this is how we make large profits. Knowing the market cycles allows us to trade out of positions and back to stable coins when the markets are exceeding our price positions and then allows us to buy back cheaper when the markets complete the bear cycle. In some cases, we are buying back after an 85% drop in price. This allows for massive growth within the fund over time. Another advantage is we have set up the fund to be fully compliant under 401 K or Superannuation for clients to invest, depending on their home country. The biggest issue with these investments is not knowing how much you will make in the year. With BDPW, you know upfront prior to investing exactly how much you will make.

Can you discuss a successful project or accomplishment that your company is particularly proud of?

To date, we have already paid out many of our Lenders, and they have chosen to reinvest their capital with Black Diamond Private Wealth as they are not able to find a more secure and better ROI than what we offer. It’s great to have clients’ trust, and with our proven results over the past eight years of operation, including navigating the waters of two brutal bear markets, our fund continues to grow at a very healthy pace. We are now receiving more referrals from our clients than ever before!

What is your company’s approach to innovation and staying ahead of the curve in the industry?

We hold major subscriptions to the two largest research companies in the Crypto space. Their teams do the heavy lifting for us, and we simply use the data provided as our base. We then eliminate the projects that don’t match our criteria, and we have a short list of future projects to purchase. This ensures that we always have projects ready to invest into to keep the fund up to date with only the highest selection of projects at any time.

What are some of the future plans and goals for your company, and how do you plan to achieve them?

Our Index Fund operates extremely well, and we have no plans to make any changes with the fund or what we offer. 

BDPW operates on a global scale with staff based in Australia, USA, Philippines, India, New Zealand and Indonesia. The internet is all that is required to become a staff member or client.

Trent Richards the CEO has a Financial Services background where he was previously a licensed Financial Planner, Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Agent, Accountant and Insurance Broker. Trent started trading the financial markets 16 years ago specializing in Forex, Futures, Options and then Crypto. Once Trent mastered the crypto trading he opened the BDPW Indexed Fund and retired a few years later from the day to day grind. Today Trent lives the island life in Indonesia and runs the Indexed Fund.

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