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In the world of business, the only constant is change. Successful leaders are those who embrace it, steering their organizations toward a brighter future. In the ever-evolving landscape of business, effective human resource management stands as a linchpin for success. Susan Emmanuel, the visionary Founder & CEO of SE & Co, has not only embraced change but has carved a niche for her consulting firm in the dynamic realm of HR business consulting.

The act of internal consulting—analyzing and recommending solutions to human resource-related challenges—is at the core of business consulting. Susan’s journey began with a simple yet profound goal: to assist companies in acquiring and developing human capital. SE & Co., under her leadership, has not only achieved this objective but has surpassed expectations in less than two years of operation.

Since its humble beginnings, SE & Co. has emerged as a proficient human resources and business consulting firm. Susan’s commitment to excellence is evident in the firm’s impressive track record—successfully placing hundreds of professionals across diverse industries and functions in over ten African countries. In a short span, they have become synonymous with quality, a testament to their dedication and expertise.

As a start-up, SE & Co. defies conventional timelines, proudly associating itself with some of the most notable brands in the market. Susan attributes this success to the firm’s state-of-the-art approach to work and an unparalleled human resources database. “Our mode of work and the strength of our human resources network have earned us a fair share of business in the industry,” she asserts.

Join us as we unravel the narrative of Susan Emmanuel, a trailblazer in HR consulting. In a world where adaptability is the currency of success, SE & Co. stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence, reshaping the future of human capital management across Africa.

The Crucible of Challenges in Professional Evolution

Susan, a seasoned entrepreneur and transformative leader, believes in the profound lessons embedded in challenges. In her view, the perfect lessons emerge through navigating uncharted territories and transforming challenges into motivational forces. One pivotal episode stands out in her professional tapestry—an unexpected promotion to a new role in a sector she had never worked in before. The stress was palpable, but Susan embraced the challenge, enrolling in evening courses after long working hours to hone her skills. This trial by fire not only molded her resilience but also laid the foundation for the business she leads today. Susan reflects, “It made me believe that if we are pushed out of our comfort zone, we can achieve almost everything we set our mind on.”

An Entrepreneurial Journey

Susan’s trajectory as an achiever and go-getter spans over a decade, commencing as a business development professional. Her multifaceted career led her to senior positions across various industries before she embarked on the entrepreneurial path two years ago.

Among her accolades, Susan’s professional journey includes:

  • Presentation at the CEOs Roundtable on Sustainable Investment Projects in Africa alongside the UN General Assembly, Manhattan, New York (2018).
  • Establishment of a mentorship program for underprivileged girls in Tanzania, focusing on training and career grooming (2021).
  • Participation in the World Oil and Gas Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa (2018).
  • Leadership of the Tanzania Leadership Awards (TLA 2016) at the Hyatt Regency, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
  • Involvement in the International Electoral Symposium on Electoral Solutions for African Governments in Mauritius (2015).
  • Successful organization of various ICT summits, including the East Africa ICT Summit in 2014 and 2015.
  • Miss Tanzania (2009–2010) with active engagement in community development projects.
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Leading the Charge at SE & Co.

As the CEO of SE & Co., Susan shoulders diverse responsibilities integral to ensuring a stable business environment. Her role encompasses establishing and maintaining robust business and political networks, managing key stakeholders, overseeing project execution, and aligning internal and external communications with organizational objectives.

Susan’s pre-CEO roles spanned the oil and gas industry, the ICT sector, and FMCG. In these capacities, she was at the helm of identifying, attracting, and acquiring new business ventures. Leading sales and marketing teams, she orchestrated efforts to expand market positions, enhance financial growth, and maximize revenue.

While Susan acknowledges accomplishments, she emphasizes, “I am not there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday. Success is a process, and I am enjoying every step of the way.”

A Harmonious Work-Life Symphony

For Susan, the pinnacle of success lies in achieving a harmonious equilibrium between the professional and social spheres. The integration of work, family, leisure, health, hobbies, volunteer work, and social networks epitomizes true success—an approach she ardently advocates. “Home is where our hearts soar, and work is where our professional pangs of hunger are fed. One can’t work without the other,” she asserts.

A proponent of the work-life balance theory, Susan meticulously plans her monthly calendar in advance to mitigate last-minute stress and ensure the prioritization of significant activities. This philosophy extends to her team, fostering motivation through achievements, incentives, and an active social life.

Forging a Path of Impact and Empowerment

The guiding philosophy of SE & Co.—to be a cutting-edge human resources and business integration firm—aligns with Susan’s personal aspirations. She envisions becoming the most successful female entrepreneur in the country, aspiring to share her journey with aspiring female leaders through mentorship programs.

In her words, “Success is a journey, not a destination. I aim to positively impact people, corporations, and governments by empowering our clients with innovative services that drive their businesses and careers forward.”

Dreams that Inspire Growth

Susan’s entrepreneurial journey bears witness to the arduous path that precedes bearable success. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs echoes resilience and audacity: “It gets hard before it becomes bearable; don’t give up on your dreams, but make sure that they are big enough to scare you.”

In conclusion, Susan’s odyssey is a testament to navigating challenges with grace, leading with purpose, and envisioning a legacy of impact and empowerment. As her journey unfolds, Susan continues to sculpt a narrative that transcends success into a holistic and enduring legacy.

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