FBI Investigates Ransomware Attack Paralyzing Hospitals Across Four States

  • Ransomware strikes Prospect Medical Holdings, closing facilities and forcing paper record reliance.
  • Prospect Medical disconnects systems, investigates with cybersecurity experts, and prioritizes patient needs.
  • Federal agency collaborates with affected hospitals as cyberattacks on healthcare surge.

A ransomware attack has struck Prospect Medical Holdings, a healthcare system operating across four states with 16 hospitals and over 165 clinics. The attack has compelled some facilities to shut down, while others resort to paper records. Prospect Medical responded by disconnecting its systems and launching an investigation with cybersecurity specialists. The company emphasizes its commitment to patient care and speedy recovery.

Local news sources have reported the FBI’s direct involvement in assisting the affected hospitals in Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Cyberattacks on healthcare institutions have been on the rise, prompting heightened concerns about data security and patient welfare. Eastern Connecticut Health Network and CharterCARE Health Partners, affiliates of Prospect Medical, have experienced disruptions, leading to closures and rescheduling of appointments. Waterbury Hospital in Connecticut has also been affected, relying on paper records due to the attack’s impact on its digital services. As the investigation continues, Prospect Medical focuses on restoring normal operations while protecting patient interests.

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