Google Set to Undergo US Antitrust Trial Over Digital Ads Monopoly

Google Set to Undergo US Antitrust Trial Over Digital Ads Monopoly

Google is preparing for an antitrust trial in the United States, with the focus on its digital advertising supremacy. The September 2024 trial will signal a watershed moment in the ongoing inquiry of internet behemoths’ business practices.

Google’s strong position in the digital ad market has sparked the curiosity of both regulators and competitors. The trial is expected to focus on anti-competitive activities, such as whether Google has unfairly hampered competitors’ ability to maintain their dominating position.

This legal case has far-reaching repercussions not only for Google but also for the whole digital advertising economy.

 As the trial unfolds, it could potentially reshape the dynamics of online advertising, impacting businesses and consumers across various sectors.

Google also faces a March 2025 trial in a US federal court in Texas, where a similar case from Texas and other states is contesting its ad tech tactics.

In a third case, a U.S. court in Washington, D.C., is due to hear closing arguments in May in complaints filed by the Justice Department, Colorado, and other states challenging Google’s web search supremacy.

Drawing from reputable sources like the recent article from US News, our reporting aims to offer readers a balanced perspective on this complex legal battle.

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