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In agriculture, innovation is pivotal in helping farmers enhance crop yield while optimizing water use and scarce resources. By employing unique solutions like continuous root zone monitoring and AI in the Cloud, these solutions provide valuable recommendations to farmers, guiding them on when and how much to irrigate for optimal results. However, the essence lies in fostering long-term soil health and effectively monitoring and optimizing regenerative agriculture and sustainability practices. GroGuru Inc. is committed to strategic water management for the smart farm, helping farmers make more money by increasing crop yield while saving water and other scarce resources more sustainably.

Empowered by a Fascinating Inception

Based in San Diego, CA, GroGuru was established in 2014 by Farooq Anjum (Ph.D). Interestingly, the company’s inception resulted from a unique intersection of paths. Farooq, a former IoT startup director, sought a solution for his garden challenges. Co-founder Jeff Campbell, PhD, with 20+ years in agriculture sensor tech, joined. Patrick Henry, an experienced entrepreneur, completed the team. They founded GroGuru to address global issues—ensuring clean water access and promoting sustainable agriculture.

Emphasizing the strategic importance of water and food, Patrick highlights the commitment to sustainability and responsible resource management to benefit future generations. He spearheads GroGuru as the President and CEO and leads the company at the forefront with agility and a vision to succeed. 

Promoting Efficiency and Effective Use of Resources

GroGuru’s solutions help farmers increase crop yield and more efficiently use water and other scarce resources in a more sustainable way. The company conducts continuous root zone monitoring and uses AI in the Cloud to recommend farmers when and how much to irrigate for optimum results. Essentially, the GroGuru system can enhance long-term soil health and assist in monitoring and optimizing regenerative agriculture and sustainability practices.

GroGuru focuses on technological advancements and creating unique value through ecosystem partnerships. The company’s patented wireless underground system, WUGS, allows permanent soil sensor installation for continuous data collection at the crop’s root zone. By combining crop science and data science in the Cloud, GroGuru’s AI engine serves as a virtual agronomist, providing valuable recommendations to farmers. Collaborating with partners for weather forecasts, rainfall, irrigation data, crop models, and whole-farm management, its Cloud-based AI presents intuitive recommendations through a user-friendly interface accessible on various devices. Additionally, GroGuru has established strategic market channel partnerships in its target markets.

GroGuru is vital in promoting efficient and eco-friendly agricultural practices, which are crucial for sustainability in smart farming and water management. Its standout solutions offer continuous year-round soil monitoring at the crop’s root zone, ensuring effective crop and soil health management. Practices such as no-till, cover cropping, and soil biology enhancement aid carbon sequestration, promoting a sustainable planet. The company employs patented wireless technology and Cloud-based AI as a virtual agronomist to guide sustainable practices. 

Led by a Visionary

Being at the helm, Patrick’s primary role involves setting the strategy and direction of the company and driving operational excellence on the right priorities to achieve the vision. As one of the senior leaders, he describes his management style as ‘adaptive’, collaborative, and primarily delegating with authority. He says, “When building fast growing businesses, circumstances frequently dictate how you need to manage. A different style is required when you’re building houses, then when the house is on fire. When you have an expert team with a shared vision, like we have at GroGuru, collaboration is the best approach.” 

In any organization, a decisive leader is crucial, especially in fast-paced tech companies where delayed decisions can be more harmful than imperfect ones. Patrick, a seasoned leader, prefers setting goals based on accomplishments and letting the team decide how to achieve them. He’s fortunate to collaborate with skilled individuals throughout his career, believing shared values contribute to successful outcomes. In addition, he believes that building a team with the right people possessing market domain, technical, and business expertise is crucial for success. 

Essentially, GroGuru has assembled a team of experts with the right business, technical, and market domain expertise to build a business in the agriculture market. The team combines essential business skills like partnership development and market strategy with technical expertise in wireless communication, software, hardware, and more. They also bring significant experience in marketing and selling to farmers. Led by Patrick, the GroGuru leadership team is committed to the success of GroGuru. The entire team harbors a shared vision and considers its actions as important to farmers and the planet. “It takes time to build a great company, and the GroGuru team is seasoned and expert in what that takes,” adds Patrick. 

Innovation to Overcome Limitations

GroGuru’s permanent soil sensor installation offers continuous monitoring, significantly improving scalability by 30X, and overcoming past limitations. Patrick says deploying the National Guard twice a year for 8 million acres of irrigated corn in Nebraska with annual probes is impractical. Therefore, GroGuru’s patented wireless underground system, WUGS, enables permanent soil monitoring in the root zone.

GroGuru aims to make a lasting impact by incorporating the latest technological advancements in the dynamic field of smart farming and water management. Patrick emphasizes that technology has historically overcome challenges in food production, and the next leap in food and water solutions will be driven by technology. Despite the complexity of modern farming, farmers rely on trusted advisors to navigate new AgTech solutions. Successful solutions must address challenges within vertical markets, requiring ease of implementation, trustworthiness, reliability, user-friendliness, significant ROI, and a short payback period. Patrick notes that GroGuru successfully fulfills these criteria. Given that water is critical in its target markets, the company delivers a 6-8X ROI yearly and a payback period of one growing season. He adds, “Typically, GroGuru’s solutions deliver a 10-20% increase in crop yield and a 10-20% savings on input costs.”

Envisioning a Proliferative Road Ahead

Looking ahead, Patrick envisions a proliferative future for GroGuru, especially in expanding its services and making a meaningful impact in agriculture and water management. The company focuses on technology development, providing unique value, and developing ecosystem partnerships to leverage other best-in-class technologies. In fact, it has a patented wireless underground system, WUGS, that enables the permanent installation of soil sensors, thus providing continuous long-term soil data at the crop’s root zone. The company has also combined crop science and data science in the Cloud, and its AI engine provides an expert agronomist in the Cloud to make recommendations to farmers. Additionally, GroGuru has partners that provide weather forecasts, rainfall, as-applied information from the irrigation system, crop models, and whole-farm management systems. GroGuru has also developed key market channel partnerships in its target markets.

Presently, GroGuru serves over 300 end customers/farmers, spanning 20+ crop types across 20 states in the US. The company offers a highly valuable service that aids farmers in boosting crop yield while optimizing water and other scarce resources sustainably. Supported by customer testimonials and case studies, GroGuru has evidence validating these benefits. Key milestones in the planning cycle include reaching one million deployed acres and expanding strategic partnerships and channel alliances. Under Patrick’s stewardship, the company also aims to accomplish several milestones while maintaining its industry-leading position. 


“We need to grow the food so that we do not destroy the planet in the process. This is about sustainability and being good stewards of scarce resources. This is about addressing problems that will impact our children and grandchildren.”

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