Ms. Bertha Dalmani: Creating opportunities for Africa’s Women and Leading in Energy and Power

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Ms. Bertha Dlamini has established herself as a foresighted entrepreneur by defining the characteristics of a decisive leader and advocating for the accelerated participation of African women and youth in Africa’s power and energy sector.

Bertha directs and implements marketing communication strategies, stakeholder relations, and established centers of excellence for change management for clients in the public and private sectors as the Founder and group CEO of the Rito Group of Companies Pty. Ltd.

Since 1999, Bertha has had an impressive record as a stakeholder management strategist, designing and implementing exceptional campaigns.

Let’s delve into her professional journey:

Making a Difference 

Bertha is the founder and president of the organization African Women in Energy and Power (AWEaP) (, which she established with the intention of accelerating the participation of African women entrepreneurs in the entire value chain of power and energy in Africa and assisting in the fight against energy poverty on the continent.

Bertha is working to get global stakeholders to work together to remove obstacles that prevent youth and women from effectively participating in Africa’s power and energy sector by utilizing her experience and extensive network in the sector.

Bertha is a clever global public speaker, meeting speaker, and mediator with a demonstrated history in such global occasions as the BRICS Business Gathering, PowerGen Africa Meetings, African Utility Week Gatherings, ABB Client World, Worldwide Energy and Climate Fair, and Gatherings, Zambia Business Culmination, South African Power Pool Meeting, Energy Stockpiling Gathering, Standard Bank Representative Commitment courses, and AMEU Meetings.

She has enabled 60 young professionals and students to present abstracts of their academic papers to an esteemed team of adjudicators at international sector events as the Founding Chairman of Gen X Theatre Africa (Gen X) (www.genx, an initiative aimed at accelerating youth participation in Africa’s power and energy sector.

Awards and Honors Bertha currently holds the following accolades:

The 2019 Women in Engineering Award from the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers.

African Queens in Energy – The Judges Award, which will support female energy and power entrepreneurs in 2021.

Women who are tall: She has held the following positions within the industry:

Chapter of the BRICS Business Council in South Africa: Just Energy Transition Center of Excellence Lead University of South Africa (UNISA) Graduate School of Business Leadership: Energy and Green Economy Working Group Member of the ABB Education Trust Advisory Board: The Energy Reference Group (ERG) of Trustee SALGA: South Africa, Office of the President, Women’s Economic Assembly: Member of the ERG Non-Executive Director for the Lead Energy Sector Workstream: Energy Drive Pty Ltd. Ms. Dlamini is a respected and highly regarded player in the energy sector in Africa.

AWEaP won the WVL SADC Protocol@Work Climate Change 2021 Award in March 2021 at the WVL SADC Protocol@Work Summit in Johannesburg for its outstanding contribution to gender equity in Africa’s energy and power sector.

She is qualified in the following areas:

Diploma in Energy Transition: Russia’s Skolkovo Moscow School of Management;

Thesis awarded with a distinction from the Graduate School of Business at the University of Cape Town in South Africa for an MBA in Executive Management.

Gordon Institute of Business Science’s Program for Management Development (PMD 37); The Foundational Pillars of the South Africa Management Advancement Programme (MAP) The Rito Group of Companies Pty Ltd is a holding company that includes start-up consulting firms in the energy sector and management consulting. Women in Energy and Youth in Energy are two non-profit organizations that are housed in the group. The company was established to accommodate businesses and ventures aiming to improve the economy of Africa and South Africa.

Rito Consulting Services is a 2006 company that specializes in integrated marketing and communication. It offers solutions to businesses in both the public and private sectors. Rito Energy Solutions, on the other hand, is an energy consulting firm that supports utility operational performance and is interested in renewable energy project development.

One of the Rito Group of Companies’ non-profit organizations is African Women in Energy and Power (AWEaP). It is based on the conviction that multi-stakeholder-driven, commercially viable initiatives are required to end energy poverty in Africa. The goal of AWEaP is to ensure that women have a meaningful economic role to play in the power and energy industries. By 2024, the organization intends to have chapters in 22 and 45 countries, respectively, on the African continent. In order to advance gender equality in their respective domestic markets, the organization constantly seeks influential women from Africa’s energy and power sector to join their growing number of Country Chairpersons.

Another non-profit organization established by the Rito Group of Companies is Gen X Theatre. It makes a stage for understudies and youthful experts to share digests of their scholarly papers at worldwide area meetings. They will have the chance of a lifetime to interact with industry leaders through this.


Bertha is of the opinion that women are resilient, steadfast collaborators who operate with empathy and frequently work from an ecosystem perspective. Bertha acknowledges that this strategy encourages success and inclusion. She believes that women can collaborate with industry players to identify and implement superior solutions to socioeconomic challenges through compassion, contextual understanding of market conditions, and collaboration.

“Moving beyond boundaries” is Bertha’s business motto. She stresses the significance of working together to overcome barriers and achieve success in all endeavors.

Unique Approach 

Bertha presents African Women in Energy and Power (AWEaP) as a vehicle for highlighting her work. She uses the gathering’s specialized abilities to plan mediations that uncover hindrances to ladies’ support in energy and power esteem chains.

She believes that women will not be able to succeed in the energy and power sector unless they are aware of the opportunities for entrepreneurship there.

pick to take part in the area,

pick an area of concentration (or regions that resound with their financial matters),

conform to the applicable entertainers in the biological system;

gain access to reliable market data;

organize themselves to participate in a sustainable and effective manner.

As a result, she has developed a one-of-a-kind program that aims to:

Focus on the structure of industry value chains and the entrepreneurial opportunities that come with them. Building relationships with electric utilities so that they can share information about market opportunities.

partnered with technology firms that share the technologies, systems, and solutions sought after by large power users and utilities.

Educate entrepreneurs on how to finance energy projects in partnership with financial institutions.

This has had a significant impact on the industry and has increased women entrepreneurs’ interest in participating across the African continent.

Comprehensive Work Culture

The gathering has a few beginning up counseling organizations. These are the core values that each business upholds:

An environment of inclusion at work: Bertha makes it a point to accommodate and support her teams based on their individual characteristics and backgrounds. In order to acquire a comprehensive understanding of perspectives, the organization employs an inquiry procedure. Critical discussions are frequently held to find solutions that satisfy the requirements of the team, the company’s priorities, and ultimately the requirements of the client.

Concentrate on diversity in hiring: The organization seeks talent and ensures that all employees have an equal opportunity to advance within its businesses.

Monitoring shifts in the political landscape: In a secure setting, the organization has courageous discussions about political shifts to bring people’s points of view to light, allowing its teams to participate and develop superior solutions for its clients and stakeholders.

The association highly esteems its obligation to variety, working with various business sectors and individuals. They perceive the significance of their groups having the option to incorporate into different societies effectively while focusing on regard at the center of their commitment with partners. In their remote working arrangement, integrity is of the utmost importance, and everyone must work openly and with trust. A feather of excellence is one of the company’s branding items. It symbolizes the company’s commitment to going above and beyond what is required to ensure that their stakeholders gain value from their contributions.

Bertha believes that consulting is changing in the future. Customers are now more knowledgeable and savvy in their respective industries. By implementing solutions that stick and add value to the client’s environment over time, consultants must demonstrate their ability to quit.

She states, “We are collaborating on solutions with our clients.” Along these lines, there is a common encounter of disclosure, learning, and execution.”

Her organization’s objectives include:

Rito Counseling Administrations: As market uncertainty increases, there is a growing demand for stakeholder relations. It needs to lead the space by blending customary sincere partner relations mediations with advanced correspondence to empower partner independence and organization.

Energy Solutions from Rito: Africa’s energy system will soon be dominated by decentralized energy solutions. As the continent moves toward a Just Energy Transition and advances universal access to electricity, the company hopes to collaborate with both local and international players to gain a share of this market.

With targeted, commercially viable, multi-stakeholder-driven interventions for gender equity, AWEaP hopes to enter 45 African markets. Bertha wants to build an inclusive energy industry by working within the ecosystem and encouraging allyship.

A Very Important Piece of Advice Bertha tells aspiring female leaders who want to enter the modern business world to believe in themselves. She says, “You are sufficient. You will never be insufficient. Don’t be afraid to go after your goals. Put money into your journey as an entrepreneur. Fearlessly conduct research, network, connect, and collaborate.

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