Nigel Green: Founder and CEO of deVere Group

10 Most Trustworthy Companies of the Year 2022

According to you, what are the ‘must-have’ qualities that make a company trustworthy?

One of the main essential qualities that make a business trustworthy, to my mind, is integrity. Where there’s integrity, there’s trust, yet without it, trust won’t be around for long. It’s vital that the company’s interests are in line with those of the client. Should these interests be mismatched, trust can be eroded.

Another key quality is empathy. Those firms that have the ability to understand the feelings of others are highly valued in the business world. Companies that show true empathy will build more robust, long-standing relationships.

Competence is also crucial. A business needs to be able to deliver on its promises, ensuring it has the right skills and knowledge to do so.

Also, dependability is a key trait. A reliable business performs well consistently. Not just in the initial stages. Without reliability, how can a business be trustworthy?

In recent years, what have been the major changes or transformations that you have noticed in the industry? Also, please summarize the current scenario of the industry. 

There have been radical changes in the industry over the past few years, and I’m incredibly proud to say deVere has been at the helm of innovation and the fintech revolution. The tech-driven changes we’ve seen have been monumental and fintech is truly reshaping the way financial services are delivered. This is why we always strive to provide next-gen fintech offerings for our clients. Naturally, these fintech developments are happening at breakneck speed, so we’ll continue to grow our pioneering suite of innovative wealth tech products and services.

What makes deVere Group the most trustworthy company of 2022? How would you describe the company? What was the inspiration behind establishing the deVere Group?

We have more than 80,000 clients all over the world who trust deVere to help them and their loved ones reach their financial goals. We never ever lose sight of that trust and consider it a privilege that so many clients place their faith in us.

deVere Group is a game changer. There’s no other like us in the market. We work alongside the best institutions to obtain the best products for our clients. Our global presence is immense, we are on every continent and we’ve held our leading position for 20 years. Our principal focus now is seeking a new level of excellence within the current digital era.

The inspiration behind establishing deVere was I didn’t enjoy working for poor managers, so set it up on my own! Our first office in Hong Kong was opened quickly. I had a great team around me with the explicit aim of becoming the best financial advisory group in the world. Our goal is always to be the best in everything we do.

What are the different solutions/services/products that deVere Group offers to its wide range of clients? Could you mention any specific services or solutions that have gained popularity recently?

deVere provides wealth management services to our clients all over the world, combining personal financial advice and ground-breaking digital solutions. We help our clients create, manage, and maintain a tailor-made strategic plan to strive toward their long-term financial goals.  

We are seeking to bring new fintech solutions to the market quicker than ever before for our clients and will place even more focus on their technology demands by expanding our innovative offering of wealth tech products and services.

Could you outline the different challenges that deVere Group has faced in recent times? How did the team tackle it?

One of the key challenges we face is to stay on top of our game. We are one of the leading financial advisories in the world, and we know that along with hard work, commitment, dedication and expertise, the best way to stay in pole position is to always adapt and evolve. The market is supremely competitive, and regulatory requirements and client expectations are changing all the time, so to stay at the forefront you always have to improve and look at fresh ways of doing things.

Please shed some light on the company culture at deVere Group. How would you describe the team at deVere Group in terms of what they have achieved over the last few years?

The deVere teams around the world have a reputation for excellence. This is thanks not only to our determination to recruit the best there is but to promote from within. We provide ongoing professional development programs, not to mention our enviable internal mentoring and training systems.

As we know, we work in a people business, but trust is paramount. Of course, clients have to have a strong relationship with their financial adviser which is based on trust. This is especially true when making tough decisions along the way. A trustworthy relationship is fundamental.

Helping, encouraging, communicating and supporting our people within the company is key to building a strong team. As such, our teams are dedicated, committed and completely client focused. Providing individually tailored financial solutions continues to set deVere apart from the rest.

Please mention the different awards/recognition that deVere Group has received in recent years. What would be the proudest moment amongst them? And why?

We have won countless awards over the years, which is something I’m incredibly proud of. I am honored to say I was recently named as one of the Top 10 Inspirational Business Leaders of 2022 by Success Pitchers; I was also a winner of the CEO Today Global Awards 2021; deVere won the International Investment Excellence in Fintech Award; deVere was also named Gamechanger of the Year at the ACQ5 Global Awards. These are just a few of the accolades the deVere teams have won in recent years and I’m proud of each and every one of them.

What are your expectations for the coming years? Are there any latest services and solutions that we can expect in the near future?

It’s my view that cryptocurrencies and blockchain will transform this space, and transform it in ways we’ve never seen before. Their skyrocketing popularity continues to revolutionize the financial industry and they have disrupted traditional financial systems.

Look at the world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. An increasing number of countries around the world are looking to follow in the footsteps of El Salvador and the Central African Republic and make it legal tender. Not to mention the rising number of central banks contemplating CBDCs (central bank digital currencies).

In terms of the future, one of our main objectives is to create the first digital financial city in the world, which would comprise our whole suite of trailblazing solutions in one place. The digital financial city would include cryptocurrencies, wealth management, digital banking and peer-to-peer lending, to, in effect, be our very own financial ecosystem. We are the industry’s largest, most successful fintech provider and we’re game-changers when it comes to fintech development. And we’re only just getting started.

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