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Blood cancer, impacting both adults and children, constitutes more than 10% of the annual new cases in the United States. While significant progress has been made in researching and improving outcomes for individuals with blood cancer, there is still no foolproof early detection or prevention method. This often means that individuals remain unaware of the problem until symptoms manifest. Hematologic cancers originate in blood-forming tissues like bone marrow or immune system cells, including lymphoma, leukemia, and multiple myeloma.

For many patients and their healthcare providers dealing with hematological cancer, the quest for effective treatments can be a lengthy and frustrating process. A one-size-fits-all approach is inadequate. Notable Labs is revolutionizing the field by adopting a functional approach to precision oncology, specifically for blood cancers. Founded in 2014 in Foster City, California, the company’s testing platform harnesses machine learning, automation, and high-throughput screening on patient samples to forecast the most effective therapies for individual cancers. This functional precision medicine platform promises to expedite drug development and facilitate quicker access to new treatments for patients through collaboration with pharmaceutical companies.

When Data Meets Innovation and Technology

Initially, personalized treatment in healthcare was developed for oncology, with targeted therapy suggested for treating HER-2-positive breast cancer two decades ago. Since then, the medical field has seen the impact of precision medicine on cancer treatment. Notable Labs has developed a functional precision medicine platform that combines high-throughput flow cytometry, advanced automation, and streamlined analysis. The platform is flexible and can be used for various diseases, testing thousands of samples a year through agile automation, innovative software, and machine learning. Notable combines data from its flow-cytometry platform with patient clinical information to provide more precise treatment for hematological cancer patients. The company uses cutting-edge technology to advance new therapies from drug discovery to successful clinical development.

Cutting-Edge Capabilities

Notable Labs’ ex vivo testing service uses machine learning, automation, and high-throughput flow cytometry to predict which approved or investigational therapies will work best for specific types of cancer. Its integrated technology platform spans preclinical research, drug target identification, clinical development, and patient stratification. Notable’s team of engineers and scientists can customize their services to meet specific research needs.

A Noteworthy Vision

At Notable Labs, the aim is to transform how clinicians and prescribers select treatments for the millions of individuals with hematological cancers. The company recognizes the need for personalized approaches. Notable uses patient samples, machine learning, automation, and software to optimize drug sensitivity assays across different treatment classes. Whether the focus is on chemotherapy, drug target identification, differentiating agents, or cancer immunotherapy research, the company will fine-tune each assay for specific drug classes or even for a particular drug. Notable collaborates with biotech and pharma companies to drive preclinical drug development and confidently transition to clinical development with patient stratification and biomarker development.

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