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10 Most Innovative Salesforce Solutions for 2022

In the digital world with cut-throat competition and new brands emerging every day, marching towards and maintaining the top position in your niche is certainly more than a cakewalk. Having expert enthusiasts on the in-house team is not enough, one should look for partners and collaborators who know your niche like the back of their hands. And when it comes to selecting Salesforce technology partners, businesses in the real estate and finance sectors find an expert trusted partner in Platinum Cubed.

Established by Brittany Hart, Founder, in 2019, the information technology and services company functions every day with the motto of helping businesses realize and transform their business value by maximizing the partnership between enterprises and Salesforce. While being the Salesforce consulting partner for companies in real estate and finance, Platinum Cubed has carved a niche by crafting a perfect balance of Salesforce expertise and organizational and management consulting for businesses and enterprises in real estate, lending, wealth management, insurance, and banking sectors.

A to Z Salesforce experts

Investing in Salesforce is among the most critical investment decisions business owners will ever make. And the Salesforce experts at Platinum Cubed understand the financial and sentimental value behind this investment. Thus, the skilled and expert team at Platinum Cubed focuses on making the Salesforce implementation aligned with your business goals.

Platinum Cubed delivers end-to-end services for the Salesforce platform where the expert team works to transform the Salesforce experience for you by. Founder Brittany Hart further explains the company’s motto, “we like to intentionally add values to our clients’ lives,” she says.

And the team at Platinum Curbed does this well under Brittany’s leadership by making your business more customer-centric and increasing the value of every customer interaction.

Leading by example

Leaders are always in a crucial position in the success or failure of a business. What they say and do is followed by their team that directly affects the company’s productivity, performance, and reputation. At Platinum Cubed, the team has a leader who believes in show, not tell.

Brittany founded Platinum Cubed with extensive experience in Salesforce implementation of over 30 unique financial firms. Her hands-on experience in working with firms in life sciences, real estate, wealth management, and private equity has been instrumental for Platinum Cubed creating a prominent space in Salesforce services in the niche market. Moreover, her active participation during her career in creating and implementing process improvements that resulted in increasing employee efficiency has helped her guide her team to achieve remarkable results for clients.

A technological pathfinder

Beyond providing technology consulting and implementation services, Platinum Cubed believes in maximizing the overall business value of its clients. The company offers a unique set of packages for its customers to aid at different stages of their business. This is to understand where these businesses stand in their journey and create a roadmap to successfully achieve their business goals with minimal risk and maximum value.

The company’s comprehensive consulting and support services for most common Salesforce business integration has helped businesses transform outcomes into powerful experiences for their end-users bringing in revenue and lasting relationships onboard. Moreover, the company’s proven word of fast Salesforce implementation within a few weeks has sped up the business growth aligned to their clients’ real-time success through quick and quality outcomes.

From guiding companies at the beginning of their digital transformation to serving as a pathfinder for organizations with existing Salesforce processes Platinum Cubed is known to constantly add value to businesses and maximize the Salesforce potential to make businesses ready for future challenges.

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