Privacy Policy

We at Business Leaders Review focus on what’s best for our clients. For the best user experience, we collect information to bring out the best website content and the best experience for the users. We understand the importance of privacy and we respect it. We do not share personal data at any time with any third-party unless required by law or provided herein. We publish information only after a specific agreement with your company.

Refund Policy

We, Business Leaders Review are an established publication and we strictly follow advanced payment policy. Please Note: We do not accept any cancellation. If the situation demands, tariffs and terms may be amended without notice. A refund of the amount payable to for publicity(s) will not exceed the obligation of the Business Leaders Review. For any changes in the content, design, text or the ad material in a continuous contract, the advertiser needs to contact Business Leaders Review at least two weeks before the issue closes.

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