Providing Comprehensive Project Management Solution for Expatriates in Developing Countries

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“We believe that funds management could be a legitimate extension of our services in the future. For now, we act as a broker who builds the trust, matches up project owners and service providers, and secures project funding and ownership.” – Roger Yomba, CEO, Dhaxle Inc.

In the ever-evolving landscape of global economics, the pivotal role of international collaboration cannot be overstated. As the world experiences unprecedented growth, the importance of fostering technological advancements and dismantling geographical barriers has become paramount. At the forefront of this transformative movement stands Dhaxle Inc., an Information Technology & Services company spearheaded by the visionary Roger Yomba.

Dhaxle Inc.’s mission goes beyond conventional business paradigms. It envisions a future where developed nations actively contribute to the progress of their developing counterparts, not just through financial aid but by creating a thriving ecosystem for International Workers and immigrants to fund projects in those regions.

Roger Yomba, the driving force behind Dhaxle, articulates the company’s philosophy, stating, “We act as a broker who builds the trust, matches up project owners and service providers, and secures project funding and ownership.” This marks a departure from traditional approaches, as Dhaxle positions itself as a catalyst for genuine collaboration and sustainable development.

What sets Dhaxle apart is its cutting-edge technology that automates crucial elements of the project lifecycle. This innovation translates into a significantly reduced cost, making remote project management services accessible to the average International Worker. Dhaxle Inc.’s platform acts as a bridge, connecting talents across borders and fostering a global community committed to driving positive change.

As the world economy continues to surge forward, Dhaxle Inc. emerges as a beacon of progress, challenging the status quo and redefining the role of corporations in the international arena. In an era where connectivity is king, Dhaxle stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and the boundless potential that arises when technology and humanity converge.

In this exclusive feature, explore how Dhaxle Inc. is not just facilitating projects but creating a paradigm shift in the way nations collaborate for a better, more interconnected future.

The Essence of Success

Defining success is a nuanced endeavor, often shaped by the unique perspectives and environments of leaders. According to Roger, success, particularly in the business realm, hinges on the ability to consistently satisfy an ever-expanding customer base. For him, genuine success lies in offering excellent services that address customers’ pain points and contribute to enhancing their lives daily. As Roger emphasizes, “Customer satisfaction forms the bedrock of corporate health.”

Dhaxle: Merging Vision and Heritage

The genesis of Dhaxle intertwines linguistic creativity and a deep sense of inheritance. Derived from the Sanskrit word “Dhara,” meaning money, and “Axle,” representing the vital component supporting wheels, Dhaxle takes on a profound meaning in the Somali language, signifying inheritance.

Before evolving into a company, Dhaxle narrates a shared story with countless international workers. These individuals, driven by the desire to support projects or alleviate challenges in their home countries, face multifaceted issues. The co-founders, understanding these challenges, envisioned Dhaxle as a solution. Roger explains, “Many international workers, while building a family and career in their adopted countries, are expected to uplift their family’s economic status back home. Managing investments from afar, with limited travel possibilities, poses significant challenges.” Dhaxle, thus, emerged as an affordable solution tailored for middle-income immigrant families.

Dhaxle’s core activities encompass:

  • Matching qualified project owners with vetted service providers.
  • Providing a comprehensive project management platform for financial transparency and milestone tracking.
  • In-person supervision and reporting by local experts for progress tracking.
  • Optimizing project planning and execution to reduce costs and timescales.
  • Securing project ownership and execution through smart contracts.
  • De-risking projects through covered engagements.
  • Overcoming Challenges: The Catalyst for Growth

Roger believes challenges serve as the impetus for individual and institutional growth. In his view, stagnation is inevitable without challenges. Reflecting on his personal journey, Roger emerges from humble origins, where only one out of five thousand students typically makes it to college. He notes, “Every step of my life has been against the odds. I possess a strong determination and enduring personality, consistently setting myself apart positively in a conducive professional environment.”

The Future of Fund Management and Transactions

Anticipating a seismic shift in funds management, Roger underscores the growing influence of cryptocurrencies. As governments and agencies progressively ease regulations around cryptocurrencies, both small and high-net-worth investors may reassess their association with traditional fund managers in terms of cost structures and risk tolerance. This shift could lead to enhanced returns for investors, making the alternatives introduced by Dhaxle irreversible. The company aims to stay ahead of market needs, providing affordable alternative solutions.

Dhaxle’s leadership aspires to position the company as a flagship technology alleviating transaction fees for individuals sending money to developing countries. Roger’s personal vision for Dhaxle is ambitious: “Be the company recognized as an axle, facilitating wealth creation with transparency and efficiency. Dhaxle should become synonymous with projects developed abroad within the immigrant community.”

A Legacy of Consistent Career Growth

Prior to Dhaxle, Roger’s career journey traversed consultancy roles in investment facilitation companies focusing on Public-Private Partnerships in Africa. Notably, he was associated with MHN Group Corporation and the former CIBS Facilitation Canada. As a young leader, Roger actively championed the African Renaissance, even reaching out to South African leaders like Thabo Mbeki and Nelson Mandela. His impactful contributions earned him the prestigious NEPAD Award, signed by an African president, acknowledging his individual dedication. In 2003, Roger’s management skills garnered recognition with nominations for the Century Quality Award (Category Gold) by the International Commission of the Century Quality Era and the University of Abidjan Award.

A Solution-Oriented Approach

Roger identifies himself as a problem solver. As Dhaxle continues its startup journey, Roger shoulders responsibilities ranging from corporate management to implementing strategic objectives. Amidst the startup chaos, he remains adept at silencing the noise to maintain focus on core objectives.

A typical weekday for Roger kicks off with a Buddhist meditation, setting the tone for the day. The morning involves news consumption, breakfast, and family interactions. Subsequent hours are consumed by a barrage of meetings, both online and in person, addressing pending issues and coordinating with teams across various countries. Evenings may extend into social events, networking, or remote working sessions with international team members. The day concludes with another meditation session after reviewing emails and catching up on news.

A Global Footprint

Dhaxle’s roots in the USA have extended to subsidiaries in Nigeria, with ongoing development in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire. Initial steps have been taken in Mexico and the Philippines. Roger envisions Dhaxle becoming a global entity, serving international workers in major remittance-sending and receiving countries over the next decade. His advice to aspiring business leaders echoes themes of belief, tireless work, and resilience: “Find something you believe in and can work tirelessly on to offer life-changing solutions to an endless number of people. Do not listen too much to naysayers.”

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