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Almost 10 years ago, Graham and Toby sat down over a few beers (not an uncommon event) and decided to take on the challenge of improving the way that teams come together and accurately identify the opportunities in front of them. Their drive wasn’t about changing the team-building paradigm that existed in the corporate training world. Instead, they felt passionate about using technology to simulate business challenges and create meaningful experiences.

From this initial brainstorm came see6. We as a leading venture now have offices in New York, London, and Austin, Texas and work with some of the biggest names in the game, delighting clients and creating powerful institutional transformations. We work with people we believe in and we’re committed to building lasting partnerships that enable teams to interact with the future and uncover what comes next.

The Inspiration

How can we help leaders manage the increasing complexity they face when understanding and insights are perishable?

We see the future of sales performance as a combination of two things: customer intelligence and timely and relevant insights. see6 was designed to be the platform for asynchronous collaboration in the commercial organisation of the future.

Our award-winning research and deep market knowledge enable our team to passionately take on the smallest of puzzles and largest of transformations.

Our web-based platform is the first of its kind and allows participants to try on new skills and behaviours in an immersive, and intuitive way.

Our licence-based business model enables our customers to reach larger groups of employees in their organisations, all over the world, at all levels, and at a lower cost.

An Array of Services

  1. Simulation Development

We are the world’s first web-based simulation platform.

We design and build exceptional web-based simulations for our clients. Using sound-design, in-game chat features, interactive artificial intelligence and special detail in the aesthetics that tie it all together, we deliver unforgettable immersive experiences.

Combining our expertise in simulation world-building with your most relevant and compelling business themes manifests in highly engaging and hyper-relevant experiences.

Our simulations give teams the opportunity to try on new skills and behaviours in a safe and challenging space, forming neural pathways that are proven to help critical mindset shifts stick.

  1. Experience Design

We enjoy designing experiences – a lot.

And we think we’re pretty good at it, too. But we know that an experience has to be more than just well-designed, enjoyable, or even smart. To have impact, a great experience has to accomplish a pretty big challenge – it has to turn insight into action – and fast!

Insights are perishable, and traditional change management approaches simply can’t keep up with the pace of change in today’s environment. So we have a different way to inspire the mindset and behavioural shifts required for organisations to effectively execute their business and culture strategies.

see6 designs experiences that can help your team understand, adapt, and thrive in new competitive landscapes.

Processes Being Followed

  1. Understand

We partner with you to deeply understand your business context, target audience, key learning outcomes and deployment options. We get clarity around your strategy and the business transformation that we’ll create with a technology-first solution.

  1. Innovate

Here’s where we start to build and plan a solution aligned to your strategic outcomes from step 1. We’ll brainstorm, get creative around the brief and innovate until we have a gaming narrative and front-end sim designs.

  1. Iterate

Beta-testing key concepts with you is the next step – it’s how we ensure that the sim narrative aligns with the nuances of your strategy, and where we bake in essential concepts and check they’re showing up for audiences in the ways we need them to.

  1. Deliver

Always a great moment – we pilot with key stakeholder groups representing your target audience and then it’s go-live time.

  1. Train

We enable our clients to deliver transformational experiences and become certified facilitators of see6 simulations via our virtual train-the-trainer workshops.

  1. Support

We’re happy to provide a Technical Account Manager for ongoing technical client services support.

We truly believe that our technology is the best on the market – we don’t rest on the standards of our industry, and we bring that to everything we do. Too many organisations get stuck on how to use valuable insights and profitably take them to the table. We’ll help you turn data into results. At see6, we believe that true success comes from understanding how we can benefit the people around us and help them grow – our clients, our clients’ customers, and beyond.

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