StratusG Consulting: Delivering strategic solutions for tangible success

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Strategies, they are more than just a rough flowchart on paper. Strategies, whether meant for a project, partnership, or business, are a roadmap with every possible milestone and risky terrain drawn to your attention ahead of your journey. Such strategical development and delivery make for sustainable success. And when it comes to strategizing successful implementation of Salesforce solutions StratusG stands apart from the competitive crowd in the niche market of Salesforce service providers.

Rose to fame in Seattle, the company’s home, for its effective solutions the company has been providing real value and transforming outcomes into tangible success for its clients. The experienced team at StratusG equipped with the technical expertise and passion for innovation has been delivering solutions across geographical and business boundaries. Be it local or remote, functional or something that ranges across the entire enterprise, the skilled team at StratusG approaches every unique opportunity with transparency, consistency, and value-added experiences for its customers.

And for an entrepreneur who has founded businesses delivering value-based solutions to its customers since its wake, Jary Krauser, President, and CEO of StratusG had it no other way when leading another one of his successful ventures. An entrepreneur at heart, Jary brings more than 20 years of executive experience majorly in life science, hi-tech, and aerospace sectors.

Under his thoughtful and experienced leadership, StratusG is continuously striving to deliver powerful solutions that enrich its customers with real value for their businesses.

StratusG at its core

Founded in 1996 StratusG has established its prominent space and name in the competitive market by constantly striving to deliver strategic solutions to businesses. As a technology consulting firm, the company primarily serves the life science sector with its 22 years of industry experience and expert team working diligently to provide CRM solutions, Salesforce integration, and business process automated solutions to their clients.

Jary gives the due credit for long-lasting success to his employees, “our consultants at StratusG have guided and contributed to the success of the company,” Jary says, “they are at the forefront of the strategic development and implementations for our clients that add real value to their businesses.”

The bull’s eye approach

They say your chances of winning the game increase when you keep your eyes on the price. StratusG has been following this approach diligently for the past two decades. Here, the company’s price is customer satisfaction and long-lasting business relations. And when it comes to strategic approach the company seems to nail it on the technical as well as functional fronts.

“When it comes to starting on a new project we begin with the ultimate objective in mind,” Jary explains. The effective transparent implementation plan is laid out keeping in mind the objectives client wants to achieve which is then followed rigorously to enable fruitful success for clients.

Commercial solutions with a human touch

Having gained years of executive experience primarily in the life science field, Jary brings a balanced approach of commercial and personal aspects into his leadership. Under his expert guidance, the company has been delivering commercial solutions that drive success for businesses and speak to its end users.

The trust and long-term relationships from clients show the company truly puts customers at the center of its definition of a successful business strategy. And with the company’s leadership widening its reach to local and global clients through remote working and partnering with clients StratusG is set to achieve more milestones of success.

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