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TapNation is a tech startup specialized in mobile Hyper Casual Games in close relationships with more than 100 studios around the world! It provides them with high-potential game concepts and high-tech data tools to test and publish their games on the market. They have released many HIT games and generated more than 500 Million downloads! TapNation strives to become a key player in a high-growth market. With the very hand in the technology and gaming industry, TapNation is playing a vital role in the gaming industry and helping other companies flourish in a better way.

Highlights of the Interview between TapNation and Business Leaders Review

Tell us about TapNation? What was your inspiration behind entering the Gaming and Technology field?

We noticed that hundreds and thousands of games were published on the App Stores every day, but the vast majority of them would, unfortunately, struggle just to exist, let alone become a hit game. We were convinced that high-tech tools and our expertise could help them reach the top worldwide and this is where we came into play. We designed a tech platform that created a bridge between these thousands of struggling games and the audience they deserved. We are now glad to share our experience with hundreds of studios to entertain the world!

Tell us about the top-notch services and applications of TapNation.

At TapNation, we provide 2 main different kinds of services:

  • One of our goals is to entertain the players through the games we produce for them. We have game designers, artists, and developers, all of them helping throughout the ideation of the games and all the iterations that come with it. In that sense, we always listen to the feedback from our users and help them in the best way possible.
  • The second facet is the service we give to the studios. We provide them with high-potential game concepts and high-tech data tools to test and publish their game on the market. Our expert publishing team is here as well to support them during the production cycle. We also give them access to a testing platform on which they can directly review their metrics, set up AB tests, and more, which is why the whole process is so efficient!

As of today, we published 18 hit games that generated more than 500M downloads, and 15 of them are developed by our creative minds. We even send our studios different game templates covering the different kinds of hypercasual games so that they can gain a huge amount of time (builds, assets, code, UI).

How do you think technological advancement has helped gamification nurture the business world to achieve more with an efficient and sustainable yield?

Technological advancement has played a key role in the improvements leading to today’s business world. Ad platforms, high-tech tools, social media, all of these help companies reach more people than ever around the world while minimizing the costs of such ambition. This also leads to a more fierce competition, which actually makes things more interesting and challenging, and most importantly means that the market is well-alive and growing, now more than ever.

How do you induce and implement technological advancements in business offerings and operations at TapNation?

Technology at TapNation helped us automate a lot of different operations to gain time and money: Ideation, game creation, AB testing, user acquisition & monetization. It can be found everywhere. It also helped us optimize our expenses and incomes through AI and machine learning. In addition, these technological advancements are also the reason why we can give our studios access to the testing platform.

LTV forecast, CPI, Retention, and all these key metrics are at the core of today’s strategy in the hypercasual market, and none of this would be possible without making use of all the recent technological advancements.

Tell us about the challenges the company faced at its early stage of entering the gaming world.

At the very beginning, TapNation was founded by raising less than $1M from business angels, which is much less than what our competitors had (Voodoo raised $600M, Applovin raised $1.6B, Ironsource raised $1.9B, etc). When we reached out to a studio, there was no apparent reason for them to work with us because they already had lucrative commercial agreements with very well-funded players.

The main challenge was to convince these studios to work with us while we didn’t have the same amount of money to pay them: it was a David VS Goliath situation.

Our solution was creative and technically backed. We approached them with game concepts whose market presence had already been proven in-house. Ice Cream IncOne of our main hit games was created like this: we brought the concept to the studio and it now accumulates more than 170M downloads! This is the story of almost all of our portfolios.

How has the recent COVID-19 pandemic has affected your business and other ventures associated with the sector? What do you think will be the future of this game based venture post-COVID-19?

To be honest, Covid-19 didn’t quite affect us directly. Truth is that most people during this period turned to more involving games such as casual or mid-core games, so we didn’t feel like there has been a real change on our side. The same thing can be said regarding our working habits. Indeed, since TapNation’s foundation, we have always been used to remote working, so we were absolutely ready to face this situation.

Tell us in what ways TapNation is contributing to the betterment of technology driven businesses and ventures. How does the implementation of SDK make it more intriguing and worthy?

Our decisions regarding the direction of our games have always been dictated by data collection and technological considerations. This is the reason why we have always strived to create the best possible tech tools including testing platforms, machine learning & more, helping us and our partners in the process. This is where the industry is heading nowadays, especially since all games are now published online which means we can track and gather all the data we need. SDKs are part of that process and help us understand the behavior of our players, which is crucial to carrying out intelligent forecasts.

What are your future aspirations for the company? Where do you see TapNation in upcoming years in the gaming world?

Continue to grow in terms of games published, teams and talents recruited, and in terms of turnover. Being a key player in the mobile gaming market will mean publishing new types of games, and we remain very attentive to market innovations, blockchain, and web-3.

What advice do you want to give to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to enter the gaming industry?

Don’t be afraid of failure and restarting all over again. Build the best team possible, only A-players, being well-surrounded is crucial. Step out and meet a maximum of companies from your industry, take part in events & more. You will learn how they do it, gauge some secret tips, learn from their mistakes, and create long-term partnerships, there are just so many benefits in doing so. Meet – people!

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