Build your own quantum computer with Google’s latest ‘The Qubit Game’

World Quantum Day was apparently yesterday, and Google feted the occasion with the launch of The Qubit Game.. Created in partnership with Doublespeak games, it’s a “playful journey to building a quantum computer, one qubit at a time,” Google said. It also hopes the game, and World Quantum Day, will help generate some interest in the field.

Google’s ‘The Qubit Game’

On behalf of the World Quantum Day, Google’s ‘Google Quantum AI’ team marked the occasion with “The Qubit Game.” It’s meant to serve as a “different way to introduce people to the world of quantum computing.”

Google, and others in the industry, believe quantum computing will “help solve big problems, ranging from helping us understand the world better by simulating quantum systems, to broad industrial applications like more efficient energy production or designing medicines to cure diseases and solve major public health issues.”

Google’s Latest Simulators

The Qubit game resolves around Qubits, the basic building block of a quantum computer. It’s pretty straightforward (you won’t need to learn any quantum entanglement math or physics) with the goal of increasing the number of Qubits while keeping them cool. The more Qubits you have, the more difficult it gets. Eventually, you’ll “discover new upgrades, complete big research projects and hopefully become a little more curious about how we’re building quantum computers,” wrote Google Quantum head of education Abe Asfaw.

The goal of The Qubit Game is to draw attention to quantum computing, because it seems there’s a dearth of people working in the field. To that end, Google is bringing the game to the classroom, hoping to encourage educators to talk about the subject and expand access to quantum computing research.

“We need more students pursuing careers building or using quantum computers, and understanding what it would be like to be a quantum scientist or engineer,” wrote Asfaw. “For me, that’s what World Quantum Day is all about: showing everyone what quantum computing really is and how they can get involved.”

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