Tickeron Empowers Novice Traders with Innovative AI Robots for Enhanced Financial Market Experience

Tickeron, the leading provider of AI-based stock trading tools catering to hedge funds and retail investors, is excited to unveil a groundbreaking line of robots tailored specifically for entry-level traders. These meticulously designed robots leverage advanced technical and fundamental analysis methods, offering novice traders a sophisticated yet user-friendly approach to navigate the dynamic world of financial markets.

Key Features of Tickeron’s New Robots for Beginners:

  1. High Liquidity Stock Focus: Tickeron’s algorithms exclusively target highly liquid stocks featured in the prestigious NASDAQ 100 and S&P 500 indices. These stocks are renowned for their high liquidity, low spreads, and broad availability for short positions across all brokers, making them an ideal starting point for novice traders to build their portfolios.
  2. Limited Simultaneous Positions: Acknowledging the challenges that novice traders face in managing multiple trades, Tickeron’s robots strategically limit the number of simultaneous positions to a maximum of 20. This intentional constraint ensures ease of tracking, enabling traders to respond promptly to algorithm signals and fostering a more manageable and enjoyable trading experience.
  3. Optimal Average Holding Time: Tickeron’s robots maintain an average transaction duration of more than one day, recognizing that high-frequency trading can be overwhelming for beginners. This approach provides novice traders with the flexibility to monitor and manage open positions at their convenience, eliminating the need for constant minute-by-minute market surveillance.
  4. Reliable and Proven Algorithms: Tickeron’s quant team, boasting years of experience, has developed and rigorously tested trading algorithms founded on pattern recognition and trend predictions. These algorithms undergo thorough multi-level backtesting and forward testing, complemented by advanced methods to assess algorithm stability and quality. Additionally, Tickeron incorporates well-established classical methods of fundamental analysis by experts such as Benjamin Graham, Joseph Piotroski, and Edward Altman. These methods enhance business quality understanding, facilitating effective stock selection for both long and short trading strategies.

Sergey Savastiouk, Ph.D., CEO, and Founder of Tickeron, emphasized, “Creating effective trading strategies for novice traders is a challenging task, as it requires not only developing an efficient trading algorithm but also ensuring it is as user-friendly as possible. Drawing from our extensive experience in developing trading robots, we have successfully met this challenge, providing novice traders with a wide range of suitable robots to choose from.”

About Tickeron:

Tickeron offers a comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools for traders and investors, with a focus on enhancing the trading experience for both novices and seasoned professionals. Tickeron has developed tools such as the Pattern Search EngineReal-Time Patterns, and the Trend Prediction Engine that empowers advanced traders to conduct sophisticated financial market analysis. To learn more about Tickeron, please visit our website. Stay updated with Tickeron by following us on Twitter, YouTube, Stocktwits, and Google News.

Note that Tickeron’s detailed charts have certain limitations, which can be reviewed on our website before making any investment. Tickeron’s investment advice is based on historical information, and past performance does not guarantee future results. Investing in securities carries significant risks, including the risk of losing the entire investment.

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