Ticombo GmbH: Redefining Ticketing Industry Standards with Innovation and Technology

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Given the increasing number of events occurring around the globe, the ticketing industry is pivotal in connecting individuals with their favorite events, from concerts and sports matches to cultural performances and conferences. However, like any evolving sector, it faces its share of challenges and gaps that impact event organizers and ticket buyers. 

To bridge these gaps and offer people a seamless experience to individuals, Atle Gunnheim Barlaup conceptualized the idea of Ticombo GmbH. Being in the ticketing industry for 30+ years, Atle sensed the absence of a proper platform where fans can exchange tickets transparently, securely, and fairly. In 2016, he discussed this with his co-founders and investors. Thus, Ticombo was born as an idea–implying the combination of different market segments in one platform. As Ticombo’s CEO and Co-Founder, Atle envisions expanding the platform, combining all markets, from small events to big competitions, primary and secondary markets, Organizers, and Fan ticket exchange.

A Robust Inception

The idea behind the name and function of Ticombo was to become the first platform where users of all kinds can receive and be provided the same service, whether they are organizers, resellers or just a fan who is unable to attend an event despite having tickets or was unable to purchase them from the primary market on time. 

Atle explains that the main idea of the platform is to be fully transparent, user-friendly, and to provide a unique user experience. It has been created so that users can seamlessly purchase or put tickets on resale in a few easy steps. While buyers can log in using social media, find the event, select suitable tickets, and purchase them, sellers can do the same and enlist their tickets. As soon as their listing is live and sold, they can request a payout and receive payment after it is checked and verified by Ticombo’s support team. 

Suite of Distinct Services and Offerings

Speaking about the platform’s benefits for the buyer, Ticombo offers its TicProtect guarantee where, in case something is wrong, the buyer will get a full refund! The company strives to provide the best support team, which is always prepared to assist. One major factor distinguishing Ticombo from its competitors is that the platform allows buyers to communicate with the sellers, establishing a good connection between them and improving their overall experience. Additionally, the seller is also protected by the TicProtect guarantee. Another distinguishing aspect of Ticombo is that the seller will be paid the same amount they place for the tickets. 

Ticombo is focused on providing a fair, easy, and secure ticket platform for fans worldwide while ensuring fairness in ticket pricing. The company is driven to prevent users worldwide from being let down and help them experience their favorite team, artist, or event. “We in Ticombo believe that an event starts with a dream and turns into a memory”, and we strive to assist the fans worldwide to have a good memory of purchase process until attending the event,” quotes Atle.

Led by a Visionary

Being at the company’s helm, Atle spearheads the team of Ticombo while undertaking several crucial roles and responsibilities. As the primary leader, he constantly analyzes feedback from all the teams and decides how to prioritize and optimize our products and processes. He also leads the business analyst work and ensures the team is aligned on the company’s vision, values, and prioritizations. He adds, “Being a start-up brings a lot of motion and challenge, which helps us move forward and always think of new ideas and creative solutions. Together with my excellent COO, CTO, and management team we focus on building a culture of placing the user first, transparency, business ethics and outstanding customer support.”

At the core, the team continuously contributes to the success and growth of the company. Given that its size has increased rapidly after the COVID-19 pandemic, Ticombo has opened new departments catering to improving the overall customer experience with the platform. While its customer support team is one of the key elements that differentiate us from the competition, the Account Management team looks after providing a personalized experience to our Trusted users. Through this approach, the company has received immense positive feedback, including the end customer‘s feedback on our processes, which Ticombo leverages to enhance the user experience. The technical development team also plays a pivotal role in the company’s progress and growth. 

Tackling Existing Challenges, One at a Time

Counterfeiting tickets remains a persistent problem in the ticketing industry, posing significant risks to event-goers and organizers. The issue has resulted in financial losses and disruptions in the overall event experiences. As a result, the need for enhanced security measures and technologies to combat this ongoing challenge has become more crucial than ever. 

Ticombo’s major differentiator from other platforms is its perception of transparency and security. Firstly, buyers and sellers can communicate directly, while buyers can leave a review of the sellers on the platform. Secondly, all information on each listing is displayed in the listing details. Moreover, Ticombo has one of the best online review scores among ticketing marketplaces, confirming the success of its approach. 

Ticombo prioritizes trust and security in the ticketing industry, rigorously verifying listings and seller identities to prevent counterfeit tickets. Listings are only visible after stringent reviews, and the platform bans users with counterfeit tickets. Addressing industry challenges like ticket scalping and fraud, Ticombo sets price ceilings, mandates seller information, and enforces user compliance with terms. Funds transfer occurs only after the buyer attends the event, eliminating fraud incentives. Additionally, Ticombo handles personalized tickets efficiently through its built-in system, safeguarding fans and maintaining the ticket marketplace’s integrity.

Envisioning a Bright Future Ahead

Looking ahead, Ticombo plans to launch its primary market platform soon. The platform will be advanced with many competitive advantages like easy entry applications, NFTs, Blockchain payment systems, resale options, and success optimization tools, among many other features. In addition to these, Ticombo also strives to continue focusing on excellent customer service via several measures. The company plans to introduce many new features to the platform, which are distinct and not yet seen in other platforms. While fees in the industry are currently high, Ticombo’s fees are among the lowest, and the company plans to reduce them soon. 


We are following the Ticombo way, and we are confident that we will disrupt the industry and, in many ways, revolutionize the business.”

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