Touchpoint Solutions: Enabling Salesforce to drive enterprises to sustainable growth

10 Most Innovative Salesforce Solutions for 2022

The recent marketing advancements and the changing course of customer behavior have brought CRM – Customer Relationship management at the center of every business stage. It is not about the product or services the brands offer but the customer experiences and their relationship with the businesses that drive the sales home. Since the breaking dawn of the CRM era, Salesforce has been at the forefront of the business revolution empowering enterprises to take their business growth to the next level. And with multiple CRM enterprises offering Salesforce solutions businesses are finding it easier to adopt Salesforce to their existing work environments.

However, Touchpoint Solutions, based in California opens door to more possibilities for business growth through their complete-team approach to Salesforce solutions. Founded in 2008, Touchpoint Solutions through its extended approach enable Salesforce for your users, management, and investors to work in sync for proud and sustainable growth.

Brett Greathouse, President at Touchpoint Solutions has been behind the company’s extended approach. He believes in enabling enterprises to get the most out of their Salesforce integration. “We have been driven to help businesses get the more possible value they can from,” he says, “our implementations and in-house solutions focused on employee productivity, process automation, and customer engagement vouch for our goals.”


The core of the Touchpoint

Since its inception, the team at Touchpoint Solutions has been driven to help businesses do more with Salesforce. Under the leadership of Brett, the Touchpoint team provides extensive implementations of Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Cloud solutions to their clients. When asked about their growing zeal to learn, innovate, and grow together with clients, Brett points to the company’s very core – passion to help clients leverage Salesforce.

From extending their expertise to clients at the start to providing their software solutions to enable businesses to get more value from Salesforce, Touchpoint Solutions have come to become the first choice for its customers while touching and setting up milestones along the way.

Leveraging innovation for 360⁰ growth

More than skills and expertise, it is the creative and critical thinking that leads organizations to profound innovation. The Touchpoint team under the guidance of certified experts has been driving home innovative software solutions.

Their software solutions such as Surveyor, which helps businesses create surveys in Salesforce with real-time responses speak for the company’s 360⁰ growth approach. With the skilled and expert developers and consultants at the company diligently providing services, Touchpoint Solutions stand apart in the Southern California region making a prominent space in the country’s Salesforce market.

Extending a consulting hand

Technological advancement and business technology consultation go hand in hand for successful businesses. This is where Touchpoint Solutions leave a mark on their clients’ minds. With the certified expert consultants in the team, the company not only provides the Salesforce solution but guidance on what kind of solutions can solve the purpose for their clients.

Having partnered and collaborated with businesses and enterprises from diverse sectors, the team has garnered hands-on knowledge and skills to leverage their services in healthcare, medical devices, financial planning, auditing, and compliance.

With the right balance of consultation and development under one roof, Touchpoint Solutions is transforming the way Salesforce drives growth for its clients.

The planned approach for the future

Taking forward the passion and zeal to help businesses get Salesforce rightly done, Touchpoint Solutions has been offering its services in different packages to suit the size, needs, and budget of your business.

The company is also focused on customer satisfaction beyond revenue generation by ensuring the peace of mind of its clients with the right tools working for their team. With a dedicated Salesforce team covering major touchpoints from solution architecture to Salesforce maintenance and evolution there is no doubt Touchpoint Solutions is driving technology forward with ease of access and use at the core for its clients.

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