Work-Relay: Integrating BPM for seamless Salesforce implementation

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We all love heightened drama in movies and series. A well-dramatized storyline and character graph are what make for a highly entertaining experience. Similarly, business owners and management only love dramatic changes when they bring home dramatically improved management of business processes. And when it comes to providing this much-needed drama in business, clients looking for Salesforce services look no further than Work-Relay.

Founded in 2013 this Chicago-based software development organization has successfully crafted its forte in Business Process Management (BPM) for Salesforce. The company lives and breathes its operational and business activity with a motto of “complex work making simple”.

And we can trace the roots of this motto to the thoughts and beliefs of Jonathan Sapir, Co-Founder, and CSO of Work-Relay. Apart from being the chairperson and among the key decision-makers at the company, Jon has authored a book titled “Thriving at the Edge of Chaos”. His beliefs and perceptions of seeing risks and problems in a new light have shaped the company’s values foundational for the epic success of Work-Relay.

Adapting to ride the uncertainty

11 March 2020, marked the date when the WHO announced COVID-19 as a pandemic. It also marks the date when the whole world stepped into the era of chaos and uncertainty. We are experiencing the third year of COVID-19 and no one can say when or if things will go back to normal. During a time of such uncertainty, Work-Relay strongly believes in adapting to the changing circumstances. The company has been aiding its clients to do the same through their Business Project and Process Management Solutions for Salesforce.

Customers: A partner in business health

Today, businesses have been making unique and offbeat approaches to woo and surprise their clients, to make them feel special. During the time of COVID-19 chaos, Work-Relay took a step beyond providing software solutions to keep businesses up-to-date. The company recently released an e-book to educate and encourage businesses about Enterprise Work Management for Salesforce.

The company’s take on the pandemic, how it is affecting the businesses, and a strong way out and ahead has been proving a much-needed push for companies to thrive during the chaos.

Eliminating SOB drama

Every business detests SOBs (surprises, obstacles, and barriers) for their severe effect on business sales and operations. And when it comes to eliminating this unnecessary drama for its clients the team at Work-Relay highlights its strength in operationalizing customer data in Salesforce. The skilled enthusiasts under the expert guidance often work diligently to extend the power of Salesforce beyond CRM. This ensures the clients get maximized benefits of their investments in Salesforce for fulfilling business experience and simplified operations.

Pioneering Salesforce tools beyond CRM

Garnering the unbreakable trust and becoming the primary partner to your client base is one thing but getting recognition from the industry expert for providing beyond-the-wall IT and Salesforce solutions call for a celebration.

Jonathan in his rights as the Co-founder and CSO recently shared a token of recognition from Carl Lehmann. A senior research analyst in the applied infrastructure and DevOps in the recent report from 451 Research mentioned Work-Relay for pioneering the Salesforce tools and services beyond CRM to simplify and automate complex business processes which are crucial for the enterprises to thrive in the future.

The company’s work as a service provider in the Salesforce market has also been recently recognized by CIO Review. The company has recently been named as one of the top 21 promising Salesforce service providers in 2021 by CIO Review.

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