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1. Kindly walk us through the inception of Xebia. A brief introduction about the company.  

Xebia is a global Software Engineering, and IT Consultancy company that has been creating digital leaders across the globe. Founded in 2001, Xebia was the first organization to embrace the Agile way of working, with gurus like Jeff Sutherland. Since then, we have grown from a Java company into a full-service digital consulting company working on a worldwide scale.  

With offices on every continent, we help the top 250 companies worldwide embrace innovation, adopt the latest technologies, and implement the most successful business models. To meet every digital demand, Xebia is organized into chapters. These are teams with tremendous knowledge and experience in Agile, DevOps, Data & AI, Cloud, Software Development, Security, Quality Assurance, Low code, and Microsoft Solutions.  

In addition to high-quality consulting and state-of-the-art software, Xebia Academy offers the training that modern companies need to work better, smarter, and faster. Today, Xebia continues to expand through a buy-and-build strategy. Xebia has a global presence with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, India, Vietnam, Singapore, Colombia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, UAE, Canada, Poland, Spain, and Australia. 

2. How is Xebia helping budding IT and Software engineers upraise their value in the recent and competitive market? 

We focus on creating digital leaders internally and externally Xebia provides regular training sessions to upskill the team in latest technology.

Xebia assists in this crucial skills-building process. We offer comprehensive, well-scaled learning journeys for beginners, professionals, and experts in the fields of IT, Agile/Scrum, Data and AI, Product Management, DevOps, and Cloud. Together we will close the skills gap, as organizations investing in innovative technologies need the expertise to match. 

Xebia Academy provides a comprehensive program to level up the skills of your workforce or teams. Highly engaging training sessions, hands-on support when applying new skills, and mentoring & coaching support help to achieve a future-fit workforce. People also have access to Xebia’s online community platform where they can meet alumni from all over the world. 

3. What does Xebia look forward to delivering as it strives to revolutionize the Software and Digital Industry? 

Xebia is a pioneering Software Engineering and IT consultancy company, transforming and executing at the intersection of Domain and Technology to create digital leaders for our people, clients, partners, and communities. 

We see the evolution of IT services continuing to underpin technology and people transformation. As a result, we explore new technology frontiers to strategize, leverage and build solutions to deliver sustainable value. From strategy to execution, the path to Software Engineering and Digital Transformation starts here. 

Over the years we have organically built our domain knowledge across industries. From monolithic architecture to microservices, cloud-based SaaS solutions to platforms, mobiles to connected devices, and mobile-first to AI-first, industry-leading retailers are continuously pushing the boundaries to deliver increased business value for their customers. We help our clients accelerate their vision and deliver cutting-edge solutions through a wide spectrum of technologies.  

We understand that the world is moving towards reimagining business in this digital age. In this era where technology has the power to disrupt, we are defining new benchmarks with our chapters focused on Digital Strategy, DevOps, Agile, Cloud, Data and AI, Software Technology, Low Code, and Microsoft Solutions. 

4. How does Employee Value Preposition matter to Xebia? Elucidate on some of the crucial steps that Xebia has taken for the welfare of employees. 

If we talk about the 4 values that we imbibe – People First, Sharing Knowledge, Customer Intimacy, and Quality without Compromise – that’s where the employer branding factor for Xebia comes into the picture. We are a people-centric, and employee-driven company, with a positive and learning approach. All of this is an output of our continuous and intense focus on people, which is the differentiating factor that Xebia brings into the picture.  

And the ecosystem that we have built to nurture our people helps to continuously enrich them with the latest training for global competence. Apart from offering opportunities for upskilling our people, we also encourage them to write books and blogs to enhance their personalities.  

Our bi-weekly Xebia Knowledge Exchange (XKE), Innovation Days, Tech Rallies, and TED-style conferences help us explore and achieve our full potential, individually and collectively. We have been adjudged a Great Place to Work twice in a row (2021-22 & 2022-23).

5. Shed some light on the service span of Xebia. How and to what extent does Xebia help other sectors with its services? 

Xebia is a digital engineering leader with a vast portfolio of digital transformation offerings. For over two decades, we have been a trusted partner to world leaders across diverse industries such as Finance, Retail, Travel, Technology, Public Utilities, IT Business, Healthcare, and Non-Profit among other industries, and have helped them transform, adapt, and reap business benefits through digital-first solutions. Fueled by new technologies, industries are exploring all aspects of a new way of working. Different industries adapt to digital in their own way. Some benefit from a smart cloud platform and others look to Agile or data-driven working for more customer value, efficiency gains, or a higher market share. 

Fintech firms are looking into areas of digital onboarding through biometrics, liveness check, e-KYC, video KYC, omnichannel experience, AI/ML based credit decisions, and digitized core banking with digital payments and collections. The healthcare and medical devices sectors have grown significantly in the last decade. The medical devices ecosystem today is driven by path-breaking improvements in technology.  

In the retail sector, we make logistics and operations more sustainable and efficient. Retailers needed a better demand forecasting system that would lead to more on-shelf availability, reduced loss, and efficient transportation. 

6. What are the thoughts of the Xebia leadership about the revolutionization of the industry? 

Anand Sahay, Global CEO, Xebia, states that Xebia brings cutting-edge technology that enables business transformation. The team’s insight reveals that 2023 will be the year where people and technology transformation mature and establish new standards and norms all over the world. Currently, we are 5000+ people strong worldwide, including 2500+ people split across five centers in India.  

Indian tech talent is playing a significant role in growing companies across the world. For us, getting a very strong software engineering mindset is where the challenge lies, and that’s why we are selective about the talent that we acquire. We hope to grow our base to 6000+ people within the country.  

7. How has Xebia been successful in maintaining a strong position in the global market after the global upheaval caused by the pandemic? 

Covid-19 did bring in some uncertainty in early to mid-2020, as customers struggled to decide on budgets for new software programs. However, by August 2020, it was clear that the whole world would move strongly towards digitization. By October 2020, we had one of the strongest work pipelines ever. Xebia had to significantly increase its recruitment engine to identify and hire the best talent pool around the world and train budding engineers to build software craftsmanship skills. We brought in innovation in the remote hiring process, as well as the remote induction of new engineers. 

8. Tell us about the achievements, accreditations, and awards that Xebia has earned in the long journey of providing seamless services. 

Our clients have trusted us with their data over the years while we have consistently proved our commitment by achieving industry-standard certifications for information security such as ISO 270001.  

Since inception, we have received awards and recognitions. Xebia has been featured in the IT Market Clock for Mobile Application Development (Gartner Report, 2015), and XebiaLabs was named “Leader” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Application Release Automation (2016-2019). Xpirit won the Partner of the Year 2018 worldwide award from Microsoft in the ‘DevOps’ category. Xebia bagged the NASSCOM Technology Excellence award (2019), World Business Outlook (APAC) – Fastest Growing IT Consultancy Singapore 2022 and Most Promising Software Engineering Firm Singapore (2022), MEA Finance Banking Technology Award (2022), and EMEA Transformation Award, Appian Europe (2022). Xebia was adjudged a Great Place to Work for consecutive years (2021-22 & 2022-23).

9. Accentuate a bit on the future goals and endeavors of Xebia.  

Xebia does not only build technology solutions in the data space but also provides domain-centric solutions that will help speed up digital transformation with AI and ML implementations. Xebia plans to bring about such solution mechanisms in the coming days.  

To stay competitive and viable in these trying times, going digital is a necessity and not a luxury. But aside from the questions of what technology to use and how to implement it, the most critical question is: who is going to implement the changes? The people – employees, at all levels – must interact with and utilize the new technologies. It is critical to commit to a people-first approach when introducing next-gen technologies and identify the behavior changes that employees need to adopt for sustainable digital transformation. Besides, digital transformation done right is not only about the money invested. It needs methodical innovators. After all, digital winners don’t just keep building improved intranets and better websites, they also re-imagine products and services. 

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