Cisco updates its IoT Control Center, and shares private 5G plans

Cisco has updated its IoT Control Center to low-cost, low-bandwidth IoT devices and also made remarkable changes in its go-to-market strategy for its as-a-service private 5G. The updates show Cisco is driven towards making enterprises its clients. These target audiences are those who want to elevate their IoT deployments’ connectivity and ease of management.

The IoT Control Center of Cisco was earlier known as the Cisco Jasper Control Center, acquired when Cisco bought Jasper, the IoT platform provider. At that time Jasper was engaged primarily in automotive IoT.

Its IoT Control Center manages and uses data collected from utility meters or agricultural sensors. Cisco has named its product category, “mass IoT” which comprises devices with low-bandwidth requirements and handle simpler remote management than automotive IoT.

The subscription-based SaaS platform will keep supporting more specialized and complex IoT devices and operate throughout low-power wide-area networks, 4G or 5G cellular networks.

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