Everything You Need to Know About Global Marketing for your company

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2021-09-30 13:30:05


A global marketing strategy is part of an overall strategy to help your business expand into new markets across the world. 

When expanding your business globally, some aspects likely won’t change, such as your name and logo — though sometimes brands do use different names in various territories.

Whereas your approach to marketing — the messaging, creative, PR, advertising, and channels — will change for each market you move into. 

For example, in the U.S., you might spend significant ad dollars on Facebook. But in Japan, where Twitter is more popular than Facebook, you might focus on how you can use Twitter to connect with consumers.

How to do global marketing efficiently?

 Now that you know what global marketing is and the benefits of this strategy for a company, we will explain how to put it into practice with tips.

Know the Market

When you first decide you want to expand your marketing to a global level, you need to understand the environment with which you will be working. Each region of the world has different norms and behaviors when it comes to marketing messages, what is appropriate in that country, how people prefer to be contacted, and more. Be sure to do research on how that market will respond to your marketing strategy so you get the most traction from your new audience.

Develop a Marketing Plan

Succeeding in a global environment does not mean simply changing the language of your marketing assets. You need your global marketing plan to be consistent with your domestic efforts, but it will need to be customized based on the needs of the region you are marketing to at that time. After you have some insight into the global landscape, you can craft a plan to outline your course of action. First, you will ask yourself what your goals and objectives are for the marketing program. Consider the following questions:

  • Why are you expanding your efforts?
  • What are you looking to achieve?
  • How will you measure success?

Once your goals are established, you can craft a plan covering the overarching strategy and the tactics to achieve those goals.


One of the best ways to get started with a global marketing strategy is to look at where your current customers come from.


Building on the brand point above, every country will respond to different messaging. Just because you are taking your efforts to a global audience does not mean you cannot still localize your message. Actually it is almost necessary to be “glocal” (global + local) with your message when targeting a global audience. It is not only important to understand the cultural and language barriers and adjust your message for each market, but it is also crucial to understand all cultural references, and significant events and holidays. Platforms and tactics need to be tailored to the specific targeted region to create a personalized marketing program and really connect with the audience on a deeper level.

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