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AW Global is the leading ERP implementation partner in Latin America. Focused on Dynamics 365, they are a preferred Microsoft Business Solution Partner. Founded in 1993, AW Global brings over three decades of experience in the technological transformation market. Throughout this time, it has supported companies among multiple industries in their digitalization journey. The company’s main challenge was incorporating ERP solutions unfamiliar to the region while adapting them to each country’s tax regulations. AW Global developed tax localizations for Microsoft ERPs to address this, effectively filling this functionality gap and becoming the benchmark for regional localizations.

Expert Team and Comprehensive Offerings

AW Global boasts a track record of over 25 years in Microsoft ERP localization, adopting a multicountry approach for the entire region. Over the years, it has honed its ability to understand the complexities of each market, offering tailored and efficient solutions to drive client success in regional expansion efforts. Microsoft’s endorsement further validates its expertise and commitment to quality. With a team of over 240 Dynamics-specialized experts, AW Global executes multicountry implementations at a regional level with exceptional results, solidifying its reputation as the ideal partner for companies aiming to optimize operations in a dynamic business environment.

Transforming Businesses with Microsoft Business Applications

In today’s business landscape, ERP systems are indispensable. AW Global leverages its experience and technology to elevate Microsoft Business Applications, enabling clients to scale their businesses according to strategic goals. Its value proposition comprises two main verticals:

Technological Implementation: AW Global specializes in implementing Microsoft products for end customers, facilitating the transformation and evolution of their operations. Its regional ERP localization ensures easy, dynamic, and efficient implementation across multiple countries. Additionally, it offers partner-to-partner services, collaborating with regional partners to deliver tailored implementations adapted to specific company needs. AW Global’s success is attributed to three key factors:

  • Dedicated Team: Its employees’ dedication, experience, and motivation are fundamental to its market position and service quality.
  • ERP Localization: Localization of F&O and Business Central for 14 countries in the region distinguishes AW Global and positions it as a strategically for expanding companies.
  • Customer Trust: Client trust in AW Global’s services drives its commitment to innovation and improvement, ensuring it remains a leader in the industry and meets evolving market needs.

Led by a Visionary

As a leader at AW Global, Daniel Cantore (Board Member & Founding Partner) primarily focuses on aligning himself with clients’ needs and guiding them through their technological transformation journey to achieve strategic objectives. This entails deeply understanding their medium-term goals and ensuring the company’s work teams align with them to pursue a shared vision. “I firmly believe that by joining forces between both parties, establishing clear objectives, and executing a solid technological transformation project, we can achieve the desired success for our clients,” says Daniel. Moreover, Daniel’s leadership revolves around motivating the team to maximize performance. By working collaboratively and focusing on strategic objectives, outstanding results are attained, ensuring customer satisfaction in every technological transformation project undertaken.

Investing in Continuous Development

At AW Global, the team is the backbone, and nurturing their development and motivation is a fundamental aspect ingrained in the company’s culture. The recent recognition as the 7th best place to work in the Great Place to Work ranking up to 250 employees is a testament to the commitment and passion that employees bring to their work daily. This commitment is reflected in the excellent results achieved for clients. Maintaining an average annual turnover rate of 7% contrasts sharply with other companies facing turnover rates of over 35%. This low turnover rate highlights the positive environment fostered at AW Global, contributing to the team’s high motivation and commitment to delivering quality solutions.

In addition to creating a positive work environment, Daniel emphasizes the importance of staying at the forefront of technology and continuously investing in each team member’s leadership and personal development. This includes providing opportunities for training and professional growth and fostering an inclusive and collaborative work environment. Empowering the team and providing them with the necessary tools and support ensures they remain motivated and capable of meeting challenges effectively. “By empowering our team and providing them with the tools and support they need, we ensure they are constantly motivated,” he adds. 

Looking Ahead at the Future

At AW Global, the company remains focused on solidifying its position as the top partner for regional Microsoft implementations. Its future vision revolves around fostering collaboration among partners to ensure successful implementations and support product growth. This collaboration is vital to fulfilling the company’s mission and ensuring client satisfaction as its operations evolve and expand. Moreover, AW Global aims to integrate artificial intelligence effectively into its solutions, empowering businesses to align with their goals through strategic tools. This transition to AI is pivotal for driving efficiency and innovation in business processes, and the company is dedicated to spearheading this technological advancement for the benefit of its clients and the market at large. Looking ahead, AW Global envisions itself as a leader in its segment, maintaining its proud status as the premier ERP localization provider. The company’s vision entails growing alongside the evolution and innovation of Microsoft products, establishing itself as the representative voice of technology in the minds of its clients. In this partnership, Microsoft serves as the creator of technological solutions. At the same time, AW Global positions itself as the provider of these products, prioritizing service over product to achieve more efficient results.

Analyzing the Latest and Upcoming Industry Dynamics

As a leader, Daniel observes a clear industry trend toward product evolution, transforming into technologies that enhance each client’s processes. Over the next 6-12 months, he anticipates an increased emphasis on personalization and adaptability in technological solutions to cater to individual company needs. Combining cloud services and artificial intelligence will drive this evolution, making products more intuitive and agile. This synergy will enable faster and more efficient implementations, revolutionizing current business operations and facilitating adaptation to market changes. Moreover, unlike other top-tier providers, it’s noteworthy that Microsoft fosters an environment conducive to continuous innovation around its products. This flexibility allows companies to fully leverage the latest technologies and emerging trends to fuel their growth and competitiveness in a dynamic ecosystem.

Daniel advises those aiming to thrive in the industry to understand that digital transformation is a collaborative effort. Organizational change is crucial when tackling transformation projects impacting business processes, often necessitating adjustments to work methods to adopt optimal technology and scale companies effectively. Furthermore, working with products offering ongoing support and evolution is vital, prioritizing medium-term business objectives over price. Choosing technological solutions aligned with the company’s strategic goals ensures growth and adaptability as market needs evolve.

Quote: “With each passing year, we have refined our ability to understand the complexities and particularities of each market in which we operate, allowing us to offer adapted and efficient solutions that drive the success of our clients in their regional expansion.”

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