AW Global: Your Strategic Partner in the Technological Revolution

In an ever-changing IT world, innovation and adaptability are fundamental pillars for corporate success. For over 30 years, AW Global has worked alongside our clients and partners, guiding them through process and technology evolutions, helping them embrace change, and preparing them for the transformation their businesses need.

We specialize in Microsoft Dynamics 365, providing implementation, support, development, and innovation services across the ERP, CRM, and Power Platform ecosystem. Leveraging our extensive experience, we focus on enhancing our clients’ business processes with innovation teams and experts. Our team of over 150 professionals contributes to elevating our clients’ businesses to new heights.

“We are passionate experts in Microsoft technology,” says Alejandra Oniszczuk, Board Member at AW Global. “Our efforts are dedicated to becoming experts in ERP localization across the LATAM region. We ensure organizations have a world-class product with excellent legal, tax, and accounting functionalities throughout LATAM.”

With experience spanning 15 industries, AW Global operates across three specialized regional offices:

  • AW Latam: With a rich history of over 30 years in Latin America, we lead in providing technology solutions and services tailored to the region’s evolving needs. Our proprietary solutions address regional challenges, impacting 300 clients through implementations and support.
  • AW US: Operating as the North American hub, we assist Microsoft partners in the region with growth initiatives. Leveraging Microsoft technologies, we rejuvenate systems through migrations and support projects across LATAM. Our understanding of partners’ pain points drives ecosystem growth.
  • AW Europe: Based in Spain, AW Europe represents experience and global reach. We support European partners with specialized talent, offering staff augmentation capabilities in the LATAM region.

As Microsoft partners, AW Global significantly contributes to the Dynamics 365 ecosystem in Latin America and beyond. We are the creators of Dynamics LATAM, the largest Dynamics partner network in the region. Our commitment lies in driving growth and innovation through partnership.

Microsoft selected AW as the ideal partner to provide localization technology for Dynamics 365 Finance applications across Latin America,” explains Alejandra Oniszczuk, Executive Board member at AW Global. “In simple terms, this means that the ERP will use AW technology to quickly adapt to each country’s specific regulations—an included functionality supported by Microsoft.”

At AW Global, we recognize that technology is just one piece of the equation. That’s why we define ourselves as more than service providers; we are strategic partners committed to a culture of security, ethics, and continuous improvement. Our dedication to certifications ensures the quality of our implementations for clients.

In summary, AW Global isn’t just a technology company; we are a strong ally in the digital era. With a unique blend of experience, innovation, and a commitment to quality, we assist our clients and Microsoft partners in transforming their businesses with the necessary tools and teams in an ever-changing market.

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