Catering HQ: Helping The Companies Manage The Risks And Maximize Profitability

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Catering HQ: Helping The Companies Manage The Risks And Maximize Profitability
Catering HQ: Helping The Companies Manage The Risks And Maximize Profitability

Despite the drastic impact of the pandemic, the modern catering industry is gradually upscaling. In this competitive space, Catering HQ has set a strong foothold in the industry with its distinguished services that continually exceed client expectations.

Steve Sidd, the Founder and Group Managing Director of Catering HQ was highly involved in culinary arts from a young age. While studying in school he often helped his dad at the restaurant and found his passion in the buzz that went behind the scenes. Walking on the steps of a family that always enjoyed cooking and entertaining friends and family, Steve laid the foundation of the first catering company in 1996.

Steve is a veteran in the industry with decades of experience in hospitality management, project management, and consulting experience. Being highly involved in workforce reformation in the hospitality industry, Steve holds expertise in business and workforce planning and management. Throughout his career, Steve has owned and operated cafés, restaurants, bars, and catering venues. Today, with Catering HQ he runs a highly successful boutique catering business specializing in three main areas: venue catering, external catering, and hospitality consultancy. He leads over 300+ teams on a strong path of growth. As an innovator, he has perfected his systems, logistics, and the ability to operate and manage excellence across multiple sites and duplicate his award-winning services in each of his venues through these systems and management teams. Steve is recognized to be the best in the hospitality industry and is leveraging his expertise to lead Catering HQ.

A Familial-Minded Company

Established in 1996, Catering HQ has been a family-run company where the family has formed management in all establishments. This ensures that the company’s trademark of excellent service and its fresh, high-quality produce is maintained. The continuing success of Catering HQ stands on the main philosophies of:

  • Food: should be consistent, uncluttered, seasonally driven, and technically precise
  • Service: should show care and respect for the customer, who will respond in kind
  • Atmosphere: should be appropriate
  • Value: to the customer, to keep consistency

Since the initial years, Steve has strived to create the latest and newest offerings, which contribute towards keeping the sector thriving. He adds, “At Catering HQ we offer a full range of commercially and strategically focused management and advisory services.” Catering HQ offers a range of commercial Consulting, Hospitality, Catering, and Function Catering services Australia-wide. This includes offering Planning, Operational, Marketing, and Business Development, Project Management, Hospitality Fitout, Human Resource and Compliance, Financial, and Research. It caters these services to the tourism, leisure, hospitality, and food services sectors. The client base includes hotels, clubs, gaming and hospitality corporations, tourism operators, restaurants, function and events, industry associations, food manufacturing, liquor, beverage, and warehousing organizations.

An Excellent Reputation

Catering HQ’s excellent services and proven track record of client satisfaction have helped the company earn several awards and accolades. The company recently won the Best Club Restaurant among other numerous awards. Its mission is to be recognized as a leading provider of quality support services enabling the clients to manage the risks the industry faces today. Also, it aims to help the clients achieve maximum financial returns from their operations and limit their exposure, which will be achieved through creating quality partnerships with its clients, company’s affiliations, associations, and suppliers.

The team of Catering HQ strives to ensure maximum commitment and quality. To achieve this, the company actively invests in team development. The optimal utilization of labor productivity through effective scheduling, recruitment, and training programs helps to train and develop the skills of the employees for the mutual benefit of the customers and the company. “All our menus will be nutritionally balanced to encourage the healthy eating habits in our customers and employees,” asserts Steve.

Passionate for offering the best

Catering HQ shares the passion to provide the clients with fine cuisine that embodiesstyle and creativity – delivered with a unique flair. The team prides itself on its working history in both the catering and consulting areas, with some of Sydney’s leading blue-chip companies and personalities, and looks forward to working with new clients. Catering HQ’s trademark has been the excellent service and the team will keep striving to maintain it.

Steve adds, “I love innovating in an industry that has largely underpromised and underdelivered! It’s a privilege and so exciting to work with some of the most innovative boards in Australia on delivering exceptional dining experiences to their members, and we take this responsibility and opportunity very seriously. We like to think we are turning the family dining experience on its head!”

Steve and his partner Albie are always exploring new trends and potential opportunities and pride themselves on the ability to be at the forefront of setting trends in the local industry. Although the team looks for trends in the U.S. and UK markets as it is important to keep things relevant to the Australian audience. The industry is fast-paced considering the post-COVID phase and to sustain this change the companies have to adapt to new practices.


“At Catering HQ, we are always looking to adapt to evolving market trends for our restaurants, cafés, and events. This allows our menus and décor to be fr

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