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“Businesses that grow by development and improvement do not die.”- Henry Ford. One of the most crucial things that a newbie needs in the world of business is the right guidance and experienced support to stand and sustain in the respective arena. Although, numerous business ventures are putting their utmost efforts to provide these new entrepreneurs with a proper path of success and trying to help them at every single stage of the business, from scratch to success. But Chalice Network is one of the leading agencies that are standing away from the crowd in the domain of business development. Our magazine has a tremendous history of featuring numerous extraordinary companies in our portfolio, but here our team has given its best to bring this tale of success to the table. Our editorial team had an interesting and joyful session with Keith Gregg, CEO of the company, who shared multiple unknown facts about their journey so far. He also shared numerous words of wisdom for all the budding entrepreneurs out there. We truly hope and desire that this fascinating read will not only inspire everyone but will also motivate them to push their limits and come up with something extraordinary.

Q: For a better understanding of global readership, please shine some light on your business portfolio.

Keith: Conceptualized in the year 2017 with a group of some zealous minds, our company currently has over 55,000 members. Being a certified planning specialist, my experiences and observation have paved the way for the success of Chalice Networks as I always have given my best to make this company scale with my extraordinary team. I have a perception that SMBs are smart enough to know as entrepreneurs – that there is strength in numbers, and we can be better together than apart. It can be lonely when you are an independent business owner, and it feels good to be a member and share experiences with like-minded professionals. We, at Chalice Network, empower our clients with business and technology solutions to amplify and simplify their respective businesses, while inspiring them through a peer-to-peer community.

Q: What is the unique proposition of your organization? 

Keith: Well, we are moving forward with a mission is to create a team-led business that is as deeply rooted in ethical and fair practices as we are in the strive for success. And with this foundation, we have built a business that provides fair growth & development opportunities for our clients and employees alike.

Apart from our unique business approach and company vision, we also stand by our core values in the organization to ‘Deliver Beyond Promise’. We truly believe that no two clients are the same and that every business requires a customized growth plan suited for their needs and wants. We believe in providing high-quality services at fair and affordable prices. We deliver what we promise and work with the client to solve problems and find solutions. And the way we are achieving our predetermined goals is through an in-house team of strategists along with strong strategic partnerships with other like-minded teams and individuals from the field. This approach allows us to control the quality and cost of everything from scratch to finish.

Q: What is your viewpoint on leadership in an organization? What, in your perception, is important to be a leader. 

Keith: Well, I think Entrepreneurship is not a destination but a journey; not only measured by revenue but, also the number of satisfied clients across the globe. Over the last two decades, we all have seen the growth of many notable innovators, whose inventions generated a great impact in society and also elevated the business world across the globe.

Discussing entrepreneurship, we just cannot ignore one of the most crucial skills of entrepreneurs-leadership. Having good leadership is very important for the business, and at Chalice Network, we understand this phenomenon very well. For this, we have installed a proper series of systems and policies that act as guidelines to the down chain helping our team members perform their jobs most efficiently and effectively. Also, having one-track mind helps us in making business the sole priority of our life. We’re completely focused on our organization, and for us, other things come after that only.

If we talk about the elements of a leader, we all have heard the statement that leaders are born, not made-but being only a leader doesn’t help in overcoming various challenges and obstacles that come across the way of a successful leader. And for that, vision is a vital ingredient. Mr. Dsouza affirms that a visionary leader knows how to manage various events that are about to come in the upcoming business environment.

Q: Please share some value nuggets with our reader and a piece of advice that you would like to convey.

Keith: Before signing off, I would like to inspire the budding leaders by saying that Success, in my opinion, is not the route to happiness. The key to success is happiness. You will be successful if you enjoy what you are doing.

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