Cloud Peritus: Salesforce expertise simplifying digital transformation

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Collaboration is a key to riding the tide of market competition, today. Businesses have been transforming their mindsets to bring their customers, employees, management, and investors in sync to experience exponential growth on all fronts. And digital transformation sits at the center of this collaboration. And it is this belief of Cloud Peritus, a Salesforce silver consulting partner makes the company stand out from its competitors.

Founded in 2020, this California-based company providing Salesforce consulting services has been the first choice of its clients within two years of its establishment. And the secret sauce of success lies in the company’s belief in treating its clients as partners in transforming ideas and imagination into reality. Challenging traditional consulting models is one of the few fortes that the team at Cloud Peritus has acquired on the way.

And this sustainable success in the short term has been possible under the thought leadership of Eswar Lingam, Co-Founder and CEO of Cloud Peritus. He prides himself on leading the expert team at Cloud Peritus who aid the customers navigate complex problems and processes through the company’s software solutions.


Cloud of expertise

Although the company has just entered the market of Salesforce consulting and services, the team houses the Salesforce experts and passionate industry practitioners under one roof working to deliver powerful experiences and value-based outcomes to their clients.

With years of Salesforce experience and digital transformation expertise, the team at Cloud Peritus has delivered value-added solutions to some of the complex business problems of the customers.

Driven by the passion to solve complex problems and challenging the business consulting norms along the way has made them earn a prominent spot in the Salesforce consulting services market in the US, now moving ahead with the vision of establishing the company’s name as the undisputed leader and technology solution provider in the cloud computing niche.

The directorial board at Cloud Peritus recognizes the undivided contribution of its team to the company’s success, thus making the dynamic team part of the company’s mission to help businesses succeed through practical innovative solutions by the expert team at Cloud Peritus.

Navigating the possible

Embracing the digital transformation has become crucial for businesses to thrive especially in the post-COVID era. However, what’s more crucial, is seeing the possible opportunities and threats before you step into the digital process. Cloud Peritus has been aiding clients to cross that bridge safely and empowering businesses for the insightful digital transformation on Salesforce.

The expert team at Cloud Peritus lays the roadmap for the clients from the strategic architecture planning to the implementation and maintenance of the processes. This is so the clients can foresee possible gaps, threats, and opportunities in functional and technical architecture and make a sound decision of moving forward.

Expertise and innovation: The balanced approach

Registered as Salesforce consulting partner in its waking year, Cloud Peritus has garnered the trust of its clients under the thought leadership of Eswar Lingam. And the essence of this success lies in Eswar’s balanced approach of technical expertise and passion for innovation in the workplace.

Since the start of his leadership timeline, Eswar has always practiced and improved his ability to foresee potential issues and encouraged his team to devise innovative solutions to solve the problem.

With such thought leadership accompanied by his patience and professionalism, Eswar has brought the company to the forefront of the competition. And the leadership board gives equal credit to its expert team and motivated practitioners for inculcating the company’s core values of a business-first approach while delivering practical innovative solutions leaving clients satisfied and keep coming back for more.

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