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For immigrants and the common public, the US immigration law can be a labyrinth – from understanding the right visa category to complying with meticulous procedures, the process can feel overwhelming. Moreover, unforeseen delays and ever-evolving regulations only add to the stress. Located in Washington, D.C., Dubey Law Office, PLLC, is dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses with the knowledge and guidance they need to achieve their immigration goals. Founded by Mr. Prashant Rajendra Dubey, a passionate attorney with over 5 years of experience, Dubey Law Office prioritizes a client-centric approach, emphasizing clear communication and successful outcomes.

Extensive Expertise in Immigration Laws

Mr. Dubey is an attorney offering legal services in Immigration law matters. His family, including parents and sister, are settled in Richmond, VA. At the same time, he maintains his residence and law practice in Washington, D.C.  Mr. Dubey has been practicing Immigration Law for 5 years, with significant experience in family- and employment-based immigration and extensive expertise with Federal Immigration Litigation over delayed immigration benefits. 

In 2019, when Mr. Dubey passed the bar exam, he aimed to establish his venture. He sought to practice law independently, catering to clients according to his vision. Immigration held personal significance for him, being a first-generation Indian-American. Witnessing his parents’ immigration journey and navigating through his marriage immigration process in 2016 fueled his determination. The intricacies of immigration procedures, even for someone with legal expertise like him, underscored the need for simplification and support for laypeople. Thus, he founded his immigration law practice dedicated to aiding clients with their immigration-related legal issues. Setting alerts is crucial to staying on top of the ever-changing immigration landscape. Dubey subscribes to USCIS policy alerts, “immigration” Google alerts, and American Immigration Lawyers Association updates. These channels inform him about regulatory changes in immigration policies and procedures. Networking with fellow immigration attorneys is also essential. Knowledge exchange with peers allows him to stay abreast of trends and upcoming changes in the field, ensuring his practice remains up-to-date and effective.

Standing Out with Comprehensive Offerings

As a law firm located in the nation’s capital of Washington, D.C., the Dubey Law Office offers cutting-edge legal services. As Individuals & businesses must adapt to new rules & regulations with changing business and immigration laws, the Dubey Law Office guides clients through those intricacies with ingenuity & attention to detail. It works with individuals & businesses through every step of a legal issue to provide innovative solutions, strategic advice, & personalized service at a cost-effective rate.

Here’s how Dubey Law Office stands out:

  • Deep Expertise: The company stays abreast of the ever-changing immigration landscape, ensuring clients can access the latest information and strategies.
  • Personalized Attention: Dubey Law Office doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Each case receives meticulous evaluation, providing clients with clear roadmaps for success.
  • Proven Success: With a history of helping over 500 families achieve their immigration goals, from litigation against USCIS to immigration benefit applications, Dubey Law Office boasts a strong track record.

A Client-Centric Approach

Customer satisfaction always takes precedence in his firm, as indicated by the positive reviews. Prashant Dubey ensures transparency in his dealings. For instance, when approached by individuals seeking assistance with the EB-1A Green Card Process, reserved for those with “Extraordinary Ability,” he evaluates each case meticulously. If he discerns a lack of potential for a strong case, he communicates these upfront, empowering clients to make informed decisions. Moreover, he provides a roadmap for individuals looking to qualify for the EB-1A immigration benefit, as well. Attempting applications with low chances of success would be futile and detrimental to all involved parties, leading to a poor customer experience.

Moreover, Dubey endeavors to provide pro bono assistance when feasible. For example, one client sought help in filing an extension application for their mother-in-law, who was visiting the US to support her daughter diagnosed with cancer. Dubey took on the case pro bono, demonstrating his commitment to serving those in need without charging attorney fees. Dubey goes the extra mile to educate clientele on social media platforms, adding value to their lives and functioning as a trusted advisor. He addresses their queries and conducts webinars and information sessions to inform them about altering regulations and the ever-changing immigration landscape. The firm has its finger on the pulse of immigration trends and challenges and enables clients to navigate them successfully. Whether a delayed approval of EAD applications, 221G visa delays, or delayed green card processing, Dubey Law Office offers strategic advice for mitigating numerous immigration obstacles. The firm has consistently delivered results and helped over 500 families successfully litigate against delays in the H4 EAD, visa, and green card processes.

A prime example of his dedication is evident in their litigation against USCIS. While some firms opt for group lawsuits encompassing numerous plaintiffs, Dubey’s firm adopts an individualized approach. They assign each plaintiff only one lawsuit, allowing for tailored representation based on their circumstances. Despite being a slower process, this method has yielded success, with over 550 lawsuits against USCIS and the Department of State resolved favorably over the past four years.

Dubey underscores the importance of focusing on client outcomes to maintain motivation. For instance, securing a Green Card for a family can significantly alter their prospects. Through litigation, they’ve facilitated various positive outcomes. For instance, they assisted a medical student in overcoming delays in H4 EAD work authorization, ensuring continuity in their residency program. Another case involved advocating for a client’s son with disabilities to maintain health insurance coverage through their spouse’s H4 EAD. Additionally, they secured work authorization for a pregnant client, who was facing job loss and loss of health benefits due to USCIS processing delays, safeguarding her employment and healthcare coverage. Such outcomes imbue the entire process with a sense of fulfillment for the law firm.

Adapting to New Business Evolution

Dubey Law Office strives to remain consistently at the forefront of industry evolutions and trends. To do so, Mr. Dubey has a monthly newsletter that he sends out to over 800 clients. It helps them stay updated on recent USCIS news and changes and allows them to communicate any trending items for the month. For instance, he has recently had several clients approach him about the Green Card process under the EB-1A category. He ensures that he addresses any topics that feel or become a trend in his newsletters in case others have similar questions or concerns.

On Being One of the Leading Companies of 2024

Customer-obsessed culture. We don’t go more than 24 hours without responding to a client’s email. If we don’t have an answer right away, we will inform them and ensure they know we’re hunting it down for them. Transparency for our clients. If they do or do not qualify for immigration benefits, we will let them know. If there is a path to qualification, we will draw up a roadmap for them. This is especially important for them in the case of EB-1A applicants, where there is an extremely high threshold for qualification.” –Mr. Dubey

Quote: “Our customers are always first, and we put them at the forefront of our decision-making.”

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