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Fostering Meaningful Relationships through Educational Experiences!

“Education is the great equalizer. With the right resources and support, any student can achieve their dreams.”

These words from Norm Goldstein, CEO and Founder of EduNetwork Partners, Inc., underscore his lifelong commitment to empowering learners of all ages through innovative educational programs and initiatives.

Goldstein connects corporations with communities, families, educators, and students using specially designed resources. For over 20 years, he has created and delivered impactful and innovative solutions that promote social responsibility, academic excellence, and lifelong learning.

Under Goldstein’s leadership, Edu Network Partners has rolled out platforms that are transforming education. The company’s marketing programs allow corporations to fund classroom resources and student scholarships. Initiatives like the Books 2 Classroom project have put millions of donated books into the hands of young readers.

Goldstein is also bringing crucial financial literacy education to high school students through EduNet’s College$mart curriculum, teaching money management skills for life after graduation. “Our greatest asset is the unlimited potential within every student,” Goldstein says. “By joining forces across corporations, communities, and schools, we can unleash that potential.”

In addition to his work at EduNetwork Partners, Goldstein is a co-inventor of seven U.S. patents for the pioneering “name your own price” business model behind He has brought the same innovative mindset to delivering 21st-century educational solutions.

Goldstein has further shared his insights as the published author of two books on personal development and societal transformation: “Building an Empire Upward” and “Seeds of a Nation.”

With his incredible vision for merging business success and social impact, Norm Goldstein is ensuring EduNetwork Partners remains a trailblazer in the educational sphere. His inspired leadership is creating powerful opportunities for millions to learn, grow, and achieve their highest ambitions.

Let us learn more about its journey:

The Visionary Educator: Norm’s Quest to Connect, Innovate, and Transform

Norm, the esteemed Founder and CEO of EduNetwork Partners, has dedicated over two decades to bridging the gap between corporations, communities, families, educators, and students. Through his visionary approach to educational marketing programs and specially designed resources, he has consistently promoted social responsibility, academic excellence, and lifelong learning.

As a co-inventor of seven U.S. patents for the Priceline business model and a published author of two books on personal development and transformation, Norm’s impact extends far beyond the realm of education. His work serves as a testament to his belief that “the glass is neither half full nor half empty. It is always overflowing with opportunity. Our job is to look for the possibilities in the overflow” (Page 13 in The Book of Normanisms (2020)).

This profound quote, extracted from a book he wrote during the pandemic, encapsulates Norm’s philosophy of embracing challenges as opportunities for growth, learning, and positive change. This belief has been a guiding principle in his personal and professional endeavors, shaping his multifaceted roles as a coach, mentor, mediator, and arbitrator.

Driven by his desire to broaden his impact on improving the world, Norm’s journey led him to the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. Through his visionary leadership at EduNetwork Partners, he continues to create and deliver impactful and innovative solutions that transform lives and communities.

The Inventor’s Daughter: How a Child’s Creativity Inspired a Movement

Norm Goldstein found inspiration for his latest venture in an unexpected source – his own daughter, Cassidy. When Cassidy struggled with writing and grew frustrated with the limitations of traditional crayons, she took matters into her own hands and invented a solution. Norm watched as his 11-year-old daughter approached the challenge with creativity and resourcefulness, using the water tubes from roses he had purchased for his wife to create a device she could grip and use easily.

Recognizing the potential in his daughter’s invention, Norm assisted her in obtaining her own patent, making Cassidy the youngest patent holder in America at the time. This experience opened Norm’s eyes to the untapped creativity and problem-solving abilities of children. In 2003, Norm and Cassidy founded By Kids for Kids (BKFK), a company dedicated to empowering children to turn their ideas into inventions.

Through educational materials and competitions, BKFK provided children with the tools and resources they needed to bring their solutions to life. Norm obtained and updated an inventive thinking curriculum from the US Patent Office and, with sponsorship from Xerox, distributed the Inventive Thinking Tool Kit to thousands of teachers across America. With additional sponsors and themes, BKFK enabled children to use the educational resources, enter and win contests, and even see their ideas patented and commercialized.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Norm and his team at BKFK remained undaunted. They adapted their approach, rethinking live celebratory events and their business model. The lessons learned at BKFK became the foundation for EduNetwork Partners, a new venture aimed at assisting corporations in meeting their Corporate Social Responsibility Goals (CSR).

Norm’s journey, inspired by his daughter’s creativity, has not only empowered countless children to become inventors but has also demonstrated the transformative power of embracing the innovative spirit that resides in every child. As Norm continues to build upon the legacy of BKFK, his story serves as a testament to the importance of nurturing and celebrating the creativity of the next generation.

Harmonizing Corporate Goals with Educational Excellence

EduNetwork Partners Inc. masterfully integrates a company’s brand messaging into custom-designed curriculum and educational activities, crafting unique and captivating multi-platform programs that reach millions of students and their families through educators across the nation. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations with corporate sponsors, the organization creates content that:

  • Aligns with Corporate Objectives: Supports and builds upon corporate and cause-related goals and initiatives, ensuring a cohesive and impactful message.
  • Boosts Brand Awareness: Elevates brand awareness and fosters loyalty by leveraging trusted educational channels and engaging activities.
  • Enhances Existing Initiatives: Complements and expands existing programs and public relations initiatives, amplifying their reach and impact.
  • Seamless Brand Integration: Seamlessly integrates brand messaging into exciting new curriculum and activities, ensuring a consistent and compelling message.
  • Targeted Audience Engagement: Reaches the target audience of consumers through trusted educational channels, fostering a lasting connection with the brand.

By harmonizing corporate goals with educational excellence, EduNetwork Partners Inc. empowers companies to make a meaningful impact on the lives of students and their families while reinforcing their brand identity.

Crafting Effective Multi-Platform Programs for Educational Outreach

Norm emphasizes that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an imperative for businesses, prompting them to consider the societal benefits they can offer alongside their products and services. This philosophy is rooted in the notion that corporations bear a responsibility beyond mere profit-making and job provision. 

By setting objectives aimed at environmental, educational, and social betterment, companies strive to enhance lives and minimize negative impacts. Engaging in CSR initiatives not only fulfills a moral obligation but also enhances the visibility of businesses and their offerings.

Edunetwork Partners’ expertise in developing impactful campaigns for engaging educators and families is exemplified in a myriad of case studies showcased on their website: Edunetwork Partners Case Studies. These studies serve as a testament to the success of their strategies in reaching a wide audience and making a positive impact on the educational landscape.

Partnering with Clients to Achieve Corporate and Cause-Related Goals

In the realm of content creation, Norm has demonstrated a remarkable ability to collaborate with clients to craft engaging and impactful materials that align with their strategic objectives. One such partnership that exemplifies Norm’s expertise is his collaboration with legendary investor Warren Buffett.

Norm developed the Warren Buffett Secret Millionaires Club, a captivating cartoon series featuring Buffett’s voice and wisdom, aimed at educating and inspiring youth. The accompanying curriculum, created in partnership with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, provided teachers with a wealth of resources, including 120 free educational financial literacy lessons with sponsor branding. The website hosting these lessons witnessed an impressive 1.5 million downloads, showcasing the immense reach and impact of the project.

The Grow Your Own Business Plan Challenge, a key component of the partnership, celebrated over 2 billion media impressions across prestigious publications such as The New York Times, Forbes, CNN, CNBC, and The Wall Street Journal. The challenge attracted more than 16,000 entries from children, with 130,000 votes cast to identify the best ideas. At the final event in Omaha, Warren Buffett himself presented the 15 winners with 10 shares of Berkshire Hathaway B stock, further solidifying the significance of the initiative.

Through this collaboration, Norm demonstrated its ability to create content that not only supports but also amplifies the client’s corporate and cause-related goals. By leveraging Buffett’s influence and expertise, he crafted a series that resonated with its target audience, effectively delivering financial literacy education while promoting the client’s brand and values.

Evaluating the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Measuring the success of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs in enhancing brand awareness and fostering loyalty is a crucial aspect of any strategic initiative. Norm emphasizes that every sponsoring corporation receives comprehensive data and progress reporting metrics, including website traffic metrics, to gauge the effectiveness of their involvement. 

Furthermore, by requiring parental permission to participate in contests, the program allows for the sharing of special offers and information related to the sponsor, enabling the tracking of successful email open rates and click-throughs to the corporate website. This not only benefits the sponsoring corporation but also enables them to collect visitor emails and enrich their own database for targeted outreach.

Moreover, the program’s legacy initiatives have yielded a lasting impact. Once a client has partnered with the organization, they often continue to utilize its services, which complement their CSR goals, brand awareness, and website traffic. This sustained engagement underscores the program’s ability to foster long-term relationships and drive meaningful results for all stakeholders involved.

Commitment to Timely and Professional Educational Programs

In his over 23 years of experience, Norm has consistently delivered educational programs on time and with the utmost professionalism. His devotion to excellence has earned him a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner in the field of education.

Setting Goals for Positive Impact: Norm has a proven track record of helping clients set ambitious goals for environmental, educational, and social impacts. By working closely with his partners, he ensures that their initiatives not only improve lives but also reduce harm wherever possible.

One notable example is Norm’s collaboration with Warren Buffett on a national financial literacy program sponsored by Experian. The program aimed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed financial decisions, ultimately enhancing their quality of life. The success of this campaign is evident in the engaging video showcasing its impact:

Another impactful partnership was the Intel-Trash to Treasure campaign, a national CSR initiative that encouraged environmental stewardship and sustainability. Through this program, Norm and his team demonstrated their commitment to creating a greener future for all. The campaign’s video highlights the enthusiasm and dedication of those involved:

Norm’s dedication to making a difference extends beyond corporate partnerships. He has also collaborated with the NYSE Foundation on the Financial Futures Challenge event, a platform for empowering youth with financial literacy skills. The video of this event captures the excitement and enthusiasm of the participants as they engage in this important learning experience:

Norm’s commitment to fostering innovation and recognizing exceptional talent is further exemplified by his daughter Cassidy’s achievement as the National Youth Inventor of the Year. The video of her receiving this prestigious award serves as a testament to the values he instills in his family and the importance he places on nurturing the next generation of leaders.

A Diverse Network of Partnerships: Norm’s success is not limited to a single industry or sector. He has partnered with a diverse range of organizations, including sports teams, the American Cancer Society, and the National Academy of Sciences, among approximately 40 other companies. These partnerships demonstrate his ability to adapt to different needs and collaborate effectively across various domains.

For a more comprehensive understanding of Norm’s work and the impact of his partnerships, readers are encouraged to visit the case studies section of his website at:

Crafting Seamless Connections Through Educational Experiences

EduNetwork Partners stands out in its capacity to bridge the gap between brands and consumers through innovative educational experiences. The company’s success hinges on its ability to leverage the collective expertise and creativity of its team to develop comprehensive, multi-platform programs that cater to diverse client needs.

Norm emphasizes that the key to EduNetwork Partners’ success lies in the collaborative nature of its team. Each member is valued and supported in their distinct role, fostering a sense of unity and cohesion. Additionally, the company places a strong emphasis on open communication, both within the team and with its clients, to ensure seamless coordination and effective execution of projects.

Exemplary Recognition and Awards in Leadership and Social Responsibility

Norm Goldstein, the CEO of BKFK, has been recognized for his outstanding leadership and commitment to social responsibility through a series of prestigious awards and achievements.

In March 2023, Norm Goldstein was honored as one of the “10 Most Influential Business Leaders to Watch in 2023” by The Inc Magazine, a testament to his innovative and impactful leadership in the business world.

Acknowledging his dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility, Norm Goldstein was recognized as one of the Leading Providers of Turnkey Initiative Development Support in the Northeast USA by Acquisition International Magazine in December 2022.

His global impact was further highlighted when he was appointed as a Global Goodwill Ambassador by Ricard DiPilla in October 2018, a title that reflects his commitment to making a positive difference on a global scale.

In 2006, Norm Goldstein was named a Purpose Prize Fellow, recognizing his exceptional contributions to fostering community transformation, education, and economic empowerment in under-served communities across America.

His long-standing commitment to education was acknowledged in March 2005 when he received the ETC3 Congressional recognition from the Education Brain Trust, a testament to his dedication to advancing educational initiatives.

Norm Goldstein’s collaborative efforts were also celebrated when he received the ET3 TEC Champion Partnership Award from Technology to Empower Community (TEC). This award, presented by Congressman Major R. Owens, recognized Norm Goldstein and BKFK for their partnership with “Youth Inventors Across America,” exemplifying their commitment to empowering young innovators.

Norm Goldstein’s accolades and awards underscore his visionary leadership and dedication to creating a lasting impact on communities through education, innovation, and social responsibility.

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