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PR firms and consultancy agencies are vital in helping businesses succeed in today’s fast-moving world. They’re like the architects of effective communication, ensuring organizations can share their ideas and information with the right people. But these firms must keep up with the changing business world to stay on top.

Amidst the competitive landscape, Farrell Talbot Consulting Inc. stands apart from conventional PR firms and consultancy agencies. The firm fosters exceptional expertise across a wide range of communications and is highly sought by leading companies and organizations for its expertise. Moreover, its collaborative approach includes partnering closely with clients to craft meticulously planned and results-oriented communication strategies.

Inspired by a Robust Establishment

In 2008, Erin Farrell Talbot established Farrell Talbot from the comfort of her living room. In the same year, Erin was working at a prominent PR firm with a diverse client base, where her primary responsibility was managing smaller technology companies with limited PR budgets. She identified an industry gap as she observed the challenge of stretching limited budgets, but, which were significant for many clients, to meet their needs and deliver outstanding service. Motivated by this, she founded Farrell Talbot to serve smaller tech companies on tight budgets, using her media expertise to achieve meaningful results.

Erin launched Farrell Talbot from her living room, and for 15 years since the company’s inception, has gained valuable experience working with exceptional clients. She has achieved notable success by garnering media placements from reputed publications like Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC, and more. She has also earned recognition from specialized industry verticals from health IT, manufacturing, supply chain, and retail, all while understanding the importance of following intuition and logic throughout this journey. 

Comprehensive Suite of Tailored Services

Farrell Talbot Consulting has specialized in serving technology and corporate clients, ranging from budding startups to large, publicly traded corporations. Erin’s enthusiasm for media engagement, storytelling, and strategic collaboration drives the firm’s mission and has resulted in notable success. She excels in media relations for a diverse client base that, while originally only focused on technology, has recently expanded to include a focus on consumer products and services. She is proficient in multiple media formats, including broadcast, podcasts, print, social media, and video and has excelled as a professional communicator by being able to create impactful messaging documents and executive communications.

Clients working with Erin can anticipate a comprehensive suite of services crafted to meet their unique requirements and business objectives. Why? Because Erin personally engages with each client and program – closely collaborating with each client and developing customized media strategies that align with their goals. Erin’s journalism background enables the creation of engaging content, such as press releases, thought leadership pieces, and informative blogs, fostering audience engagement and credibility. She has the ability to know what a good story is and how to tell it. 

The firm’s services draw from three decades of industry experience underpinned by unwavering integrity and ethical practices. When liaising with the press, clients can trust Farrell Talbot’s commitment to their best interest and adherence to the highest ethical standards.

Golden Rule: Ethics of Reciprocity

Erin’s professional philosophy is guided by the ethics of reciprocity, commonly known as the “Golden Rule.” She applies this principle to her interactions with various stakeholders in her career, including the media, clients, contractors, and industry colleagues. This rule is not merely a moral guideline but forms the bedrock of her organization’s values.

Erin seamlessly integrates the ethics of reciprocity into her work, consistently applying these principles in client engagements, media outreach, PR campaigns, and her professional endeavors. She fosters mutual respect and collaboration, benefiting all parties by treating others as they wish to be treated. Her dedication reflects her commitment to colleagues’ well-being and success, driving her ability to create productive relationships. Trust and credibility are paramount in public relations and media outreach.

Various factors, including professionalism, reputation, relationships, and personal satisfaction, motivate Erin to serve her clients. At the core, professionalism is fundamental to Erin’s work ethic. Regardless of a client’s size or budget, she approaches every project with unwavering dedication, driven by her belief in delivering top-quality results.

Erin’s motivation stems from maintaining a strong industry reputation closely tied to delivering significant client results. She prioritizes responsiveness, trustworthiness, and attentiveness to establish herself as a reliable professional. Building relationships is another key driver for Erin, evident in her extensive network of clients, industry peers, executives, and media professionals. She takes pride in being a valuable partner, helping companies achieve their goals, and serving as a trustworthy source for journalists. Erin’s satisfaction also fuels her motivation, drawn from contributing to her client’s success, collaborating with the press on engaging stories, and making a positive impact. This satisfaction propels her unwavering dedication to excellence.

Comprehensively Navigating the Evolving Landscape

Erin envisions a proliferative future for Farrell Talbot by incorporating the latest trends and leveraging the latest technological advancements. Today, it is imperative to stay ahead of the industry trends and technologies that are rapidly evolving to ensure they can be leveraged to benefit clients. While continuous learning and attending industry events, webinars, and subscribing to newsletters, publications, and substacks are critical for Farrell Talbot to stay on top of industry best practices, maintaining strong relationships with industry influencers and key players in the media industry allows the firm to access valuable insights. 

Erin emphasizes the importance of embracing innovation, harnessing technology, and continuously researching and learning for success in media relations. This approach allows her to provide effective solutions and recommendations for communication needs, navigating the evolving media landscape using Generative language AI, social media, and podcasts. She is enthusiastic about exploring the potential use of technologies like ChatGPT, considering their integration into her PR toolkit to enhance client and stakeholder support.

Erin’s attention is also dedicated to comprehending emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning. She plans to continue to explore how these cutting-edge tools can benefit diverse sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain financial services, retail, and marketing. 

One of Erin’s enduring passions is promoting gender diversity in leadership roles. While strides have been made in attracting young women to STEAM professions, she acknowledges that more work is needed to increase the presence of women in executive positions and among young entrepreneurs and innovators in the industry. She also aims to participate in more women-focused leadership organizations in the coming year.  “I am raising two boys, and I am happy they see their mom in an executive, entrepreneurial, and leadership role. They think a girl boss in technology is not an anomaly, which is great. I am hoping to be able to join more women in leadership organizations this year,” concludes Erin. 


Not every client is the right one for your business. It has taught me that business is not just about products and services that companies sell, but about the people, the relationships that are formed, and the trust that is developed.”

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