Global debt risen to $315 Trillion, Here’s more about it…

Global debt risen to $315 Trillion, Here’s more about it…

According to a Institute of International Finance survey, the globe is in debt for $315 trillion.

This worldwide debt wave has been the largest, fastest, and most widespread increase in debt since World War II, coinciding with the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the paper, merging markets have played a significant role in this growth, with debt reaching an all-time high of $105 trillion-$55 trillion more than ten years ago. This is the second straight quarterly increase in global debt.

Approximately two-thirds of the $315 trillion owing comes from developed economies, with Japan and the United States contributing the most to the debt pile.

However, the debt-to-GDP ratio for mature economies, which is considered a good measure of a country’s ability to service its loans, has been declining in general.

The IIF also listed stubborn inflation, particularly in first-world nations like the United States, rising trade tensions, and geopolitical challenges as threats to debt stability, which could drive global funding costs higher than before.

Mature economies, like Japan and the United States, account for around two-thirds of worldwide debt. Despite this, their debt-to-GDP ratios, which measure a country’s ability to service its loans, have been steadily dropping.

The IIF acknowledged that, while robust household balance sheets may provide some protection against prolonged high interest rates, government budget deficits remain considerable as compared to pre-pandemic levels.

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