Martina Klingvall: Redesigning the Way of Telecom Industry

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In today’s ever-evolving world, ‘telecommunication’ plays a vital role in business operations. Telecom industry has a low customer satisfaction rate and there have been no modern and customer-focused alternatives to the major operators. Knowing this situation and to provide real time customer centric solutions, Martina Klingvall, Founder and CEO of Telness is working to provide telecom solutions in an attempt to leave a positive experience to the customer. Martina completed her engineering studies from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in 2011 and started her career as a trainee at Telenor. Several years later, and several leadership positions later, Martina found her calling.

Becoming an entrepreneur was something that “just happened“, she says. “I never dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur, I dreamt of solving complex problems and this is my way to channel that dream”.

Telness is an independent company owned by the employees and the Board, together with a number of selected and long-term investors. It means thinking new and doing things differently. Its services are specially developed for the new business community and its goal is to create transparent and problem-free solutions for entrepreneurs. The company is a modern and customer-focused alternative to the major operators with clear basic principles: no paperwork, transparency, hassle free and exceptional customer experience.

‘Telness’ is challenging the traditional telecom sector, which is currently suffering from very low customer satisfaction in general. Martina presents Telness as a next generation mobile operator that works to change the expectations in terms of customer experience, and making business telecom digital and simple to use. She continues, “we are the first mobile operator soley built upon the needs for entrepreneurs and those working for them. Telness customers always get full control and can themselves handle the company’s mobile telephony themselves. Turns out, our customers really love us. We’ve been holding the #1 ranking for mobile operators at Trustpolit quite a while now.”

Martina believes in transparency, trust and challenging both individuals and status quo. Currently, it is more important to adapt to the changes and having both the engagement and courage to do so. If people are truly engaged in the company’s vision, knowing and living its values, and get the opportunity to know what drives the company, through transparency, it becomes much easier to live the values. As a startup, Telness has had the opportunity not only to build tech from scratch, but also to form the company’s culture and a strong team. The company has actively recruited all people to contribute positively to its values and adding new perspectives, personalities and competence into the company.

Martina firmly believes, for a leader, “it is important to be able to engage people in today’s modern businesses. But also to be able to share a clear vision and strategy, and the expectations that come with that. I think communication, passion for people and ability to change is the key to succeed as a leader.” Since fewer careers are monotonous work with today’s digitalization, leadership plays a far more important role in engaging people to develop both the company and their own work every day.

In 2016 and 2017, it has invested in developing a modern and solid technical platform that enables a unique service for its customers. Telness’s competitors are big mobile operators and the company has chosen not to play in their arena and instead use the benefits of being small, agile, personal and passionate about its customers. Before providing any solution to its customers, the company mainly focuses on what is hard for the customer and where can it make a difference? And the answer is by staying close to the customers and building services based on customer needs.

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