McDonald’s Raises Royalty Fees for New Franchise; First Time in 30 Years


In a significant development for the fast-food industry, McDonald’s, one of the world’s most iconic restaurant chains, has revealed plans to raise royalty fees for new franchised restaurants. This move marks the first such increase in nearly three decades and carries implications for franchisees and the broader restaurant industry.

McD’s Royalty Fees–First Increase in 30 Years

The royalty fee is a crucial financial aspect of McDonald’s franchising. It is a percentage of a restaurant’s sales that franchisees pay the corporation in exchange for using the brand, operational support, and access to McDonald’s supply chain.

The news of an upcoming royalty fee increase has drawn attention because it is the first in almost 30 years. This long period without a change in fees reflects McDonald’s commitment to its franchisees’ profitability and sustainability.

While we created the industry we now lead, we must continue to redefine what success looks like and position ourselves for long-term success to ensure the value of our brand remains as strong as ever,” McDonald’s U.S. President Joe Erlinger said in a message to US franchisees. McDonald’s will also stop calling the payments “service fees,” and instead use the term “royalty fees,” which most franchisors favor.

McDonald’s attributes the decision to increase royalty fees to several factors. These include ongoing investments in technology, innovation, and restaurant development to enhance the overall customer experience. Additionally, the company states that the fee adjustment will help support ongoing improvements in restaurant operations.

Impact on Franchisees

Franchisees who own and operate individual McDonald’s restaurants are carefully considering the implications of this fee increase. While it signifies a change in the financial landscape, it also aligns with McDonald’s efforts to evolve and continue providing customer value.

One of the key areas where McDonald’s has been investing is technology. The company has been enhancing its digital ordering and delivery capabilities, which have become increasingly important in a world that values convenience. McDonald’s aims to remain competitive in a rapidly changing industry by improving technology offerings.

McDonald’s has emphasized its commitment to supporting franchisees through this transition. The company believes that by helping franchisees thrive, it can continue delivering high-quality food and customer service.

Industry Impact

As McDonald’s continues to evolve and adapt to changing consumer preferences and technological advancements, it remains a focal point for observing trends and shifts in the fast-food sector. The impact of this royalty fee increase will be closely watched by industry experts, franchisees, and competitors as they navigate an ever-changing landscape of dining and fast food.

As one of the most recognizable brands globally, McDonald’s often sets trends and standards within the fast-food industry. Other fast-food chains and franchise-based businesses may monitor McDonald’s royalty fee increase as a potential indicator of changing industry dynamics.

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