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“Our greatest strength lies not just in our expertise, but in our ability to simplify the complex and empower businesses to achieve more than they ever thought possible.”

This insight from David King, Deputy CEO of Occams Advisory, encapsulates the firm’s mission to be the preeminent strategic partner for small and medium-sized businesses. Since its founding in 2012, Occams has disrupted the advisory space by bringing a rare blend of top-tier consulting prowess and entrepreneurial zeal to underserved SMB markets.

As he expounds, “For too long, SMBs have lacked access to the sophisticated advisory capabilities typically reserved for big corporations. We’re leveling the playing field and ensuring every business, no matter its size, can reach its full potential.”

It’s this spirit of empowerment that catalyzed Occams’ rapid rise from an industry upstart to a global player. What began as a focused team of like-minded consultants united by the philosophical principle of Occams Razor has flourished into a multi-disciplinary force over 500 strong.

From strategic planning and operational optimization to comprehensive innovation services, Occams wields an unparalleled suite of solutions tailored for SMBs’ unique needs and growth trajectories. “We meet clients wherever they are in their journey and apply our Fortune 500 pedigree to clear the path ahead,” David says.

At the heart of the firm’s elite advisory capabilities is a seamless fusion of human-centered design and cutting-edge digital technologies. Occams enhances its top-flight management consulting with dynamic tools like AI, robotic process automation, and data analytics to drive lasting transformation.

Yet what truly sets Occams apart is their people-first approach. “Our work is inherently about people—understanding their challenges, unlocking their potential, and empowering them to create exponential impact,” he affirms. This reverence for human capital is embodied in Occams’ own workplace culture, which prioritizes professional growth, DEI initiatives, and work-life balance. The firm’s reputation as a magnet for top talent has attracted elite advisors and interdisciplinary experts who embrace Occams’ vision.

As Deputy CEO, David is doubling down on this people-first ethos to architect Occams’ ascent to global advisory leadership. By championing both client success and team member success in equal measure, he’s paving the way for SMBs worldwide to access premier advisory services and ongoing partnerships.

“Our goal is to become the indispensable co-pilot for businesses daring to dream bigger,” David says. “With Occams as their navigator, no ambition is too complex, no challenge too great.”

Let us explore their journey:

The Transformative Journey of a Strategic Thinker

David, a seasoned professional in the realm of strategic thinking, has dedicated his career to harnessing the power of innovative ideas to drive business success and community development. His journey began in the global banking sector in Europe, where he refined his skills in financial strategies and execution, laying the groundwork for his entrepreneurial venture in the United States.

Motivated by the desire to leverage his expertise to foster growth and innovation, David found inspiration in the challenge of translating complex strategies into tangible outcomes for clients and the opportunity to make a significant societal impact through his work at Occams Advisory. The firm’s commitment to unlocking human potential and contributing to societal well-being aligned perfectly with his personal and professional aspirations.

Residing in Sarasota, Florida, his life is a harmonious blend of professional ambition and personal fulfillment, allowing him to enjoy moments with his family and engage in community leadership. This balance keeps him grounded and focused on driving meaningful change through his work at Occams, where he continues to push the boundaries of strategic thinking and make a lasting impact on businesses and communities alike.

Occams Approach to Clarity in Complexity 

Occams methodology for elucidating complexity revolves around a meticulous exploration of the intricate dilemmas and possibilities confronting their clientele. Commencing with a comprehensive comprehension of the unique circumstances at hand, they harness their proficiency spanning diverse service domains like strategic delineation, operational optimization, and technological counsel. 

Their modus operandi entails deconstructing convoluted issues into digestible components, employing the tenets of Occams Razor to unearth the most straightforward and efficacious resolutions. Emphasizing actionable insights and strategic lucidity, they shepherd their clients through the decision-making labyrinth, with a steadfast commitment to fostering enduring, sustainable advancement. 

By amalgamating the acumen of Fortune 500 enterprises with a pioneering ethos, they meticulously tailor integrated solutions that yield unequivocal results. This meticulous approach guarantees that their clients not only grasp the trajectory ahead but also possess the strategies and resources essential for adeptly navigating the intricacies of their corporate terrain. 

Elevating Small and Medium Businesses with Fortune 500 Expertise 

Occams, a distinguished firm, brings a wealth of Fortune 500 expertise to small and medium businesses, effectively bridging the chasm between high-level strategic acumen and the distinctive requirements of smaller enterprises.  

This harmonious fusion of elite experience and bespoke attention equips the clientele to embrace best practices and pioneering strategies that have garnered success in the echelons of the world’s foremost corporations. 

Through the adept translation of these insights into actionable and scalable solutions, Occams guides small and medium businesses in navigating growth, streamlining operations, and confronting challenges with a competitive advantage typically associated with industry behemoths.  

This meticulous approach not only expedites growth but also nurtures a culture of distinction and ingenuity within these enterprises, propelling them towards a trajectory of leadership in their respective domains. 

Reviving Growth Through Strategic Transformation 

Occams Advisory, a renowned advisory firm, recently collaborated with a mid-sized technology company facing stagnation in its growth trajectory. The challenge was multifaceted, involving market saturation, operational inefficiencies, and a lack of strategic direction for scaling their business. 

Occams Advisory stepped in to provide a comprehensive solution, commencing with a deep-dive analysis of the firm’s operations, market position, and competitive landscape. The advisory firm then devised a strategic plan focused on innovation in product offerings, streamlining operational processes, and exploring new market segments for expansion. 

The guidance provided by Occams Advisory included the implementation of advanced technological tools to enhance operational efficiency and customer engagement. Additionally, the firm facilitated strategic partnerships that expanded the client’s market reach and diversified its service offerings. 

Over the course of the engagement, the technology company revived its growth trajectory and established a solid foundation for sustained long-term expansion. This transformation underscored the power of combining strategic foresight with operational excellence, ultimately allowing the client to achieve and maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving industry. 

Tailored Advisory Services 

Occams Advisory, a renowned global firm, firmly believes that a diverse and worldwide outlook is fundamental to its approach to delivering exceptional business and professional advisory services. This rich tapestry of perspectives, drawn from various markets and cultural landscapes, enhances the firm’s understanding of nuanced client needs across different regions, enabling the crafting of tailored and effective strategies. 

By harnessing the collective insights of a diverse team, Occams Advisory navigates complex global challenges with ease, fosters groundbreaking innovation, and drives sustainable growth, ultimately elevating the value delivered to clients worldwide. This holistic approach not only facilitates seamless transactions but also ensures that the solutions offered are robust, culturally informed, and aligned with global best practices, solidifying Occams’ position as a trusted partner in the ever-evolving business landscape. 

Upholding Ethical Excellence 

Occams Advisory demonstrates an unwavering dedication to maintaining responsible and ethical business practices across all facets of its operations. This zeal is evident in the company’s focus on transparency, integrity, and accountability in every interaction, be it with clients, within the organization, or in community engagements. Occams Advisory firmly believes that ethical business conduct transcends mere adherence to legal requirements; it is about nurturing trust and mutual respect among all stakeholders. 

The company’s approach to responsible business practices is characterized by a steadfast adherence to ethical principles that serve as the guiding light for both strategic decision-making and day-to-day activities. This foundational ethos lies at the core of Occams Advisory’s overarching mission to generate value that extends beyond mere financial prosperity, encompassing a broader spectrum of social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and positive community influence.  

By placing ethical considerations at the forefront of its operations, Occams Advisory ensures that its growth and achievements contribute meaningfully to a more just, sustainable, and prosperous global landscape for all. 

Occams’ Talent Attraction and Retention Strategy 

Occams Advisory, an alarm of superiority in the industry, employs a multifaceted approach to attract and retain high-caliber, diverse talent. The company’s core values and culture of achievement serve as the foundation for creating an inclusive environment that fosters personal and professional growth, ensuring that each employee feels valued and motivated. 

By offering competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits, and ample opportunities for career advancement, Occams Advisory maintains an engaged and committed team. Furthermore, the firm invests in continuous learning and development programs, encouraging innovation and leadership within its workforce. This holistic strategy not only attracts diverse talent but also nurtures their skills and ambitions, aligning individual goals with the company’s vision for maximizing human potential. 

Strategic Approach to Business Solutions 

In his discourse, David articulates Occams Advisory’s meticulous approach to delivering business solutions, which commences with a profound comprehension of the unique challenges and objectives faced by their clients. The initiation involves engaging in profound dialogue to grasp the intricacies of the prevailing issues. Subsequently, the team embarks on a thorough analysis to unearth the underlying factors and potential avenues for growth or enhancement. 

Armed with these insights, Occams Advisory crafts a bespoke strategic blueprint that caters to the client’s specific requirements, emphasizing actionable measures that harmonize with their overarching objectives. This blueprint may encompass suggestions for enhancing operational efficiency, expanding market reach, integrating technology, or other facets crucial to the client’s prosperity. 

Integral to their methodology is the provision of implementation support. Occams Advisory collaborates closely with clients to actualize the strategic plan, extending guidance and expertise to navigate any obstacles encountered along the way. They vigilantly monitor progress and outcomes, fine-tuning strategies as necessary to ensure sustained success and enduring growth for their clientele. This iterative modus operandi guarantees that their solutions not only deliver immediate efficacy but also contribute significantly to the long-term aspirations of their clients. 

Discovering Human Potential 

Occams dedicates itself to identifying and integrating individuals with exceptional talents and abilities. By fostering a culture that values the maximization of human potential, the company actively seeks out candidates who not only demonstrate exceptional skills and knowledge in their respective fields but also have a strong alignment with the company’s ethos of achievement and innovation. 

Through a rigorous selection process, Occams ensures that new team members possess the potential to significantly contribute to the company’s mission of delivering superior advisory services while upholding the Occams Tenets, which emphasize strategic thinking, continuous improvement, and leadership. This approach enables the firm to maintain a dynamic and high-performing team dedicated to achieving excellence and driving business success. 

Commitment to Business and Societal Progress

Occams Advisory’s approach to fostering positive changes in business and society is deeply rooted in their fundamental belief that businesses wield significant influence and bear the responsibility to propel societal advancement. This guiding principle permeates their advisory services, where they prioritize solutions that not only spur business development but also contribute meaningfully to the greater good. 

By guiding their clients towards strategies that encompass ethical conduct, sustainability, and social accountability, Occams Advisory ensures that their growth is synonymous with positive societal transformation.

Beyond their client-focused endeavors, Occams Advisory’s dedication extends to active engagement in community initiatives, advocacy for educational opportunities, and investments in environmental sustainability. This comprehensive approach magnifies the beneficial impacts of their work, nurturing a culture of accountability and influence among their clients and the communities they engage with. 

Through these concerted efforts, Occams Advisory endeavors to act as a catalyst for change, illustrating the interconnectedness and mutual reinforcement of business success and societal well-being.

Cultivating Motivated Teams 

Occams Advisory actively cultivates motivated teams through a strategic embrace of collaboration, diversification, and inclusion as its fundamental principles. Within the company, a culture is nurtured where teamwork flourishes, facilitated by transparent communication and shared objectives, ensuring each team member is esteemed and comprehended.  

By purposefully diversifying its talent pool, Occams Advisory assembles a rich amalgamation of perspectives and competencies, thereby enhancing problem-solving capabilities and fostering a culture of innovation. This approach is deeply rooted in a steadfast dedication to inclusion, where distinctions are not only acknowledged but celebrated, serving as catalysts for nurturing a sense of belonging and mutual esteem. Collectively, these initiatives not only propel performance but also contribute to the creation of a vibrant, versatile workplace where every individual is empowered to realize their utmost potential. 

Raving Reviews and Rewards 

Throughout its journey, Occams Advisory has had the privilege of collaborating with companies of all sizes, fostering a path of growth and excellence. One notable example is a prominent masonry company in Arizona, which initially remained unaware of its eligibility for significant tax credits. However, the team of experts at Occams Advisory skillfully demonstrated the company’s qualification and the depth of its eligibility, opening the door to substantial financial opportunities.

Following the successful claim of $10.5 million in tax credits for this client, the CFO expressed that the company would need to secure a massive contract worth approximately $100 million to achieve such a significant financial gain. Moreover, the CFO emphasized that three critical conditions must be met to achieve this goal:

  • Zero Accidents: No one gets hurt or sick on the job.
  • Timely Supplies: Supplies must arrive on schedule.
  • Subcontractor Harmony: Subcontractors must not be involved in lawsuits.

The leadership team of this company initially expressed skepticism about filing for tax credits, having interviewed five other Tax Efficiency companies. However, Occams Advisory stood out due to its professionalism, prompt follow-up, extensive knowledge, and comprehensive understanding of various tax programs. The CFO of the largest masonry company in Arizona praised Occams Advisory’s exceptional services, highlighting the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

Occams Advisory has garnered numerous prestigious awards that reflect its dedication to innovation and excellence in the industry. Notably, the company has been featured on the Inc. 5000 list multiple times, most recently in 2023, which recognizes the fastest-growing private companies in America. Additionally, Occams Advisory was ranked #25 in the United States for process innovation by Fortune Magazine in March 2023 and included on Fortune’s list of America’s Most Innovative Companies for the same year. These accolades underscore the company’s relentless pursuit of innovation and its significant impact on the businesses it serves, driving both growth and industry advancements.

About David King:

David exemplifies a leader focused on results and growth, blending strategic acumen with a track record of execution. Currently serving as the Deputy CEO at Occams Advisory, his extensive experience in global banking across Europe laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial journey in the United States. David’s lateral thinking adds valuable perspectives to our strategic vision, contributing significantly to our client’s growth trajectory.

Residing and operating from Sarasota, Florida, David embraces a multifaceted life. Beyond his professional endeavors, he cherishes his roles as a father to two boys, a devoted husband, a caring son, and an esteemed community leader. David is an avid sports fan and enjoys nothing more than watching his sons from the side of the field. His favorite downtime is spending time in the tranquil stunning waters of the Gulf of Mexico in Florida.

Awards and Recognition:

Business And InnovationDiversity and InclusionEmployer Of Choice
INC Regionals – 2024
Fortune America’s Most Innovative Companies Award list – 2023.    – Product rank – 292Fortune America’s Most Innovative Companies Award list – 2023.   
– Culture rank – 61
Fortune America’s Most Innovative Companies Award list – 2023.   
– Process Rank – 25
The Best of Small Business Awards 2023 (December) 

– SB100 Award
The Best of Small Business Awards 2023 (December) SB100 Award
– Best Workplace Award
Financial Times America’s Fastest Growing 500 Companies – 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.
Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Us Companies – 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 and 2023
Inc. Power Partners 2023
Acquisition International’s Best Sme Business Advisory Firm – 2021 and 2022.
Top Risk & Compliance Consulting Services Companies – 2019

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