TerizonDX (Qbitra): Revolutionizing Businesses Through Digital Automation

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World is going digital, every aspect of our daily life has become digital now. Industries and other private and government sectors that were previously working manually(offline) are now digitally proactive. The word “Digital” is here to empower the businesses and help them flourish their services in a better way. Similarly, TerizonDX (Qbitra) is working in the field of Digital Automation to cater to businesses to escalate their growth and scalability in the best way possible.

Below are the highlights of the Interview conducted between TerizonDX (Qbitra) and Business Leaders Review:

What does Qbitra do actually? What was your inspiration behind entering the Digital Automation field?

Digital Automation is a field designed to benefit individuals acting in all sectors. The organicity enterprises and governments understand and adapt to this reality determines their success, as technology evolves and digitalization grows among all areas in human society.

The realization of this idea has been a point of convergence and a vision we share among our staff, collaborators and partners. Thus, the decision to enter the Digital Automation market has to do with our passion to learn from people’s behaviour, innovate, and simplify people’s lives.

With our tech knowledge, quality management and inner curiosity, our goal as individuals and as a company is to provide the best digital experience possible to our clients. Our solution is simple and derived directly from this willpower: Qbitra was created to revolutionize the way of doing business.

Connecting people and information, Quby assistants are ready to enter all systems, software applications, websites and so on, so that processes and tasks can be managed through a single interface without the need of integration. Among many benefits, Qbitra delivers faster and more accurate responses, eliminating manual labour and allowing employees to focus on dynamic value-adding chores, which enhances the human factor and consequently impacts positively in organizations and peoples’ lives.

Elucidate about Quby technology? And in what ways is it helping in digitalization of businesses and automation of processes?

Quby’s main tech tools are Robotic Process Automation, Application Integration and Chatbots design. These features might be enough to automate well-defined tasks or processes, but we also count on a wide array of other technologies to guarantee not only simple tasks but also very complex activities are transformed, resulting in an end-to-end process improvement and a complete digital experience redesign.

In the first level, Quby is powered with Task Mining, User Activity Monitoring and Process Modeling technologies for automating the discovery of processes. Without the digitalization of this phase an organization would need to rely on all employees to remember each activity they are involved in with details, affecting the process’ model accuracy and pressuring collaborators to “execute”, which generates the exact opposite effect on results.

In a second level, Qbitra efficiently analyzes and redesigns the processes. But instead of performing time-consuming, general and inaccurate analysis, it counts on Process Mining and Business Process Management technologies expert on understanding risks, assets, processes’ quality, products’ lifecycle and human development throughout the process execution.

In the third level, Qbitra is able to digitize all kinds of business-related data, automate their verification, classification and transfer with an advanced Content Intelligence technology driven by Optical Character Recognition, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. With a single message dropped to Qbitra’s Chatbot, Quby assistants perform any desired workflow, log in different software and actively manipulate them without the need of integration in a human-like manner.

Thanks to Project, Portfolio and Corporate Performance Management allied with Process Mining, it is possible to reach the fourth and last level – the monitoring. Here, we train our robots to take action using predictive analytics, KPIs and any other tailored metrics to assure the automation and digitalization initiatives are well placed and delivering the desired results.

How do you think technological advancement has helped automation and science-tech companies develop and stand in the ever-growing world?

The technological parameters of humankind are challenged day after day by futuristic insights and theories. As a seed facing the most diverse conditions to germinate, it is the defying insight. And as a tree growing in optimal conditions is the technological advance whenever great insights, plenty of resources, and lots of effort and trust meet.

Considering that most of our activities are measured in terms of cost-efficiency, research and insights, per se, aren’t profitable; what comes from them is – computers, mini transmitters and receivers, transistors for radio and televisions and the most different automation tools have been invented on the periphery of a research line. And these outcomes are the product of the science-tech market.

Thus, technological advancement has helped automation and science-tech companies develop and stand in the ever-growing world as humanity specializes in the most diverse scientific and social areas, always researching, manipulating assets and theorizing about how the universe works and how we impact and receive influence from its forces.

Naturally, automation and science-tech companies, such as Qbitra, find in this advance several business opportunities, instrumentalizing evolution as a solution to some of our problems as individuals, companies, governments and ultimately, as a species. As a seed inserted in a fruitful environment, Quby’s technological answers solve everyday issues, at the same time we leave the way open for new insights and advancements to arise.

Tell us about the challenges the company faced at its early stage of entering the market.

The European and the Middle East markets presented us some challenges which are listed below:

  • The European scope is highly competitive and bureaucratic, with special concerns to GDPR;
  • In the Middle East arena we have faced some difficulty to penetrate an extremely monopolized market, in which our business needed more recommendations and local partnerships to prove the value of our end-to-end digital experience redesign approach;

How the recent COVID-19 pandemic affected your goals and vision associated with the digital disruption? What do you think will be the future of the Quby platform post-COVID-19?

If digitization and automation were already target-efforts for the development of business models, customer relations and workplace dynamics, the COVID-19 crisis forced a rapid digital transformation, as e-commerce, home office settings and even online entertainment and socialization faced a massive growth. The pandemics created an environment in which the importance of adopting new business platforms and technologies is clear.

Many organizations were forced to adopt a software or a bunch of solutions in order to survive in this new reality. But not all of them were successful in the selection, implementation or even in the use of new apps. So paradoxically, at a first sight it might seem the pandemics created an optimal condition for the automation market, meanwhile there is an ongoing and a future challenge for Qbitra to prove its value in adverse circumstances, when organizations fear or distrust new technology-related projects.

In any case, the new world configuration preponderantly presents a highly promising future for Quby digital assistants as the end-to-end approach guarantees thriving projects for all involved parties – Qbitra and our customers, their clients, suppliers, directors and shareholders.

Tell us in what ways Terzion DX and Quby are contributing to the betterment of the digital space and revolutionizing automation industry.

Quby contributes to the improvement of the digital arena offering tailored solutions and support for all kinds of professionals to deliver their best. We understand there is not a universal platform or a single way to execute processes. Also, we know that not only employees, but also consumers are searching for easy ways to interact with businesses and seek their assistance.

Our spotlight is applying the right tools to distinguish every single way of working and connecting with organisations, remodeling every touch point to generate unique simple-effective experiences to all individuals.

With one eye on the future of technology and the other on the reality of processes, our automation efforts are made to assure long-lasting changes in the IT infrastructure development of our clients combined with exponential success when it comes to results. This is the formula to revolutionize the market we are inserted in.

What are your future aspirations for the company? Where do you see Terzion DX in upcoming years?

Qbitra is powered by a dynamic team of IT and business developers. Balancing Quby’s inner capabilities with market trends we are able to build a tech-net of solution’s updates and fortunate partnerships which aim to maintain the organisation at the top of our market in upcoming years.

Some of the internal projects we are currently working on to maintain this position and achieve even higher international accreditation include voice recognition capabilities to give one more step into Quby’s human-like behaviour.

Another aspiration for us is directly related to our external alliances – the construction of a physical and virtual technology park to bring together innovative startups, unprecedented tech-projects and resources/investment for the development of original insights.

Investing in infrastructure, merging and acquiring, expanding the product offering and increasing sales are targeted future aspirations, representing an expressive part of Qbitra’s strategy plan to grow.

What advice do you want to give to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to enter the field?

Experience is important, but it is not all. We all start from somewhere. So our advice would be to align current skills and background with the new entrepreneurship you are aspiring to. One more relevant aspect to bring to light is to question your product and your company’s value before the market inauguration. If you are releasing something relatively new or considered disruptive, ask: “Why hasn’t this been launched before?” On the other hand, if it has, question: “What are my competitive advantages and how can I benefit from them?”

These questions may seem silly, but their honest response might save you from common mistakes in the niche: trying to sell a product – not a solution, or focusing on your weakness rather than redirecting your energy on strong spots.

Tell us the awards and achievements gained by Terzion DX and motivation to achieve more in the future?

Our major achievements came side by side with the establishment of successful partnerships and solutions launched alongside almost 15 years of operation. Some of the most remarkable accomplishments in our history are the following:

  • Cooperation with SoftExpert, which evoluted our approach to a business excellence level and helped our ISO certifications receivement, culminating in an international scope for actuation;
  • Our alliance with ABBYY, bringing Intelligent Document Processing and Task/Process Mining technologies to our portfolio;
  • Unforgettable sales and long-term business relations with enterprises such as LOGO, LC Waikiki and Vodafone;
  • The launch of Quby assistants in the QBITRA platform, which led us to attain a spotlight position in the market with the Smart Methodology – an end-to-end digital business experience design;

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