Veego: Connecting the World With Better Internet Services

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Veego Connecting the World With Better Internet Services
Veego Connecting the World With Better Internet Services

The Story

We are a cutting-edge SaaS-based AI tech that classifies the apps and devices running in the home to provide real-time insights about customer quality of experience.

We perfect the internet experience in millions of homes.

We enhance the quality of experience in the connected home.

We utilize data to generate insights for internet operators so they can enable perfect user experiences.

We connect data for connected user experiences.

Veego delivers CSPs and ISPs real-time data and context-aware insights about their customers’ connected experience – from apps running in their homes to their connected devices to the overall end-to-end quality of experience.

ISPs may be responsible for the connection package, but when it comes to knowing the frequency, habits and profile of the home users, they are largely in the dark.

Every home has its own fingerprint in terms of the individual user profile, and internet usage in terms of device and app consumption.

Using our proprietary technology with a combination of app ID, device fingerprinting and QoE scoring, we provide essential data-driven insights into the quality of their connected home experience and customer journey.

Our hardcore expertise is our ability to identify apps, classify them, categorize them and provide a performance score, giving operators crucial knowledge to keep their subscribers happy.

Connect Users to Users’

Veego Engage enables CSPs to understand what every internet user is feeling and to know when and how to take action. Veego Engage generates and collects contextual usage and performance data in near real-time.

It calculates highly accurate Quality of Experience (QoE) measurements that enable CSPs to understand any segment of the subscriber population from any angle and gain crucial insights. Veego Engage offers the ability to monitor connected-home performance and behavior to accelerate event investigations. Network Planning departments can optimize their infrastructure through accurate prioritization based on Engage’s data analyses and insights.

Marketing and Data Analytics teams can employ the data to gain real-time and overtime insights to improve customer experience, make the onboarding process more efficient, reduce churn, grow sales with personalized offers, and more. NOC personnel can set alerts to detect unusual events in real-time and then take effective, proactive steps that optimize performance.

Ultra-active Services

The ultra-friendly, mobile-phone app enables subscribers to monitor their own home networks and resolve quality issues themselves via easy-to-understand instructions, offers, and recommendations. Veego Active enhances self-care and reduces the number of calls to CSP Customer Care.

When Customer Care does have to get into the act, Active puts users and CSRs on the same page by providing the latter with the accurate status of conditions along with an accurate analysis of issues during the call, speeding up the resolution and pleasing everybody with efficient service.

CSPs white label the mobile app to make it their own.

Solutions At Par

Veego Care is an AI-powered, SaaS platform that constantly perfects the internet experience of subscribers and reduces support costs and friction for CSPs who provide internet services.

Continuously monitoring and measuring the Quality of Experience (QoE) of every internet session, Veego Care automatically detects issues that impact performance in the context of the characteristics and requirements of each connected device and the app being consumed. In some cases, Veego Care can remediate issues autonomously, sometimes even before subscribers encounter them. When that isn’t possible, it collects all the relevant data and puts it at the service of Customer Care, boosting the ability of CSRs to understand and fix issues. Veego Care shortens support calls, improves first-call resolution, reduces subscriber frustration, and eliminates unnecessary truck rolls and CPE replacements.

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