20 September Singapore Seminar on The Future of Marketing & Marketing Organizations in APAC at the Singapore Business Federation!

20 September Singapore Seminar on The Future of Marketing & Marketing Organizations in APAC at the Singapore Business Federation!

Jaslyin Qiyu, Founder of Mad About Marketing Consulting together with Corinna Seidel, Founder of PALLAS BrandFare are joining forces to organize a half day complimentary conference targeted at Decision-makers, CMOs, Heads of Marketing and C-suites​ on 20 September, 9am to 1pm.

Joining them are other expert industry speakers for an invigorating half day conference discussing ways to navigate the ever-evolving realm of marketing in APAC.​

Topics to be covered on the agenda include:

  • Career development and growth in marketing – Addressing Structural Challenges of an Industry: Reasons for high turnover and a growing trend of career breaks among marketing and creative professionals, the role of leadership and organizational challenges when attracting and retaining talents.​

  •  Future-Proofing Marketing Organizations amidst Restructuring and Business Transformations: Centralization vs decentralization; the challenges and opportunities of each strategy from a micro and macro level, how marketers are impacted and how they can future-proof their careers.​

  • Localization of Brands and Marketing – Creating Love Brands in Foreign Markets: how to localize successfully, resonate across diverse cultural idiosyncrasies and evolve to become love brands while retaining global identity. 

Together, they’ll dissect the latest trends, unveil transformative strategies, and spotlight real-world examples that are reshaping the very fabric of marketing organizations across the region. ​

Tickets are on a first come, first served basis at ​

About Mad About Marketing Consulting

In the dynamic B2B and B2C landscape, where every business seeks to carve its unique identity, Mad About Marketing Consulting transcends conventional marketing boundaries. Mad About Marketing Consulting is the brainchild of Jaslyin Qiyu, a seasoned marketing and communications professional with over two decades of transformative marketing leadership experience in global MNCs.

We are an ally and advisor for CMOs, Heads of Marketing and C-Suites, maximizing marketing potential through strategic transformation for brand, customer experience, MarTech, content, mobile and social. Whether it’s people, processes, or platforms, we are driven by our people-centric values and passion for solving problems, thinking with empathy and acting with integrity to ensure better business and marketing outcomes.
For more information, visit madaboutmarketingconsulting.com

Contact: contact@madaboutmarketingconsulting.com

About PALLAS BrandFare

PALLAS BrandFare is a marketing network consultancy for international providers of technological products and services, offering global marketing and PR solutions tailored for market entry and sustained growth. Services encompass marketing and branding strategies, storytelling, public relations, and content marketing. For expansion projects, the geographic focus is on Asia and Europe. PALLAS BrandFare is located in Hamburg, Singapore and Hong Kong.

For more information, visit https://www.pallas-brandfare.com/
Contact: cs@cs-marketing-solutions.com

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