ASCIRA: Unlocking Potential Through Diversified Knowledge and Community Building

Personal development is a vital part of an individual’s growth and progression. It is a process of understanding and pushing yourself to reach your highest potential. In the current scenario, personal development has become imperative everywhere–from the public to workplaces. Moreover, personal development contributes to a higher quality of life, helping individuals excel in their respective fields with confidence and sheer. 

ASCIRA was established with the fundamental goal of sharing the Treasure of Knowledge to assist people in enhancing their quality of life through a diverse range of online educational courses, as well as offering valuable discounts and benefits through various outstanding services. The company’s primary focus is to grant individuals worldwide access to this treasure trove of knowledge, enabling them to elevate their quality of life. It’s vision revolves around uniting and forming a global lifestyle community of over a billion individuals worldwide. 

Vision to Create a Positive Impact

ASCIRA’s origin stems from Sir Dr. John Sachtouras’s (Founder and CEO) strong desire to impact people’s lives positively. In 2002, he started this company upon realizing that his true purpose is helping people have better lives by sharing knowledge and experience. It took Sir Dr. John years of planning to create a global company that can assist individuals in improving their lives. 

In March 2020, he conceptualized this vision. He embarked on a transformative journey with the involvement of a global marketing team that provides a wide range of services and products, innovative advertising, leadership branding, a strong online presence, and extensive global media coverage. Today, the company is successfully creating a social lifestyle community of over a billion people worldwide, providing them with the best-diversified knowledge.

A Winning ‘Multi-faceted’ Approach

ASCIRA’s core mission is to enrich people’s lives beyond business goals. The company employs a multi-faceted approach to understand individuals thoroughly before strategizing a training program. It leverages its exceptional skill set, including professional content providers, proven top authors, motivational speakers, experts, and leaders worldwide.

Essentially, ASCIRA’s team of experts is dedicated to empowering individuals to reach their full potential and enhance their quality of life. They recognize each person’s unique needs and aspirations and strive to provide tailored solutions. By staying updated with the latest industry trends and developments, ASCIRA ensures that its training programs are relevant, effective, and aligned with the goals and challenges individuals may face.

The modern business landscape is fast-paced and highly competitive. In such a scenario, ASCIRA consistently remains one step ahead, providing individuals with unparalleled resources and expertise to navigate the challenges and thrive in their endeavors. With a profound understanding of the need for personal growth, self-improvement, and leadership skills, ASCIRA has assembled an extraordinary team of professionals from diverse fields.

Unwavering Commitment to Improving Lives

At its core, ASCIRA is propelled forward by a team of skilled professional content providers with a profound grasp of diverse industries, emerging technologies, and current trends. Their expertise empowers them to curate cutting-edge content, ensuring that ASCIRA’s audience remains well-informed and at the forefront of industry developments.

At the helm, Sir Dr. John spearheads a dynamic entrepreneur and guides the company with his vision. Being a seasoned leader, he believes being a true leader requires emotional strength and character, and leaders are visible and responsible for their team’s success or failure. Hence, they must inspire others through their example. He further says that the most important task is personal growth because, in any organization, people connect first with the leader before embracing the concept, idea, product, or business.

Additionally, Sir Dr. John emphasizes teamwork across all departments, including marketing, management, finance, sales, and IT programming. “Our goal is to engage every employee in our company’s vision and mission while promoting a positive attitude,” he quotes. Furthermore, ASCIRA aims to create a work environment where everyone respects and supports each other, shares responsibilities and upholds strong ethics and integrity. The company’s collective efforts are geared towards ensuring the company’s long-term success, which benefits both employees and customers.

Anticipating an Array of Future Opportunities

Embarked on its mission, ASCIRA, and its members stand to benefit from an array of exciting opportunities in the future. The company’s unwavering commitment to innovation implies its motivation to continually enhance its offerings to align with the changing needs of its members. Additionally, it is in the process of developing promising new services and programs and bringing exciting advancements. 

With a forward-looking perspective, ASCIRA is poised to introduce pioneering initiatives to empower individuals and catalyze life transformations. Its dedication to delivering cutting-edge educational content, facilitating access to industry experts, and fostering personal and professional growth will remain the driving force behind its future endeavors.

ASCIRA is a dynamic company known for its ongoing evolution and introduction of new services. The company anticipates launching ASCIRA UNIVERSITIES, a collaborative effort with IDECAM (Instituto de Capacitación y Emprendimiento) based in Ecuador. Essentially, its primary goal is to provide specialized courses to ASCIRA Business Members, enabling them to unleash their full potential and equip them with essential tools for success in their personal and professional lives.

ASCIRA UNIVERSITIES are poised to demonstrate ASCIRA’s unwavering commitment to excellence. These universities will partner with universities worldwide to offer International Certification through specific academic courses, along with substantial discounts of up to 70% on 100+ master’s degree courses. “This initiative underscores our dedication to delivering innovative and top-quality services tailored to the diverse needs of our valued customers,” remarks Dr. John. 

Words of Wisdom

Sir Dr. John is a multilingual marketing strategist with 40+ years of solid and diverse professional experience in business development, principles of leadership, and teamwork. Therefore, he believes: “To be a genuine leader necessitates emotional resilience and a robust character.”

He continues that leaders must occupy a prominent position and bear the responsibility for the achievements as well as setbacks of the team. While their actions must inspire others, the paramount duty of a leader lies in self-improvement. Individuals typically connect with the leader within any organization before embracing the underlying concept, idea, product, or business. Hence, they must lead strategically, primarily representing their leadership.


“We’re committed to providing accessible tools and insights that help people improve their lives, ultimately creating a ripple effect of positive change in communities worldwide.”

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