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Mobile applications, cashless payments, digital asset exchange, and smooth business procedures that will interface B2B and B2C transactions are among the major technological advances. Fintech, which enables cashless payments for any type of service or item, is at the forefront. Customers will pay on the fly and have things transported or picked up, enabling new and unparalleled value generation. Because of fintech, businesses will be able to establish new credit and debit relationships with partners and customers. Blockchain will allow the execution of cost-effective and time-consuming business procedures that are smooth and frictionless.

One such company providing ace level blockchain services is DynaQuest. With its avid leader Randy, the Founder and CEO of the company, it flies high and aims to achieve robust technological success.

Dynamic Leader

Randy is the Founder and CEO of DynaQuest Technology Services Inc., an award-winning supplier of cutting-edge Blockchain solutions. He is a Certified Blockchain Specialist and seasoned expert with over 35 years of technological expertise as a CIO and CTO, spanning start-ups to multinational corporations.

His focus is developing digital solutions that result in inclusive, sustainable, and economic growth for underserved, left-behind, or neglected areas. After graduating from Utah State University, Randy joined the founding team that created the first commercial artificial intelligence expert system. That technology streamlined the consulting process of supporting small and medium-sized firms in their computerization efforts.

Randy built a successful career in financial services throughout the following three decades, working in the technological fields of insurance and banking from the early adoption of distributed computing, the internet, and mobile computing. He progressed from national to global strategy and operations responsibilities, including regional CIO and global CTO.

Randy launched DynaQuest in 2013 due to his experience and vision for how technology can alter the company and maximize commerce. He skilfully converted the firm from a profitable BPO and IT solutions enterprise to an award-winning Blockchain solutions provider for emerging countries under his leadership and supervision. He is regarded as an inventor and enabler of new technologies for economic innovation in the Asia-Pacific IT and Shared Services market.

The Journey of a Mega Giant

DynaQuest was founded with the goal of offering Strategic and Specialized IT-BPO Solutions to enterprises in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Recognizing Filipinos’ different skill sets in IT, programming, and communications in the shared services market, Randy envisioned DynaQuest as a customized solution provider for even the most unusual business demands of potential clients with respect to IT and Business processes.

After several years of working with his management and team in Manila, he recognized their ability to handle cutting-edge technology in response to changing business demands. The team toiled, increased its knowledge, and attended tracks on Blockchain and Decentralized technology to acquire its certifications. It allowed the company to transition DynaQuest from an IT-BPO Solutions provider to an award-winning Blockchain Solutions provider.

Transformative Solutions

Since its origins as a custodial mechanism to serve the irreversible and deregulated cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin, Blockchain has gone a long way. As Bitcoin’s popularity grew, Blockchain’s use cases shifted away from Bitcoin and toward solutions for industries such as banking, insurance, agriculture, healthcare, security, and compliance.

The decentralized structure and distributed ledger of Blockchain have enabled the world to rethink, reinvent, and reconfigure how data, information, processing, and verification occur — by removing human players from such roles and replacing them with policies, rules, and ghost consensus processes.

Blockchain has grown as a result of many consortiums and is now in the hands of entrepreneurs as they develop their own unique use cases for various commercial and industrial economic verticals. In 2021, Blockchain will be the fundamental data and information processing framework to harmonize platforms such as IoT, Intelligent Automation, and Robotic Process Automation to drive the fourth industrial revolution.

The Blockchain transform effort began as a personal endeavour in which Randy took online classes and immersed him in Blockchain applications and structure while also networking with Blockchain specialists from various businesses, influencers, thought leaders, and forums. As he earned his Blockchain Certification, he began teaching his management team about Blockchain, involving them in his talk points, keynote presentations, and whitepaper discussions on Blockchain’s use in enterprises and industrial sectors.

He has also signed them up for Blockchain online learning sessions and a complete pathway to Blockchain certification. He financed his IT solutions engineers and development team’s Blockchain online training, workbench tools, and participation in multiple Blockchain hackathons. His organization fostered a culture of Blockchain innovation, which enabled them to collaborate on several Blockchain projects spanning sectors and commercial applications, earning them accolades and awards.

A Box Full of Services

These are the current key services that compose DynaQuest’s primary IT and Networking solutions across various sectors and clients demands. These key services primarily focus on integrating, delivering, and enabling resources or technological skills to assist enterprises.

Blockchain Solutions

Integration of Blockchain into current systems or infrastructure via use case development and acquisition of several decentralized services to front a Blockchain stack across a business system.

Systems Integration

Integrating business systems and corporate software into a business architecture using software, hardware, and firmware to facilitate business information processing.

Identity Management

The establishment, integration, and administration of access based on user identities, privileges, and information management across business systems and application topologies that will hold user, transaction, and asset information.

Words of Worth

Starting a firm and flying alone as a start-up comes with its own set of risks and rewards. As a former company founder, “I can assure you that your vision and belief as the captain of your ship will be severely challenged,” says Randy. Challenges might come in the shape of a storm that rattles the ship from stem to stern.

Even good days may be a trap since they allow you to relax your guard, get complacent, and settle into a “comfort zone” where you cease striving to develop and explore new markets.

“As the captain of your start-up ship, you must be able to analyse the market dynamics that shape your business. This will help you plan your course as you sail toward new goals or target new market possibilities. Your expert sailing skills will help you to pivot and dodge storms, but storms like the pandemic are sometimes merely bygone natural forces that are altering the current industry. As the captain of your ship, you must cultivate responsibility, leadership, and empathy to boost your crew’s morale. Train them, nurture them, and make them feel that they are a part of the company’s success,” advice’s Randy.

No trip is guaranteed, but the journey’s assurances include risk-taking that yields equal benefits. The path itself is a test of self-reflection, developing the business sense and instinct, and altering how one and one’s company leave a mark on society.

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