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ECOMMPAY is a payment service provider and direct bank card acquirer with its own fintech ecosystem for business growth.

The company works with businesses across a wide variety of sectors, with clients across mobility and transport, travel and hospitality, retail and eCommerce, education, leisure, video gaming, streaming and many more.

After hearing that several of his friends were finding it difficult to expand their businesses into new markets, founder Paul Marcantonio pitched the idea of a payment service provider that would be able to offer direct acquiring, alternative payment methods and consulting services — and so ECOMMPAY was born.

Today, ECOMMPAY has grown into a leading international payment service provider, offering a complete fintech ecosystem that gives businesses the tools they need to expand into new markets: Online acquiring, 100+ local payment methods, B2B bank, payment card issuing and local expertise.

ECOMMPAY focuses on providing an expert-to-expert approach, understanding industry problems and anticipating changes in consumer payment behaviour. 

As well as expert consultation and IT support, ECOMMPAY also provides e-learning and networking opportunities through our proprietary platform ECOMMTALKS.

What is the most important key to your success? And what unique offerings are provided by the ECOMMPAY team? 

ECOMMPAY is focused on providing dedicated individual support for all of our clients. From the moment a merchant fills in an application form for an offer or consultation, through to ongoing communications during our collaboration, we’re always ready to find the best data-driven payment solution that’s an exact fit for a business.

Our unique platform is centred around in-house solutions, so we’re able to customise everything from payment pages to anti-fraud filters, giving the best conversion rates possible without compromising a company’s brand aesthetic.

Our approach has led to several successful products, including Timeline — a dedicated all-in-one payment solution for travel, hospitality and mobility businesses (including ride-hailing, car sharing and micromobility).

Plus many more innovative products and solutions:

Open Banking Advanced — Connecting all major banks across Europe and the UK, increasing security for consumers, whilst handling payouts and refunds in real-time via API and our merchant dashboard.

QR Code Payments — Allowing customers to perform a purchase by scanning a QR code using their mobile banking app.

Payment Page Customisation Constructor — Giving our merchants the possibility to customise their payment pages in 5-30 minutes, depending on complexity.

Buy Now Pay Later — Allowing customers to pay in installments or a 30 day period, with automated credit scoring and payment.

What does the future hold for Ecommpay? Can you briefly describe your plans?

During 2021, ECOMMPAY has been focused on improving the platform’s Risk Control System, giving merchants more control over their anti-fraud rules.

We’re also developing and preparing to launch SoftPOS terminal — enabling merchants to break free from hardware constraints, using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as point of sale terminals. 

In addition to developing new products and refining our platform, ECOMMPAY is also gearing up for expansion into the South American and African markets, ushering in a new era for the company.  

What do you feel are the reasons behind your company’s reputation?

ECOMMPAY takes a tailored and fully custom approach for each and every client, educating merchants and sharing our knowledge of the payment landscape to help businesses grow locally and globally. 

How was it working through the pandemic? How challenging was it for you?

The pandemic was a time of great uncertainty for many businesses. ECOMMPAY used real-time transaction statistics to analyse positive and negative trends, finding out which business segments were flourishing, as well as those that were declining.

Through those statistics, ECOMMPAY saw how countries were locking down and the direct impact that was having on sectors like travel, online education, mobility and delivery services.

ECOMMPAY’s data analysis not only allowed us to detect a two-to-threefold increase in fraudulent transactions, it also allowed us to make several key business decisions:

  • We were able to see which of our customers were struggling, offering them 0% transaction fees to aid recovery and stimulate local economies.
  • Our business strategy adapted to prioritise online education, mobility, delivery and online retail.
  • Crucially, our data helped to confirm that reprioritising was indeed working — Booming industry sectors began to compensate for the decrease in troubled sectors like hospitality.

In the coming years, what change can Ecommpay bring to the industry?

ECOMMPAY already supports online businesses growing globally, using data-driven solutions, local expertise and education. In the near future, we also aim to launch more specially tailored products for the online and offline retail sectors.

We aim to become the go-to payment solution for companies in the mobility sector; notably car and scooter sharing, taxis and ride-hailing. We’ll also be rapidly scaling our Gate2Asia product and global Bank-to-Bank payment solution to cover all of the major e-commerce markets.

Finally, we’re also developing ECOMMTALS — a C-level academy devoted to business growth, fintech and new technologies, with a series of exclusive interviews with C-level experts.

Leader behind the success of ECOMMPAY, Paul Marcantonio, Founder

Founder and Head of UK/Western Europe, Paul Marcantonio, has more than 20 years of experience working for representatives of the payments and eCommerce industries, including popular e-Wallets and interactive gaming brands, such as Ubisoft and THQ.

Paul has been integral to establishing ECOMMPAY as a reliable global payments partner, sharing his wide ranging industry expertise and technological knowhow.

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