Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP): Delivering an exceptional experience with an agile mindset and culture

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Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP) specializes in technology solutions, helping businesses with digital transformation, software, and data solutions. The company works closely with its clients, forming long-term partnerships and combining deep domain knowledge with technical expertise. Their expertise extends to designing advanced technology solutions using the latest cloud-based technologies.

During tough times in the economy, it’s crucial to have strong and effective teams. GAP knows how to make teams that are productive and can handle challenges. The company does this for its own teams and for its clients. You can learn more about how the company does this in a short white paper.

GAP’s CEO, Joyce Durst, started the company in 2007. She wanted it to be a company that follows important values and helps people, businesses, and communities succeed in the long run. GAP was one of the first companies to use the nearshoring model, which means it provides technology solutions from countries close to the U.S., making it easier to work together. The company’s engineering teams are very skilled and focused on making their clients happy. It also works closely with its clients and communicates clearly to ensure everything goes smoothly. GAP helps its clients grow and make important decisions using data and software solutions.

Standing Out in the Crowd

GAP stands out of the competition in the following ways:

2NABOX Delivery Model: GAP has a unique way of managing projects. The company has two experts working together, one in Latin America and one in the U.S. The Latin American expert manages the technical side of things, and the U.S. expert handles contracts budgets and understands the business goals. They work together as a team to ensure the project succeeds.

Design-Build Capability: GAP can do the entire software development process. The company not only designs the solution but also builds it. Most companies can only help with the design, and outsourcing companies can only provide engineers. GAP does both, which makes things easier for their clients. The company works closely with clients from the start to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Diverse with Purpose: GAP is a certified woman-owned business that believes in diversity. The company has people from different backgrounds and generations working together. Research shows that having a diverse team leads to better results, and GAP has experienced this too. The company values and uses its differences to be more innovative and agile.

Dedication to Customer Success

GAP is dedicated to helping its clients succeed, and the company has structured its whole business to support this mission. The company knows that choosing the right software development process is crucial for success. 

GAP’s tech teams are organized into Centers of Excellence. Each of these centers specializes in a specific area and is expert in its work. GAP offers full-service digital transformation and software delivery to help businesses grow and modernize.

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