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“AI is in a ‘golden age’ and solving problems that were once in the realm of sci-fi.”- Jeff Bezos. Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly revolutionizing the current business market with multiple tech-driven solutions that are beyond imagination. As various visionaries say, that AI holds the future of the world and our future is directly proportional to how we utilize and mold AI at present. Our prestigious magazine has been an active witness of numerous leading business ventures that are scaling the success ladder in the arena of AI and tech-driven services. And here again, we are back with a marvelous tale of success and enthusiasm of Hypergiant-one of the leading ventures of the AI domain. Our editorial team had an interesting and joyful session with the CEO of the company, Mike Betzer, where we got numerous untold facts about their journey to date and multiple business info. The leaders also shared a bunch of valuable nuggets for the budding entrepreneurs and tips for the upcoming business leaders out there that we are keen to spill in this fascinating read. 

For a better understanding of our global readership, please shine some light on your company’s portfolio.

Mike: Conceptualized in the year 2018, Hypergiant is an AI-driven software development company that is creating and transforming a wide range of software for its global clientele. The tech-driven solutions offered by our team of Hypergiant not only help our clients scale in the current market but also set a new standard of transition in their respective realms. We are relentlessly working in the direction to transform the present technological scenarios and create and design a better future for the next generation. If I explain in brief the focused point throughout our organization, I would say that the future we were promised in the videos, cartoons, and books of our youth promised flying cars, global utopias, and a world where digital and physical lives were intertwined. The world we live in falls short of the vision. At Hypergiant, we constantly ask where is the future we were promised and what can we do to bring it to life? Our vision of tomorrow is to be the guiding light of the future who guides and accelerates the way forward for a better world.

Please explain to us your perception of ethics and values in a business. what kind of values does the team of Hypergiant possess?

Mike: In the words of Marie Forleo, “Never start a business just to make money, start a business to make a difference.” I always feel like money is the final result of a business operation-but what remains from start till last is the values that a business venture spreads in the market and its ethics that help it in creating a prestigious name. we, at Hypergiant, put our utmost efforts into standing firm with the values and ethics of our company, which is one of the major reasons behind our massive success of ours even in this cutthroat competitive market. Some of the main values that we swear by are:

  • Be Endlessly Curious 

The whole team of Hypergiant relentlessly strives for transforming the next-gen AI realm with innovative and specialized solutions. They possess a whole lot of courage and enthusiast to challenge the existing and already established norms in the domain. The leadership team of Hypergiant always seeks inspiring and innovative ideas and promotes the same throughout the organization.

  • Work Hard. Have Fun.
  • Lead With Solutions.
  • Lead with Positivity.
  • Inclusivity.

Our company is dedicated to making itself better and developing the organization by following the approach of inclusion. 

What future holds for Hypergiant? Please share some of your future endeavors with u[our readers. 

Mike: The industrial team of Hypergiant is relentlessly working towards creating new and innovative solutions in the portfolio and is preparing the company for expanding its roots in the entire AI and IT world. Moreover, there is still a long way we have planned to walk on. Hence, our team constantly bubbles with zeal and keeps refreshing its talented brains with some innovative and emerging ideas. 

The growth of Hypergiant has always been accelerated through innovative and tech-driven solutions, built-in capacities, improved client services, etc. All these have been possible due to the unstoppable efforts of our employees and the leadership team. And the organization is planning its future by taking equal participation of its employees in the decision-making process.

Is there any special message you would like to give the budding business leaders out there? Please share some words of wisdom with our readers.

Mike: well, I have a robust perception that there is no age to be an entrepreneur. All you have to do is believe in your dreams and do whatever it takes to make them a reality. Believing in yourself when everybody thinks you are not able to do it is the most essential thing to be successful. Too often, many of us live with more awareness of our limitations than our potential. The time to change is now, to know that you’re capable of anything you set your mind to. The only limit you have is the one you choose to place on yourself.

Before signing off, I would like to convey a piece of the message to all the business enthusiasts out there, don’t just believe in your dreams be hands-on with them. Hard work and upgrading knowledge while keeping your eye on your goal goes a long way in attaining success.

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