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Established in 1992 with a mission to help small and medium-sizedbusinesses harness the power of IT, ISOutsource is a trusted technology advisor in the states of Washington, Oregon, and Arizona. 

Built on more than three decades of rich experience and knowledge, ISOutsource has over 550 clients in various verticals such as healthcare, wealth management, manufacturing, architect & engineering firms, construction firms, law firms, government agencies, professional services, staffing, finance, and many more.

ISOutsource provides end-to-end technology solutions to help businesses Simplify their IT infrastructure, Save on their IT spendingand Protect their business against cyber criminals. 

ISOutsource’s top-notch service standards and their ability to convert complex technology problems into easily digestible solutions make them an industry leader. Their team members have deep expertise in Cybersecurity, IT Managed Services, Collaboration, Productivity Solutions, Backup and Recovery solutions, and Business Intelligence solutions. 

With talented and dedicated IT teams that are local to the surrounding communities the company serves, ISOutsource has a diverse set of skills across a variety of technologies. The team at ISOutsource goes the extra mile to offer top-notch services and support. Their consultative and client-centric approach towards technology implementation, coupled with best-in-class platforms and tools make them a modern technology consulting firm. 

In a world of Managed Services Providers, where reactive support is the business model, ISOutsource takes a proactive approach to help small and medium businesses unlock the power of IT. 

The Man Behind the Mission

Naveen Rajkumar is the CEO and President of ISOutsource. He is a seasoned C-level executive with an excellent blend of business and technology skills. His impactful personality combined with over two decades of strong professional experience makes him a highly efficientbusiness leader. 

Naveen is passionate about building ‘high impact’ teams, mentoring, and leadership development. He has a proven track record in growing revenue and profit margins of businesses. His expertise in managing large geographically distributed teams, coupled with his thought leadership in technology, operational oversight, and executive leadership helps him make a positive impact on his team members, his clients, and shareholders he works with.

Unleashing the Power and Potential of Technology

Whether business owners realize it or not, technology has become the backbone of every organization, especially since the pandemic redefined the way people work and how businesses interact with their clients. The use of technology in businesses has become non-negotiable. 

Professional services firms (accounting, law, and architecture to name a few) have their workforces more distributed than ever. More and more business transactions are happening over the Internet, and this means that small and medium businesses cannot afford to be reactive about their technology strategy. Technology is the new voice that will help businesses become loud, clear, and most importantly be heard. 

There is a greater dependence on technology to enable scalability, security, collaboration, and productivity for all types of businesses. Blending technology with offerings is a sign of advancement and assurance. Compliance and regulation requirements have tightened up, requiring technology to define and enforce guidelines. 

  • Simplify

Technology has evolved rapidly in a short period and most small and medium-sized businesses have assembled sets of tools and systems without a strategic outlook. This makes the IT environment complex and expensive to maintain. These businesses then hire people with different skill sets on their IT team who tactically try to address short-term concerns. They eventually inherit an enormous tech debt that increases business risk. ISOutsource consultants work with such business owners and CEOs to put together an IT strategy that can lead to long-term simplification and scalability.

  • Save

A reactive mindset precludes businesses from thinking about modernizing their IT infrastructure to get cost savings in the long run. This includes strategies like moving on-prem infrastructure to the cloud. Businesses continue to invest in expensive physical servers without fully understanding the alternatives available. This is just one example of not leveraging current technologies that help businesses scale without linearly increasing their cost. ISOutsource’s comprehensive and systemic approach helps clients save money in the long run.

  • Protect

Today, the right cyber security tools and disaster recovery/ business continuity strategies are important to every business. Security requires discipline and focus all the time and across the network. It is impossible to stay secure without the right tools, expertise, and training. ISOutsource has the right platform at an optimal cost to help small and medium-sized businesses stay secure.  

People-Centric to the Core 

ISOutsource takes pride in taking a “People First” approach. As an organization, they care about the people associated with them, both customers and team members. They believe that business growth happens when clients are happy and team members are motivated. 

The company is laser-focused on client delight. They treat clients with utmost respect and honesty. The core values of Client-centricity, Excellence, Innovation, and Trustworthiness keep them aligned around client satisfaction. 

“Our clients stay with us for an average of over seven years even though they are not bound by contracts. Our clients are happy to refer us to their network. Our NPS (net promoter scores) is among the best in the industry.”

Additionally, their core values of Empowerment and being Results-driven help ISOutsource hire and retain the best talent in the market. They thoughtfully transformed the Human Resources department into a People Experience department with a mission to improve the lives of the people they work with. Over 33% of their workforce has spent more than five years with them which speaks volumes about ISOutsource workplace culture and holistic being. Their work culture promotes transparency, fun, and recognition. 

As a highly dynamic organization, they aggressively promote from within and over the years have seen some excellent careers created at ISOutsource. Several career path options are provided to team members and salary bands are published transparently to enable team members to decide the best career path for them. It also provides access to leading training platforms free of charge and reimburses certifications and exam fees.

Their 4-day workweek option empowers the team members to manage their workload in ways that work best for them. Employee benefits include a generous 401(k) match and an employee-friendly medical and dental plan.  

What The Future Holds  

ISOutsource is excited about the future.

Their innovative approach towards IT and Cybersecurity services sets them apart from other businesses in this space. They are a high-growth organization and have been remarkably successful in attracting new clients as well as retaining existing clients. The company’s team members are motivated and energized to fulfiltheir vision of strengthening their communities through technology one business at a time.

In the near future, ISOutsource aims to revolutionize the IT services industry with BlueVault®, their proprietary platform, and toolset. BlueVault will be established as the gold standard for delivering IT as a service.  

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