Just Eat Takeaway increments European café commissions

Just Eat

Just Eat, the dominant online take-away ordering service in Europe, is increasing its commission rates for restaurants. The move by Just Eat is an effort to increase profitability as the company faces increased competition from rivals such as Delivery Hero and Takeaway.com. Restaurants that use Just Eat will now have to pay commissions of anywhere from 12 percent to 15 percent, up from the previous rate of 10 percent to 11 percent. The change is expected to go into effect starting in January of next year.

“I can confirm that in response to rising inflation and higher operational costs, we are increasing our commission rates for the first time in five years in certain European markets,” a Just Eat said.

Just Eat Takeaway’s portions, which are down over 60% this year, shut 0.1% lower at 18.30 euros.

A representative for the Dutch relationship for eateries and lodgings, KHN, said it had just gotten a modest bunch of objections from its individuals about Takeaway’s higher bonuses, which come as cafés are confronting greater expenses because of expansion, which ran at 8.1% in the euro zone in May.

A spokesperson for Uber Eats in Germany said the company was “not planning any change in the service fee for restaurants at the moment.”

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