Make your life easier by having an accurate home address on Google Maps.

If you moved and need to update your default home address in your phone to stop getting directions to and from your old address, keep reading. We’ll go over how how to change your home address on Google Maps.

But first: Google Maps is that online map app from Google that allows you to get directions to and from wherever’d like and predicts traffic patterns to make getting there as seamless as possible.

In order to avoid the hassle of having to type in your address every time you want to get directions home on Google Maps, you should add your home address.

Having your home address stored in Google Maps makes it super easy for you to get directions home. You can also save your work address and other places you frequent in Google Maps to further streamline getting directions.

Here’s how to add your home address and how to change your home address on Google Maps.

1. In the Google Maps iPhone or Android app, tap Saved at the bottom-center of the screen.

2. In the menu that appears, tap Labeled. A screen will appear with at least two options: Home and Work.

3. Tap Home to set it, or if you’ve already got a Home location, tap the three dots next to it and then Edit home.

4. The search bar will appear. Use it to find a new location, tap Choose on map to drop a pin directly onto the map, or (if available) tap Choose from Contacts to select a location you have saved in your contacts.

On the website

1. Find the location you want to set as your Home address on the map. You can search for it or just click it.

2. In the information panel that opens, scroll down and click Add a label.

3. A text field will appear. Type Home, and then click Home | Set your home address under the text field.

4. Click Set AsHome in the pop-up.

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