Google Cloud Startup Program to Boost Web3 and Blockchain Projects

Google Cloud Startup Program

Google has recently revealed its plans to extend its Google Cloud Startup Program to encompass blockchain companies. On 25th April 2023, Google Cloud announced its new startup program—‘Web3 Accelerator’—to support and boost Web3 and blockchain projects. The program will provide startups with the necessary resources, tools, and expertise to help them develop and scale their innovative projects in the Web3 and blockchain space.

What is Google Cloud Startup Program?

The extension of the Google Cloud Startup Program is named Web3 Accelerator program. The program aims to foster innovation in these emerging technologies by providing startups access to a wide range of resources. These resources include technical guidance, mentorship, networking opportunities, and Google Cloud credits, which can be used to leverage Google Cloud’s robust infrastructure for developing, testing, and deploying Web3 and blockchain applications.

Startups accepted into the Web3 Accelerator program will also receive the following:

  • support in architecture design, security, scalability, and performance optimization to build robust and scalable applications
  • Provide startups access to Google Cloud’s global network of customers, partners, and experts for visibility, connection with potential customers, and business opportunities
  • provide partnering grants of up to $6 million and significant credits for Cloud services to access computing resources
  • token rewards of up to $1 million per company by the collaborators behind prominent blockchains such as Aptos, Celo, Near, Solana, and Hedera Hashgraph

How Google’s Blockchain Accelerator Program Can Help Startups?

Google Cloud’s Web3 Accelerator program supports startups in the Web3 and blockchain space, welcoming applications from various industries. Over 30,000 companies have completed Google Cloud’s Startups Program, gaining access to resources and mentors, with priority review for Coinbase’s Base Ecosystem Fund. To apply, startups can visit the Google Cloud website and submit their application, providing project details and business models.

In a statement, Janet Kennedy, the Vice President of Google Cloud North America, stated the importance of Web3 and blockchain technologies in shaping the future of the Internet. She said, “As the world increasingly embraces the potential of the decentralized web and blockchain, we are excited to launch the Web3 Accelerator program to empower startups with the resources and expertise they need to drive innovation in this space.”

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