MINT GOLD DUST: A Golden NFT Ecosystem For Artists And Curators

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The art and design worlds have entered a new age with the rise of NFTs.
Platforms like MINT GOLD DUST offer a new way of collecting digital art
in a way that offers artists royalties and provenance for their work.

MINT GOLD DUST is a curated NFT platform and ecosystem focused on highlighting artist and
collector voices while promoting quality over quantity. The unique platform offers an always-
on, 24/7 artist marketplace, a creative studio for NFT creators, and managed service Whitelabel
solutions for digital and physical NFTs.


MINT GOLD DUST is an ecosystem for artists and collectors. The platform offers multiple
royalty options as well as unique curation opportunities. The company has invested in many
horizons from NFCs and AR/VR to fashion on-demand to help consumers optimize their
collection and creation in multiple ways.

They also host live in-person NFT Auctions featuring rare and vintage NFTs. At their latest
auction, they sold a Rare Pepe for $500,000 to MetaKovan, buyer of the famous Beeple NFT,
Everydays: the First 5000 Days. This auction was held at the 2021 Fall edition of NFT.NYC, the
largest NFT conference to date.


The memoir feature on MINT GOLD DUST was created to bridge the gap between the artist and
collector and track the artwork’s personal history. Think of it as a journal entry that an artist can
publish about their works. It can outline the inspiration behind the piece, the artist’s personal
history with it, and more.

As the piece travels hands from collector to collector, the memoir travels with it and is added
onto. These memoirs become a written record, not only sharing who owns the piece, but what
attachment they had to it.


MINT GOLD DUST strives to be a marketplace and ecosystem that always puts the art and the
artist first.

Founder and CEO of MINT GOLD DUST Kelly LeValley Hunt reflects, “When I entered the crypto
and blockchain space in 2014, I finally saw a viable path to provide meaningful future prospects
for creators and visionaries. Mint Gold Dust aspires to give new, greater opportunities to
creators, while never compromising on quality for the sake of quantity – a trap so many
marketplaces out there today have fallen into.”


Businesses become brands when there is community support from its customers. This stands
true for MINT GOLD DUST. The company attributes its success to the support of its artists and

One of the ways they have done this is by investing in the blockchain powered finance reporting
company, Gilded Finance. They help artists and art collectors follow the laws and regulations
for capital gain and income tax set by the US government.


Historically, digital creators have always struggled with ownership. Once the piece is out in the
digital world, the work and its associated data isn’t owned by that creator anymore – including
when something is posted on social media.

“Thanks to pioneers like Hal Finney, Satoshi Nakamoto, and many more, we now have a way to
capitalize on our data/digital creations,” LeValley Hunt states, “The creator can now decide what
they want to do with their royalties. That’s how digital transformation has complimented the digital


When asked about the one piece of advice that Founder and CEO Kelly LeValley Hunt would
give to aspiring artists, she states, “Keep creating what you love and what you hate. Finding
that balance is a good way to evolve.”


The whole world has been struggling to stay afloat amidst the COVID-19 pandemic for the past
two years. Every business has been shaken by the physical, financial, social, and emotional toll
of the pandemic.

MINT GOLD DUST was quick to adopt technology such as Zoom to keep connected with artists,
curators, and contributors during the lockdown. Today, with the help of technology, the
platform has smoothly adopted remote working.
Now that technology is more widely available and accessible, Mint Gold Dust believes that
remote working is not only possible long-term, but a thriving business model and the way of
the future.


When asked about the company’s future goals and aspirations, we were asked to think big.
LeValley Hunt reflects, “We want to be able to provide opportunities for collectors and artists
to work with well known brands worldwide to showcase their art. For example, a brand like
Rimowa could partner with Mint Gold Dust and team up with an artist to have artist designed
suitcases. Or a luxury clothing brand could have a scarf designed by one of the artists on our
platform and sell it worldwide. The possibilities are endless.”

“keep creating what you love and what you hate. Finding balance is a good way to evolve.”

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